Bassnectar promises ‘secret album’ full of live material

Bassnectar promises ‘secret album’ full of live materialBassnectar 2014 Photo By James Chang

The weight of COVID-19 becomes a little lighter for bass heads of all origins, as Bassnectar (born Lorin Ashton) comes bearing good news. He’s confirmed he’s been sitting on a treasure trove of live audio-visual material patiently waiting in his archive, all “hi res” and primed for release, alongside a full-fledged “secret album.” The news may mitigate much of the widespread disappointment Bassnectar fans felt upon the 2020 edition of Deja Voom festival’s abrupt cancellation.

While the eternally eccentric bass deity is still working out the logistics and timeframe for the unveiling, he’s guaranteed not only an entire album, but a wealth of releases and even some mixtape material to be “en route.” A multidisciplinary artist to his core, Bassnectar has reared his diehard fanbase on the unparalleled nature of his live experiences. So the promise of multimedia/live material comes as a uniquely titillating one—especially during such trying times.

Photo Credit: James Chang

Get toasty to KRISCHVN’s mind-boggling new EP ‘Baked’

Get toasty to KRISCHVN’s mind-boggling new EP ‘Baked’Krischvn Press

Have you ever had an idea so vast you simply can’t condense it into one life form? Each revision affording the monster an additional head? Well, that’s exactly what rising producer/Wakaan warrior KRISCHVN did with his latest 4-track EP, Baked.

Baked, featuring tracks “Baked,” “Second Baked,” “Over Baked,” and “Stop Getting Baked,” is essentially four unique takes on a solitary idea: a single song chopped up into four parts, comprised of four drops each. A coveted ID present in many big-name bass DJs’ sets throughout the past year, Baked fully encompasses the innovative signature sound fans of KRISCHVN have come to know and love. Featuring tantalizing high-ends and powerful drums, each slice of the original creation offers something special, which fans of bass music are sure to enjoy—hot out of KRISCHVN’s kitchen of beats. Stream Baked below.

Moody Good makes ‘Swervy’ stop at Deadbeats

Moody Good makes ‘Swervy’ stop at DeadbeatsMoody Good Press Shot

After a number of illustrious stops among a few of the bass world’s most revered record labels, like Gud Vibrations and Never Say Die, Moody Good returns to Zeds Dead‘s Deadbeats, for his first original offering of 2020. After inciting a resounding ruckus with the release of his “Hotplate” VIP this past February, the former OWSLA act is veering right back into electronic frontlines, with “Swervy.”

While there’s often little rhyme or reason to Moody Good’s maniacal compositions, “Swervy” is among his most off-the-wall efforts yet. Melding his merciless riddim sensibilities to thick, dissonant layering and punchy vocal chops, “Swervy” is an outlandish cocktail of free-flowing bass cacophony.

Ableton Live Suite offers free download amid social distancing lockdowns

Ableton Live Suite offers free download amid social distancing lockdownsScreen Shot 2017 11 02 At 10.18.57 AM

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to start your production career, this is it. Amid recent COVID-19 developments and social distancing precautions, Ableton has announced that the critically acclaimed Ableton Live Suite 10 will be free to download and use for the next 90 days. Ableton Live Suite is the highest tier of Ableton available, and includes access to the DAW’s coveted Wavetable, Operator, Sampler and Poli instruments, plus all the plugins, MIDI effects, CV Tools and additional perks.

This is a rare opportunity to familiarize yourself with one of the industry’s leading music production softwares. Right now, even superstar celebrities are bedroom producers—might as well take advantage of the abundant free time while we can.

Download Ableton Live here.

Hangout Music Festival is postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19

Hangout Music Festival is postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19Hangout Festival

“Hey Alexa, play ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ by Queen.”

Sadly festival postponements have become a regular part of the music news cycle as of late thanks to COVID-19. Not long after NYC’s Governors Ball canceled their 2020 event in late March, Hangout Music Festival has followed suit and postponed their yearly event in Gulf Shores, Alabama indefinitely due to the global pandemic.

The beachfront festival was supposed to take place from May 15 – 17 with a heavy-hitting lineup topped by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Post Malone, and Billie Eilish, along with a list of dance favorites including Illenium, Louis the Child, Madeon, Big Wild, and more. The festival announced the news on social media, stating that the City of Gulf Shores gave notice of the festival’s inability to move forward in one month’s time and the promoters are actively looking into rescheduling for sometime this year, however, no date could be confirmed at this time. Hangout will be making an additional announcement in the coming weeks regarding ticket refunds. In the meantime, read the festival’s full statement below.

