Stream Lane 8’s four hour Summer Mixtape

Stream Lane 8’s four hour Summer MixtapeEOhvL9gkAEnK4R

Since the winter of 2013, Lane 8 has released a mix each season, steadily building his seasonal series. The This Never Happened label head’s summer mixtape has reliably arrived just in time for the hotter days, and follows his release of his Spring 2020 mixtape and “Groundhog Day, a mixtape.” As tenured Lane 8 listeners know to expect, the Colorado deep house don’s third longform offering features a grip of releases from artists on his imprint.

Through a serene soundscape of lush ambiance, twinkling melodies, and effortless vocal scenes, house percussion leads the pack and continues to do so throughout the well-crafted half-day of melodic bliss. Unsurprisingly, the mix manifests as an easy-going soundtrack to relaxing in the sun, powering through work, chilling at home, contemplating life, staring off into the sunset, going for a long drive or run, and immersing oneself in all the feels that come with each of these endeavors.

Featured image: Rukes

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