Drezo continues ‘Sinister’ electro house tear

Drezo continues ‘Sinister’ electro house tearDrezo Sinister

If there’s one thing Drezo—real name Andre Haglund—never fails to do, it’s drum up appropriate track titles (see “Vitriol,” “Malice,” “Dead,” we get the picture). An intuitive addition to his slithering, after-dark catalog, “Sinister” is just the musical misconduct Drezo’s mischief-making fanbase ordered.

“Sinister” is the second single from the inaugural installment of Drezo’s Omens EP series, following “Afterlife.” Both singles ring with Drezo’s signature sinful sound design and unrelenting rhythmic focus. “Sinister” is complete with some truly tantalizing melodic interludes—fit for a horror flick. While Drezo may enjoy slow sauntering rollouts, his grand design only proves more deserving of prolonged patience.

Saint Punk sends seething ‘Warning’ with Armada number

Saint Punk sends seething ‘Warning’ with Armada numberSaint Punk Warning

Sound the alarms: Saint Punk makes another worthy appearance around the Armada camp with “Warning.” The joint Graffiti Records release is another newfangled addition to Saint Punk’s bass-brimming collection of dancefloor ammunition.

Featuring vocal accompaniment from Matt McAndrew—as seen on NBC’s The Voice—”Warning” is true to its title, sending ears up in a fiery blaze with its sinfully sweet arrival. Complete with vocal chops, serrating bass, and a synth line liable to send shockwaves down the spine, listeners would do well to heed Saint Punk’s “Warning.”

“Warning” trails Saint Punk’s former Armada offerings, “911” and “Actin’ Up,” from earlier this year. He’s also made scintillating stops at Tchami’s CONFESSION and Atlantic Records in recent memory.

Justice set to give free production webinar via ‘Mix With The Masters’

Justice set to give free production webinar via ‘Mix With The Masters’Justice O2 Briton Academy Credit Guifre De Peray

Justice‘s Gaspart Augé and Xavier de Rosnay will educate viewers on an hour-long “Mix With The Masters” webinar on April 8 at 3 p.m. EST. In light of COVID-19 and the Great Inside era, “Mix With The Masters” has been producing daily sessions of their in-depth sound engineering series, available to Pro Members. The silver lining of the Justice seminar is that it will be available to everyone for free, only requiring an email to sign up.

With more than a decade of experience, the Grammy-winning French electronic music duo will take curious minds through their production approach and philosophy and answer questions about their workflow and techniques.

Last year, Justice took the Grammy Award for their Woman Worldwide LPa live homage to not only their third studio album, Woman, but to their entire catalog. Woman Worldwide went on to inspire the duo’s IRIS film project.

Photo credit: Guifre de Peray

Netsky releases uplifting drum ‘n’ bass number, ‘I See The Future In Your Eyes’

Netsky releases uplifting drum ‘n’ bass number, ‘I See The Future In Your Eyes’Netsky Photo Credit Diego Andrade E1539208097105

Longtime drum ‘n’ bass innovator Netsky has released his latest track “I See The Future In Your Eyes” on legendary London-based label Hospital Records. A follow up to the producer’s enthralling bootleg of Elon Musk‘s EDM debut “Don’t Doubt Ur Vibe,” “I See The Future In Your Eyes” is a lighthearted, uplifting journey from beginning to end.

Reminiscent of earlier trends in melodic drum ‘n’ bass, Netsky’s newest hit opens with a full minute of slower-paced ambiance topped with bright chords before giving way to a beautiful buildup with an overlaying female vocal. The drop is fast, bright, and recognizable as Netsky’s signature sound. “I See The Future In Your Eyes” is the perfect weekend mood-lifter.

Photo credit: Diego Andrade

Malaa drops first new music of 2020, ‘OCB’ [Stream]

Malaa drops first new music of 2020, ‘OCB’ [Stream]Friendship20a 063

Every year since Malaa emerged from the caverns of dance music with a ski mask on, shrouded behind an opaque layer of cigarette smoke, he has, like clockwork, dropped a new single on Tchami‘s Confession imprint. And every year, like clockwork, that single is one of the year’s usual suspects of dance floor destruction.