Live Nation sparks ‘Crew Nation’ initiative to keep live music industry afloat

Live Nation sparks ‘Crew Nation’ initiative to keep live music industry afloatAif Live Nation Festival Accusations

Live Nation has announced its Crew Nation fund, contributing up to $10 million towards the tour crew and industry professionals that, due to COVID-19, are unable to breathe life into the venues and festivals that we care most about.

In cooperation with the Music Forward Foundation, Crew Nation aims to support live music’s unsung heroes with an initial $5 million donation from Live Nation, and another $5 million to match the donations of fans, artists, and good samaritans. The fund is expected to assist “all the backstage staff that help bring concerts to life,” including sound engineers, riggers, carpenters, lighting designers, and tour managers.

In a statement, Live Nation comments that “As COVID-19 puts concerts on pause, we want to extend a helping hand to the touring and venue crews who depend on shows to make a living. Crew Nation was created to do just that.” Crew Nation has garnered early support from the likes of Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Billy Joel, Post Malone, and Kane Brown. To contribute or check out merchandise, visit Crew Nation’s official site.

Drum ‘n’ bass genre announces unilateral split into drum OR bass

Drum ‘n’ bass genre announces unilateral split into drum OR bassNoisia Ballet 1

For years, drum music ‘n’ bass music has harmoniously worked as a blend of knocking breakbeats and heavy basslines in tandem, coming together to create the uptempo genre that has been rattling basements across the world for more than 30 years. However now, it seems fans will have to choose between two genres—drum OR bass. According to a press release issued today, the longtime collaborating genres have split up, citing “creative differences” as the main concern.

“I’m at a loss for words, it’s just heartbreaking news,” Andy C told Dancing Astronaut. “For drum and bass, two partners who were united for so long to split… it’s simply tragic. I wish them both the best moving forward, and I ask fans to respect each party during these trying times.” In a statement to fans, Sub Focus lamented, “It’s the end of a legendary era. Not sure what I’m going to do. #RIPinPeace.” UK veterans Chase & Status simply tweeted, “Mental, innit?”

A source close to the situation tells Dancing Astronaut, “We are still waiting for comment from representatives from the newly designated separate genres drum and bass, though, if Noisia can break up, I guess so can the whole damn genre.” Of particular interest however is the liquid sub-sub genre, which could shock the world by abandoning bass to form liquid drum. Only time will tell. As news surrounding this split continues to develop, we at Dancing Astronaut want to remind you to have a happy April Fools’ Day.

Note: Yes, today is April Fools’ Day, and we decided to have a little fun with the day, amid a relatively bleak moment in time for everyone collectively. This year we aimed to bring a smile to your face, albeit a cheeky one, even for a moment. Fake news, fear, and uncertainty aside, we figured we’d wade into the shallowest end of The Onion‘s territory for a little fun today. Take a breath, wash your hands, smile. Today isn’t so bad. Be safe and Happy April Fools’ Day.

Learn how to live stream your music with these two easy, quick videos, gear tips

Okay, so everyone is suddenly live streaming. But the thought of setting this up hurts your brain. Fortunately, two of our friends have put together concise videos to get you started.

Live streaming music performances hardly started with this pandemic era – and to be fair, a lot of us have been putting off working out how to do it anyway. So let’s do it properly. Live streaming can be a good way to connect with people and to try out material. Its main enemy is often technical trouble. Michael and Tom to our rescue!

Note: these tips aren’t exclusive to “live streaming!” OBS, the free software mentioned, can record as well as stream. And most of the tips here regarding equipment and lighting are just as useful to recording – some of them to creative mobile video production, too. Live streams work well with interaction (like chat), but other options are possible, too.

Tom Cosm has a desktop guide that takes just two minutes – he captures both from his screen and a webcam, which could also work for tutorials, live coding, and more creative ideas.

[embedded content]



Streaming platform (Twitch, Facebook Live, etc.)

Desktop platforms (mobile and custom options coming soon)

Michael Forrest has a live streaming how-to – from August 2019, and a reminder that this can be a good idea that you genuinely enjoy rather than an endtimes substitute for live performance as civilization collapses and you abandon hope of ever playing for a crowd of more than two people or within 2 meters of a human. (I mean – let’s definitely not think about it that way.)

[embedded content]

And there is a ton of useful gear here. From his list (and his affiliate links). Crucially, since the OBS part is pretty straightforward, having a good stand and lighting is essential – and based on my cursory research, you can ship from a lot of electronics providers at the moment even given lockdowns (and not only Amazon, in case you want to protest that company).

