Marcus Mumford delivers acoustic cover of Major Lazer collaboration, ‘Lay Your Head On Me’ [Watch]

Marcus Mumford delivers acoustic cover of Major Lazer collaboration, ‘Lay Your Head On Me’ [Watch]0 Mumford And Sons Perform At Bravalla Festival

One of the most surprising pieces of 2020 so far sees the unlikely connection between Major Lazer and Mumford & Sons frontman Marcus Mumford on “Lay Your Head on Me.” The collaboration came as a result of Mumford and Major Lazer ideator, Diplo, becoming friends, which naturally paved the way for a crossover cut between the two.

The dancehall heroes and modern folk figurehead come together on “Lay Your Head On Me,” for a somber electronic offering that works better than most would expect given the sonic disparity of the track’s contributors. Now Mumford is returning to a more familiar domain, providing an acoustic version of the song in addition to filming a monochrome performance video to go along with it. View the full video below.

The release of “Lay Your Head On Me” comes as anticipation builds around Major Lazer’s upcoming LP. The album is reportedly finished, but other details remain sparse as of now.

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Not your typical collaboration: Watch Zedd guest on Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Scrambled’

Not your typical collaboration: Watch Zedd guest on Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Scrambled’Zedd

“Shave It Up?” More like serve it up. In an unusual collaboration inside Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen, Zedd partners with the British celebrity chef to craft a breakfast sandwich during his recent guest appearance on Ramsay’s YouTube series, Scrambled.

A more muted version of the Ramsay that food preparation aficionados know from Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares patiently trains Zedd in the art of breakfast as the pair trade insights on cooking and music production. From the nerves that Zedd initially felt before his first performance as a resident at Las Vegas’ Omnia Nightclub to the foolproof fundamentals of mastering fluffy scrambled eggs, this episode of Scrambled feeds viewers’ appetites for a peek inside the respective minds of two pop-culture icons.

Not your typical collaboration: Watch Zedd guest on Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Scrambled’Annotation 2020 04 17 113843

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ATLiens share exceptionally creative ‘Montauk Project’ EP

ATLiens share exceptionally creative ‘Montauk Project’ EPCopy Of ATLiens Beachside

Known for their firm creative chops in the trap and bass space, masked duo ATLiens has raised the bar once again with their new collection of experimental trap cuts titled Montauk Project. Featuring two previously released singles, “Brainwashed” and “Meltdown,” as well as new songs “Chimera” and “Neutralized, Montauk Project is a wild journey from beginning to end.

From the creative drum samples in “Brainwashed” to the eerie, faded melody in “Chimera,” ATLiens’ tight-knit production style is highlighted in every aspect of the project. In bass music territory, where loudness and fullness are equated to quality, ATLiens challenge this notion with an intentional emptiness baked into each of the four pieces. Adding to the project’s overall atmosphere, these hollow points almost bring about a sense of fear and discomfort, a testament to the extraterrestrial entities’ unique sonic branding.

Get an early look at the upcoming David Bowie biopic, ‘Stardust’ [Watch]

Get an early look at the upcoming David Bowie biopic, ‘Stardust’ [Watch]Annotation 2020 04 16 232431

David Bowie fans can now get a first look at Stardust, the biopic that will profile the rise of the transcendent artist and his avant-garde alter-ego, Ziggy Stardust. In a short clip from the forthcoming project, Bowie, played by Johnny Flynn, expresses his apprehensions about the release of his 1970 album, The Man Who Sold the World, to Ron Oberman, a publicist at Mercury Records.

Played by Marc Maron, Oberman counters 24-year-old Bowie’s doubt with confidence: “This is a great record…I think you’re going to be the biggest goddamn star in America,” Oberman says.

The rest of course is history, but we’ll ultimately have to wait to see the Gabriel Range-directed production unfold on screen a little later than planned. Stardust was initially slated to premiere at the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival, however, following the postponement of the annual event due to coronavirus health concerns, Stardust is now scheduled to air online via a private screening portal and will later hit theaters.

