At long last, JOYRYDE’s debut album, ‘BRAVE,’ has arrived [Stream]

At long last, JOYRYDE’s debut album, ‘BRAVE,’ has arrived [Stream]Joyryde ByPatBeaudry 002 Resize

The mythical quality of BRAVE has dissipated and the anticipation has broken, as JOYRYDE releases the debut LP that his following has eagerly awaited for nearly two years. Years in the making, the seminal project was originally slated to arrive in November 2018, until “technical reasons” required the bass house authority to postpone it.

BRAVE‘s alternate release date remained elusive, even as as JOYRYDE pumped out four singles from the album, “IM GONE,” “YUCK,” “MADDEN,” and “SELECTA 19.” However, with the signal coming from the disc-jockey himself–“I’m finished”–in early March, it was immediately clear that the enigmatic project’s arrival was imminent.

Replete with the envelope-pushing edge signature to JOYRYDE’s bass house undertakings, BRAVE bursts into the electronic release ring with a raucous presence. The sprawling 18 track showing sees JOYRYDE sonically rub shoulders with Mika Means, Nolay, MAJILLA, Fze, Youngs Teflon, Gold, and Freddie Gibbs, who graces BRAVE‘s bonus cut, “DAMN.”

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Baddies Only – I Need You

Baddies Only – I Need YouBaddies Only

For the Steve Angello fans in the audience you might recognize this sample from one of his throwback Mescal Kid sets — Steve’s tech-y alter ego. That’s because it was a party Steve was spinning 9 years ago that inspired Baddies Only to revive the sample in 2020. The sample got so stuck in his brain that after all these years the multi-instrumentalist and songwriter finally decided he had to use it in his own work. Only his third release independently as Baddies Only, the aptly titled ‘I Need You,’ shares little else similar with the Mescal Kid ID. Rather than a tinny tech backbone, Baddies builds his version up on a bed of well-polished builds, squeaky clean vocal processing and a swinging bass line that leaves this rendition feeling funky and fun from start to finish.

Ilan Bluestone, Maor Levi, and Emma Hewitt join forces as Elysian on their Anjuna debut [Stream]

Ilan Bluestone, Maor Levi, and Emma Hewitt join forces as Elysian on their Anjuna debut [Stream]Elysian Approved Press Photo 1

In accordance with Anjunabeats‘ twentieth anniversary, a new trance supergroup has emerged. Joining trance heavyweights Ilan Bluestone and Maor Levi with one of the genre’s most recognized vocalists, Emma Hewitt, Elysian is the latest act to materialize on the cornerstone label. With virtually zero details disclosed about the project leading up to its reveal, the trio’s debut single, “Moonchild” has arrived fortuitously on April 3 courtesy of Anjunabeats.

“Moonchild” finds the two label-mates coalesce on their signature “tronce” sounds with electrifying pulsations as Hewitt’s inspiriting vocals glide atop. Bluestone and Levi have collected a lustrous amount of collaborations together including tracks from the former’s 2018 Scars LP like “Will We Remain” and “Everybody” as well as “Can You” and “The Distance.” The “Frozen Ground” innovator also crossed paths with Hewitt on his new Monstercat release, “Hypnotized.”

Sporting an undeniable synergy between the trifecta, Elysian will follow up on their debut with a full EP and live show dates later in the year. Stream Elysian’s “Moonchild” below.

HARD Summer goes digital with Rave-A-Thon livestream

HARD Summer goes digital with Rave-A-Thon livestreamHard Summer Featured Image 2016

If for some reason you happen to have an empty schedule this weekend, consider the freshly announced HARD Summer Staycation among your top EDM streaming parties.

The virtual festival, running April 3 – 4 from 8:00 pm. – midnight PT, follows Insomniac‘s recent wave of audiovisual Rave-A-Thon events, such as last week’s Beyond Wonderland and Countdown streams. There’s no announced lineup as of yet, but if the live event follows in suit of the HARD Summer brand, swaggy bass and bright, uplifting melodies are on the menu, as the Insomniac event is synonymous with the west coast’s finest.

There’s no word if other HARD events, like Holy Ship! or Day of the Dead will take the same route, but for now it’s great for those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend HARD events this year. Tune in this weekend for sets from Wolfgang Gartner, Valentino Khan, Mr. Carmack, Wuki, and more.

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Universal Music Group shares assistance plan to help hurting music industry

Universal Music Group shares assistance plan to help hurting music industryShutterstock 1042224253

As the touring industry has completely halted and music sales reach their lowest metrics in decades, Universal Music Group has pledged its commitment to helping those affected by COVID-19 inside and outside the music community. UMG has felt the impacts of the global pandemic hit especially close to home as last month chairman/CEO Lucian Grainge was hospitalized with the virus.

In order to aid those that normally generate income through touring, UMG has announced its plan to offer tools and platforms for these artists to reach their fans. Most notably, Universal artists Lady Gaga, Billie Ellish, and Elton John were among those that took part in The iHeart Living Room Concert for America.

The music conglomerate launched All Together Now: Stay Connected, a philanthropic program that provides relief to the company’s near 9,000 employees across the work and impacted music workers through organizations such as MusiCares’ COVID-19 Relief Fund and Help Musicians UK. The program is also matching the contributions that its domestic employees donate to charities aiding in relief. Additionally, Universal Music Group is also setting up a range of economic flexibility offers like interest-free royalty advances and fee waivers.

Read Universal Music Group’s full COVID-19 response plan here.

Recently fired Paradigm agent files bombshell lawsuit amid alleged coronavirus firing cover

Recently fired Paradigm agent files bombshell lawsuit amid alleged coronavirus firing coverSam Gores Paradigm

Debbee Klein, a recently fired Paradigm agent, has filed a lawsuit against the entertainment giant that alleges their CEO, Sam Gores, mismanaged the company’s finances, alleging Gores embezzled funds for personal gain.

The lawsuit, which can be read in full here, alleges that Gores kept his personal driver and chef on the payroll while citing the coronavirus pandemic as the reason behind the agency’s recent firings. A more salacious allegation claimed he used company expenses to pay for prostitutes. The complaint states Gores used the pandemic to institute a long-planned jobs cut that released 200 Paradigm employees to fend for themselves. Paradigm is the first major agency to layoff employees and reduce pay for those still at the company.

In another shocking claim, the lawsuit also claims that Gores (pictured above) informed business partners X-Ray Touring and Coda Agency, two major music agencies based in London, 48 hours before a planned merger with UTA. Gores partners vetoed the $250 million deal and the lawsuit says Gores lied to the public and employees, telling them he called off the merger.

Gores has also been accused in the lawsuit of “repugnant and outdated sexism and demeaning treatment of women,” that include listening to his “disgusting and lascivious comments about his sex life.” Also, Klein’s lawsuit mentioned she was passed over for promotion by less-qualified male agents. The conclusion of the lawsuit documents made the point Klein had a binding oral employment contact and could only be terminated for a good cause, and the agency owes her nearly $2 million under the terms of her contract. Gores’ alleged plan was to fire her and blame coronavirus to avoid scrutiny.

H/T: Billboard