Best of all, he’s got a terrifically useful scene switcher script:

Rest of the gear:

Streaming software -
Audio Mixer with USB out -
Audio limiter / compressor -
Wirelessly receive video to computer from phone -
iPhone app for clean camera feed -
Tripod -
Tripod phone mount -
Lighting LED lighting -
Lighting stand -
Video from DSLR
Thunderbolt video capture -
Connect camera to video capture -
Connect video capture to computer -
My DSLR Camera Body -
Prevent camera from sleeping after 30 mins -
Wide angle lens if you’re in a tight space -
50mm lens for portraits-style shots -
Macro lens for close ups -

Lots of little relevant tips in this video, as well.

And some more gear…

A few more bits of kit I’ve had an eye on. IK Multimedia have started daily livestreams:

But it’s also worth noting they have some rather useful looking kit for podcasting and streaming, particularly solving this on mobile:

iRig Stream is a useful interface, and

iRic Mic Video bundle (and the associated grip and mics in their Creator Series)

…all look useful.

Roland have their GO:LIVECAST which I’ve mentioned, though it seems to lack stereo line input (still trying to get hold of one of these). See also their GO:MIXER.

Sometimes it’s the stuff not specifically directed at streaming that looks most useful for audiovisual use cases. In particular, one friend clued me into the ZOOM U-24 – 2-in, 4-out interface, with preamps:

I’m still not entirely seeing the perfect solution I’d imagine here, so I’m keen to hear what you’re thinking.

And this being CDM, absolutely taking your ideas – and intend to discuss some different approaches to online performance, not only the traditional video Web stream. Watch this space.

BROHUG – Mixtape 1

BROHUG – Mixtape 1Brohug Mitape1

Swedish trio BROHUG return from a quiet first quarter with a four-track dust up of their signature bass house sound. Simply titled “Mixtape 1,” this quick and dirty EP isn’t short on dancefloor destroyers. Never ones’ to pigeonhole themselves to any one style, the Swedes keep things high energy and varied. Things kick off with the tech-influenced “Party Out,” followed up by a bass-heavy “Say My Name” and a tripped out tribal twist up on “Detox” that is as weird as it is catchy. The mixtape rounds things out with a trio’s trademark big room vocals on “Trouble,” a track that’s about as peak club, big room, bigger drops as they come.

Flosstradamus records PSA on dangers of marijuana ahead of 4/20

Flosstradamus records PSA on dangers of marijuana ahead of 4/20Flosstradamus Press Shot JUSTIN HOLLAR

April has officially begun, and as the days draw closer to the fateful 4/20/20, Flosstradamus has an important public service announcement for all the stoners looking to hotbox the planet in celebration of the month-long 4/20. Despite his notoriety as one of dance music’s biggest proponents of blazing up, even having hosted HDYFEST at Red Rocks on 4/20 in 2017, Curt Cameruci (better known as Flosstradamus) had a few words of wisdom to impart to his HDYNATION crew.

The Chicago-based trap pioneer took to Instagram to deliver both educational and personal advice on the topic of marijuana. Cameruci showed off a brand new exclusive Flosstradamus x D.A.R.E. merch tee before revealing the PSA was made in collaboration with the infamous program.

He explains, “I used to be all about that mary jane, but it messed with me on so many levels. My memory got bad—I’d come up with an awesome beat and would just forget it a couple minutes later. It crushed my creativity. There was a period where I ate 10 bags of takis per day. I gained twenty pounds, but I couldn’t stop. It was an addiction.”

Cameruci also revealed that stoner lifestyle indirectly led to the split from ex-Flosstradamus member Josh Young. He details, “One day, Josh just told me that he wasn’t into smoking bud. I just couldn’t believe he didn’t want to burn anymore. It felt like the ultimate betrayal. Things just went downhill from there.” The two former partners have since reconciled their differences.

Watch Flosstradamus’ 4/20 PSA here.

Note: Yes, today is April Fools’ Day, and we decided to have a little fun with the day, amid a relatively bleak moment in time for us collectively. Rather than serving up slick “gotchas” this year we aimed to bring a smile to your face, albeit a cheeky one, even for a moment. Fake news, fear, and uncertainty aside, we figured we’d wade into the shallowest end of The Onion‘s territory for a little fun today. Take a breath, wash your hands, smile. Today isn’t so bad. Be safe and Happy April Fools’ Day.