Disney confirms ‘Tron 3’ in development, Daft Punk favored to return for score

Disney confirms ‘Tron 3’ in development, Daft Punk favored to return for scoreTron Legacy Daft Punk 1

Disney has officially confirmed a third installment in the long-running Tron franchise is in development. The news comes ten years after the series’ sequel, Tron: Legacy and 38 years after the franchise’s initial installment. The confirmation comes after a planned Tron television series helmed by John Ridley set to stream on Disney+ was scrapped, and while the details on the project are scarce, sources report the film is likely due to lean more into sequel territory than a reboot. The project has also reportedly secured a lead in Jared Leto.

Whether Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, and the rest of the cast will reprise their roles remains to be seen. Though perhaps more tantalizingly, Disney is hoping the film’s director Joseph Kosinski will return for the third installment, as well as Daft Punk for a sequel to their iconic Tron: Legacy score. While directorial duties and Daft Punk’s involvement are far from confirmed and just speculative as of now, Kosinski’s 21st century modernization of the Tron universe and Daft Punk’s inimitable sonics are what brought the 2010 film to life. Both seem like necessary components to a third Tron installment, and seem to be Disney’s favored targets. Now the waiting game begins.

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TOKiMONSTA, Alessandro Cortini, more remix soundtrack for new PS4 game

‘Sound of the Storm – Ghost of Tsushima Soundtrack: Reimagined’ will be released this Friday 10th July

Amy Fielding

Tuesday, July 7, 2020 – 14:51

TOKiMONSTA, Alessandro Cortini, and other artists have remixed the soundtrack for new Playsation game, Ghost of Tsushima.

Incoming from Sucker Punch Productions, PS4 game Ghost of Tsushima is slated for a release on the 17th July, with a soundtrack remix EP scheduled ahead of the game’s official release for this Friday (10th).

LA-based DJ and producer TOKiMONSTA will be contribute to soundtrack, alongside Nine Inch Nails’ Alessandro Cortini. There will also be reimaginations courtesy of The Glitch Mob and Tycho.

Watch the trailer for Ghost of Tshushima, which drops on the 17th July, below. 

Check out DJ Mag’s 2019 cover feature with TOKiMONSTA.

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Youth Music launches £2million fund to help promote diversity and inclusion in the music industry

Youth Music has launched a £2million fund to help promote diversity and inclusion in the music industry.

In a newly published report about the future of Youth Music, a charity investing in music-making projects which support children and young people, the organisation announced plans for its new Incubation Fund. Over two years, the Incubator Fund, which comes from players of the People’s Postcode Lottery, will offer grants of up to £30,000 to music industry employers to support the careers of people aged 18-25.

“The existing music industry model is broken and there’s a new one up for grabs,” Matt Griffiths, CEO of Youth Music said. “We must use the upheaval and challenges of 2020 as a springboard to hit reset on the music industry and fling open the doors. There’s never been a better time to map and follow a blueprint for the future and prioritise what’s truly important.

“For more than two decades, Youth Music has invested in music education projects nationwide supporting the next generation of young musicians. But time and time again, we’ve witnessed a stifling of young talent as career aspirations are cut short by unnecessary barriers and discrimination. 

“Music has always been a force for inclusion and revolution, helping us imagine a better future. This seminal moment presents us with a real opportunity to not only reflect but to act. We know there’s a deep desire for transformation across the grassroots of the music industries. By working together, individually and collectively, we can create the change that’s being loudly called for.”

You can read Youth Music’s full report, A Blueprint For The Future, here.

Earlier this week, the UK government announced a £1.57billion support package for the arts and culture industries.

Glasgow’s Sub Club launches Save Our Sub fundraiser to prevent permanent closure

Glasgow’s Sub Club has launched a Save Our Sub fundraiser to prevent permanent closure.

An institution with a 33-year-legacy in Glasgow, Sub Club shared a statement today (7th July) announcing that they are at risk of closure, and have launched the #SaveOurSub crowdfunder with the target of £90,000.

“Along with virtually all venues, and in line with UK Government guidance, we closed the Sub Club doors in March. At the time, we had no way of knowing what the months ahead would look like but we anticipated we might be closed for 8-10 weeks,” Sub Club said. “A whole host of measures were announced by the chancellor including VAT & Business Rates relief, CBIL and Bounce Back Loans and most critically of all, the Job Retention Scheme or “FURLOUGH”.

