SLANDER and William Black revel in the melodic on ‘BACK 2 U’

SLANDER and William Black revel in the melodic on ‘BACK 2 U’Umfmb 046

Scott Land and Derek Anderson, who comprise the two equal halves of SLANDER, have never struggled with timidity in displaying their emotions through music. The Orange County-bred duo established a foothold in the esteemed ranks of the newfound bass music ecosystem through their distinct melodic approach.

As the world faces heretofore unseen uneasiness, heartfelt SLANDER melodies are in demand nearing the point of necessity, and as such, Land and Anderson have seen fit to provide another in the form of their sultry new single, “BACK 2 U,” housed on their auspiciously titled imprint Gud Vibrations.

Teaming up with fellow melodic maestro and ICON Collective graduate, William Black, “BACK 2 U” permeates through the silence with a seething folk ballad depicting the haphazard risks of pursuing the heart’s true desires. Gradually building in pace and presence, the drop then captures the intentions of the opening interlude with lavish mid-range synths and concise, effective drum patterns.

Featured image: Rukes

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