Drezo continues ‘Sinister’ electro house tear

Drezo continues ‘Sinister’ electro house tearDrezo Sinister

If there’s one thing Drezo—real name Andre Haglund—never fails to do, it’s drum up appropriate track titles (see “Vitriol,” “Malice,” “Dead,” we get the picture). An intuitive addition to his slithering, after-dark catalog, “Sinister” is just the musical misconduct Drezo’s mischief-making fanbase ordered.

“Sinister” is the second single from the inaugural installment of Drezo’s Omens EP series, following “Afterlife.” Both singles ring with Drezo’s signature sinful sound design and unrelenting rhythmic focus. “Sinister” is complete with some truly tantalizing melodic interludes—fit for a horror flick. While Drezo may enjoy slow sauntering rollouts, his grand design only proves more deserving of prolonged patience.

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