“Along with most businesses we breathed a sigh of relief as on the surface these measures seemed like they would at least help us weather the storm and offer a fighting chance that the Sub Club would still be afloat when we reached the other side of this crisis. Crucially, we thought that at least we could make sure that all of our 30+ staff members were looked after and provided for during such a difficult time.”

“Despite months of trying to address mistakes and errors on HMRC’s own system before the crisis began, we were eventually told we didn’t meet the eligibility criteria for the Job Retention Scheme, as our payroll information had been uploaded 1 day late, resulting in the refusal of our rebate claim of £31,864 which we had already paid to staff. It’s important to note that the cutoff date within the eligibility criteria was applied retrospectively, so this was not a mistake on our part, it was a failure on the HMRC system which has caused us to be barred from the scheme.”

“Not only are all our fantastic staff left without income or the prospect of working in the near future, but all the DJs who play at the club, all the promoters who put such effort into putting on amazing nights and events, all the tech staff and others who earn their corn as freelancers and depend on us for their livelihoods, are left high and dry. Many of these people have been with the club for many years and in some cases several decades!”

From donation packages starting at £10, in true Sub Club spirit, each donation will give the supporter something back. Digital prints, physical prints, tickets, t-shirts, and entry into a raffle for lifetime membership are all on offer, and the crowdfunder has so far raised £10,000. All donations to the Sub Club will be split between weekly running costs, recovering over £30,000 denied in furlough from HMRC, infrastructure investment for re-opening following the pandemic, and to launch a staff hardship fund. The club also hopes to launch “Dazzle Fund”, a new charitable initiative.

You can find out more about Sub Club’s crowdfunder and donate here.

‘Sopranos’ star Michael Imperioli to deliver hour-long DJ set for NTS Radio

‘Sopranos’ star Michael Imperioli to deliver hour-long DJ set for NTS RadioImperioli Dancing Astro

Christopher Moltisanti in the mix? Say no more…

Star of the HBO cult classic, The Sopranos, Michael Imperioli, will appear on NTS Radio on July 8 for an hour-long DJ set. Originally thought to be a shoegaze special, NTS has specified that the performance is actually a “personal selection” from the Emmy Award-winning actor and writer called “632 ELYSIAN FIELDS.”

Aside from his lauded work on both sides of the camera, Imperioli has maintained an active connection to the musical arts throughout his career, as the lead singer of his rock band called La Dolce Vita, founding an off-Broadway theater with his wife, and maintaining an active membership in the Jazz Foundation of America.

Imperioli’s “632 ELYSIAN FIELDS” DJ set will premiere on NTS channel two on Instagram on July 8 at 1:00 p.m. EST (10:00 a.m. PST).

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The Avalanches have finished recording their third album

The Avalanches have finished recording their third albumTheAvalanches CharlesDennington

The Avalanches‘ new album is on the horizon. The acclaimed Australian group simultaneously celebrated the fourth anniversary of their 2016 LP Wildflower and revealed they finished recording their forthcoming album. Wildflower and its predecessor Since I Left You cemented the electronic outfit as sampling icons, marking an indelible legacy with their psychedelia-flavored sound. Although no further details have emerged for the impending project, anticipation hits an all-time high for the acclaimed act’s third studio album.

Earlier this year, The Avalanches delivered new material including two singles, “Running Red Lights” and the Blood Orange-assisted “We Will Always Love You” as well as a back-to-back mix with Jamie xx. The tracks are presumed to be appear on the duo’s upcoming LP. Prior, they broke their silence with the release of their remix of The Chemical Brother‘s “Out of Control.”

Featured image: Charles Dennington

Hudson Mohawke and Tiga team up on new track, ‘Love Minus Zero’: Listen

The single aired on Radio 1 last night

Amy Fielding

Tuesday, July 7, 2020 – 13:44

Hudson Mohawke and Tiga have collaborated on a new track, ‘Love Minus Zero’.

First played by Annie Mac on BBC Radion 1 last night (6th July), the new single from the duo marks the beginning of a new project, and was recorded in studio sessions between London and Los Angeles.

Hudson Mohawke announced the release on Twitter, writing that the “collaboration that has been quietly in the works the last couple of years,” and that “the sounds is hardcore romance.” 

Listen to ‘Love Minus Zero’ below.

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Synth Panels Designer makes lovely panels for modules and gear, for free

Eurorack and other modular formats, custom instruments, pedals – if you’re making a DIY instrument, this software makes it look all pretty-like, and it’s free.