2020 is no different in terms of release, as Malaa just put out his new Confession single entitled “OCB.” In terms of dance floor destruction, current global events may skew the results, but even in isolation, this track is sure to induce primal movement.

Built across a bouncing bassline, the track is annotated with twangy snaps and passive vocal samples that contribute just enough volume to maintain a minimal energy throughout.

Photo credit: Rukes

Alesso crowdsources vocals for remix of Liam Payne collaboration

Alesso crowdsources vocals for remix of Liam Payne collaborationAlesso ByPatBeaudry 006 Resize

Not to be creatively restricted by social isolation, Alesso has turned to Twitter to crowdsource vocals for a remix of “Midnight”—the producer’s upcoming collaboration with One Direction’s Liam Payne.

In a video posted on the twitter of Universal Music Publishing Group, Alesso plays a vocal clip of the track—out April 8—and asks fans to record their own take of the vocals. While neither the lyrics nor a deadline for the contest is available, those who wish to participate should upload their recording with the hashtag #AlessoMidnight.

Information about royalties is also not made clear by UMPG. Based on the short snippet Alesso played in the video, there is a good possibility Alesso layers the vocals to create a stadium anthem out of the progressive track.

While he hasn’t taken part in any live sets as of late, the producer recently joined Marshmello and Jauz to play Call of Duty Warzone on the #Fight2Fund charity livestream.

Photo credit: Pat Beaudry

PLS&TY explores new bounds on new ‘Very Special’ EP [Stream]

PLS&TY explores new bounds on new ‘Very Special’ EP [Stream]PLSTY Landscape E1497388420955

An artist’s discography is a living timeline of their musical evolution, with each release representing a new marker in their continuum. Thanks to streaming services and other online databases that contain so many full catalogs, listeners can start from the beginning; tracing every step of an artist’s journey. Some of those journeys are ascensions towards eclectic esotericism. Others are straight shots down the same road that lasts the length of a career. Neither is right or wrong, but the journey of PLS&TY is that of the former and his new EP, Very Special, solidifies his commitment to diversity and growth.

Getting his start at the esteemed Icon Collective, PLS&TY now uses the benefits of a traditional education in music to their fullest extent. On the Very Special EP, he moves beyond his more definable future-bass sound of the past, integrating live instrumentation and intricate rhythms as well as a series of celebrated vocalists. The results are a tetrad of emotional electronic compositions that are able to exist separately while serving the larger whole. In a press statement PLS&TY describes the new collection,

The inspiration for ‘Very Special’ was the natural progression of how relationships begin and end. Working with such talented artists helped bring my vision to life as they all put their own signature touches to the records embodied on the EP.”

The EP proves to be a highly collaborative effort, with each of the four new future-bass efforts hosting guest contributions from a range of supporting artists. Listen to the full Very Special EP below.

Showtek release romping new original work, ‘The Weekend’ [Stream]

Showtek release romping new original work, ‘The Weekend’ [Stream]Showtek Ultra Rukes

Showtek set out to blur the lines of time with “The Weekend,” a high-energy original from the veteran electronic outfit that vivaciously celebrates the notion that each day of the week forms one long and unceasing weekend, perhaps especially right now. Driven by an inviting imaginary concept, “The Weekend,” is an upbeat, dance-inducing offering from Showtek.

The production duo equips the track with a piano backbone, punctuating “The Weekend” with spry synth work and choruses from vocalist Eva Shaw that are polished by definite sing-a-long appeal. The track is a thoroughly carefree effort that harnesses the vibrant, feel-good nature of summer in a short three-minute timespan. The single, which marks Showtek’s first original of 2020, is out now via Universal Music Germany.

Featured image: Rukes