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Pioneer DJ releases sweeping 6.0 update for Rekordbox software [Watch]

Pioneer DJ releases sweeping 6.0 update for Rekordbox software [Watch]Rekordbo 6 News Header

Widely recognized by DJs as the industry standard, Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox software has just received a massive update that adds both exciting new features and improves upon existing ones. One of the most anticipated new features, cloud-based track synchronization, is now available via Dropbox integration. For the mobile DJ, this ability to conveniently prepare songs on an iPhone ahead of time is an immeasurable life improvement.

Other additions include the integration of promotional service Inflyte, the ability to auto-relocate moved files, Ableton Link support, and three band waveform visuals. The release of Rekordbox 6.0 for Mac and Windows also comes with a revamped version of the mobile app. Rekordbox 6.0 comes with three tiers: Free, Core, and Creative. For full details visit their website here.

Weekend Rewind: Relive the absolute madness of Dog Blood’s 2013 Coachella debut

Weekend Rewind: Relive the absolute madness of Dog Blood’s 2013 Coachella debutDog Blood 4 Min 1

When Skrillex and Boys Noize announced they were set to release a joint EP back in 2012, nobody was quite ready for the magnitude of what they were about to unleash.

Consider the facts. First, we have a seasoned acid legend in Boys Noize. Hailing from Germany, the world capital of techno who braved the chopping waters of the global EDM maelstrom by keeping true to his industrial warehouse roots. Second, we have Skrillex. A scene kid with an ear for sounds previously unheard, his abilities perhaps still a bit underestimated by the old guard due to the instantaneous quality that marked his arrival and a meteoric rise.

Two artists who don’t have much to bridge the long gap between their musical outputs with—it was either going to be a moment akin to Dr. Dre and Eminem’s powerhouse team-up in the late 90’s, or a stylistic disaster. Nobody really considered the latter, and nobody adequately prepared for the former. The entire spectacle wound up playing out in all of its acid-drenched glory at Coachella 2013.

Skrillex would later go on to describe the project saying, “[Boys Noize] comes from more of a techno world, even though he makes louder music he’s so much about long builds and keeping in a groove. My role in Dog Blood is to kick it a little bit harder.” And truthfully, never was there a more appropriate description of what Dog Blood actually turned out to be—calculated sonic chaos from core to perimeter.

Playing Coachella is a milestone for any artist. “A really big deal,” Billie Eilish fawned in the recent Coachella documentary 20 Years In The Desert. For Dog Blood, their primetime Sahara slot wasn’t just a milestone. It was a statement. A statement that old and new dance music could coexist, and even collaborate, to reach greater, unheard-of heights.

New Poster, ‘Greatest Hits of Synth’, Done Up In Blueprint Blue

Designer Oli Freke let us know about a new limited edition version of his ‘Greatest Hits of Synth’ poster.

Here’s what Freke has to say about it:

“It’s a silk-screened print of the ‘Greatest Hits of Synth’ on high grade paper in the brand new colour of blueprint blue. I’ve only made 30 hand-numbered prints and they really are gorgeous and a joy to look at!

All the facts about 99 of the best synths of 20th century, designed to be a talking point for any studio or home.”

Pricing and Availability

The ‘Greatest Hits of Synth’ poster is available for £30 ($36) plus shipping through Sun 19th, 2020

Composing For Video Games Using Gestural Control

[embedded content]

Genki Instruments, creators of the Wave gestural controller, shared this video that profiles Icelandic composer Viktor Ingi Guðmundsson and explores how he is using gestural control in scoring a new video game.

The video was filmed at his studio at Myrkur Games, where he is the audio director. In the video, he discusses scoring music for The Darken, a fantasy adventure video game.

Genki also shared two additional videos, embedded below, which look at some of the technical details of his setup.

[embedded content]

In the first video, above, he discusses MIDI setup for controlling orchestral virtual instruments. He discusses using three controller presets:

  • 1st preset: controls modulation in orchestral libraries for a natural sounding flow.
  • 2nd preset: controls modulation on the Y axis with tilt and expression with pan on the x axis, making Wave act as a controller in Straylight.
  • 3rd preset: controls master volume.

The presets are available for download at the Genki site.

In the second video, he discusses using the Wave as an X/Y controller with Native Instruments Straylight:

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