Now seems a great time to embrace DIY culture – audiences worldwide are stuck at home, but possibly ready to invest in gear. Synths Panel Designer, released last week, is a beautiful tool for macOS, Windows, and Linux to help you realize your custom panel dreams. The plug-in is free, and it runs on free software – the open-source Inkscape design tool.

Oh yeah – if you don’t know how to use Inkscape, or you’ve just liberated yourself from Adobe software, now is a great time to mention this free guide: Inkscape @ Flossmanuals

Make stuff like this – customizing individual layers for the tick mark indicators, the styling of the knobs and faders, and everything else – modern or vintage.

The free download is both a nice gift to the DIY community, and a calling card for its creators – a November event in Italy (yeah, an actual in-person event in 2020), plus open-source music hardware makers Faselunare (who can also help you manufacture your project). But more on that in a moment.

For its part, Synths Panel Designer gives you a bunch of time-saving tools:

  1. Standard panel support – tick off what you need with formats, mounting holes, etc. The software supports 1U and 3U Eurorack standards, Moog, Serge, Loudest Warning, Frackrack, API500, 19″, Buchla, Intellijel, Pulp Logic, Dotcom, Hammond – even VCV Rack software. It can also accommodate custom formats if none of those fit.
  2. All the knobs and faders with scale, slider, labels and sub-ticks, and dedicated layers you can customize and color. (You can even add screws in VCV Rack, or make sure your holes line up on hardware.)
  3. Tons of customization. Rather than drawing things freehand, you have 130 parameters for tweaking so you can get shapes and colors as you like them – vintage and modern.

For hardware, this looks like it could save yourself trouble in production. And for software, I think it could assist in finally evening out all those awful and inconsistent UIs we’re seeing in VCV Rack modules. (I love you all dearly, but… well, if you can’t hire a designer, please do download this!)

There’s a really excellent manual that explains all the functions, walks you through the process, and links to resources on the various panel standards.

This graphical interface walks you through what you need – and supports a host of panel standards – in the free software Inkscape.

Okay, so why are they giving this away free? The two co-sponsors hope to get your attention. And they’ve got mine.

Faselunare makes their own Eurorack module (VEGA), plus a cute and cool DIY open drum machine based on Teensy (SHAPESHIFTER) which has already inspired some mods. Plus they’re offering to help DIYers through the process of realizing your custom PCBs and hardware projects.


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SOUNDMIT is a synth and pedal expo scheduled in November in Torino. Travel is opening up inside the EU, so it may be that this event is one of the first in our sphere to test whether large-scale events can be organized with social distancing rules. I remain skeptical – these rules and our understanding of the virus are changing literally week to week – but I do hope to keep in touch with our neighbors and learn from their experience. And for anyone wanting to communicate online, CDM’s doors are absolutely still open for that. The only thing anyone has caught from this site is Gear Acquisition Syndrome.


Hardware aside, I feel more confident delving into VCV Rack hacking knowing I have a tool that can help me make those panels, as I absolutely qualify as “not a designer.” (I could put it on my business cards, even.)

And if you make something with this, let us know. James of MeeBlip downloaded it last week to have a look, so we should shortly have an expert opinion on how it works (since James does know how to do this, unlike me). And I’m guessing Synthtopia’s mention will also rope in some DIYers.

I look forward to seeing what you create. Perhaps this can be a platform for supporting more standards and DIY creations and greater design customization – in that spirit of open source work.


Destructo throws some house fumes on Whipped Cream’s ‘I Do The Most’

Destructo throws some house fumes on Whipped Cream’s ‘I Do The Most’Friendship Destructo Courtesy Of Friendship

Gary Richards, also known as Destructo, has been consistently delivering for both loyal fans and casual groove-seekers alike this summer. Following the release of his acid-leaning club track “This Is Our Home,” Richards decided to rework some hip-hop on his latest remix of WHIPPED CREAM‘s “I Do The Most.”

Featuring bars from Lil Keed, the original was an alternate lane for WHIPPED CREAM to begin with, a producer that typically delves well into the heavy bass spectrum. However, Destructo was the perfect candidate to add some deep flare on this one, as he’s all too familiar with the electronic-rap fusion, having collaborated with YG, Yo Gotti, and more on his original works. The All My Friends boss takes the high-pitched, echoed vocals from Keed, and throws them over steady kick and snare combos, building into a head-bob worthy house track with subtle synth leads throughout.