Slavtronica is a phrase I coined (I am certain it is used by others in different contexts also) to describe the music I compose and like to promote.

It is a blend of Trance, House, Lounge and Electro with trad Slavonic instruments and influences and is to some degree influenced by the loud and proud ‘Slavdom’ movement which (along with Latin culture) has in turn influenced ‘Western subcultures’ (music, artwork, footwear terrace sportswear etc) since the 1960’s at least…

I am far too busy with ‘The Holy War’ effort: Wisła Kraków versus KS Cracovia (background here and here) and to doing my bit to reinstate Royal Kraków as the capital of Polska (National derby versus Legia Warszawa) to yet post any music, video, blog pieces and excerpts from a Wisła Kraków jokebook I have written and I don’t just mean the right side of midfield (well we are all ‘left-footers’!).

In the meantime…






Miss Polski, Baltic Fleet, Architecture In Helsinki, Example, Knife Party, The Owls, The Stone Roses, The Libertines, The Twang, Orbital, The Orb, Black Box Recorder, 808 State, Hard Fi, Happy Mondays, Richard Ashcroft, Bridewell Taxis, The Charlatans, Public Enemy, Northside, Jozef K, Run DMC, NWA, Burnski, Popof, Paul Oakenfold, Sugar Bear, Miami Horror, Padded Cell, Fila Brazilia,  Cabaret Voltaire, The Warheads, Sound Monk, Xeno, Dice and Bass, The Hacker, Highly Motivated Staff, The Blunder Pups…and vodka, cigars, Russian roulette, but most of all: a random female arse wrapped round a pole in a titties bar circa 2005