Nyege Nyege Festival announces plans for digital festival in September

Nyege Nyege festival has announced plans for a digital festival in September.

Usually taking place against the backdrop of the shores on Nile Discovery Beach in Jinja, Uganda, Nyege Nyege festival has announced that this year’s edition of the African festival will take place online.

The latest in a series of festivals to announce virtual instalments amid the coronavirus pandemic, Nyege Nyege will take place from the 3rd to the 6th September this year, with a “totally immersive, mesmerizing African party experience, diving deep into the cauldron of contemporary African music and its wider diaspora.”

This year, the festival will showcase African collectives as well as International guests, including artists from cities such as Barcelona, Lisbon, and Montreal, through both DJ sets and live performances. There will also be a “back stage” area for artists to discuss their work.

Among the artists lined up for DJ sets at this years festival are Don Zilla, Slikback, and Kampire, who’ll be joined by the likes of Afrorack, DJ Yan, Selecta Jay, and Kas baby. There’s also live acts including MC Yallah and Fulu Miziki, as well as performances from Ugandan Traditional troupes curated by Don Zilla.

Find out more about the 2020 Nyege Nyege festival here.

Read about Africa’s evolving festival landscape in our 2019 feature on Ghana’s Asa Baako festival and the Meet Me There Weekender.

Diplo hits the ranch with Noah Cyrus in ‘On Mine’ music video

Diplo hits the ranch with Noah Cyrus in ‘On Mine’ music videoDiplo

Diplo has released the visual for “On Mine,” the Noah Cyrus feature from his debut LP as Thomas Wesley, Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley Chapter 1: Snake Oil. “On Mine” is the third track from the album to receive an accompanying video, following “Do Si Do” and “Dance With Me.”

The video takes place at Far West Farms in Calabasas, California where Cyrus grew up and frequently rode horses in her younger years. In a nod to creative continuity, the visual, like each of the LP’s preceding music videos, is directed by Brandon Dermer. Diplo debuted the visual in tandem with a virtual Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley Chapter 1: Snake Oil board game. See it here.

Featured image: Diplo/YouTube

The Avalanches have a new album on the way

They recently celebrated the fourth anniversary of ‘Wildflower’

Amy Fielding

Wednesday, July 8, 2020 – 10:31

The Avalanches have shared a new album is on the way.

After sharing last month that they had been working on music with an astronomer, Australian electronic group The Avalanches have revealed that their third studio album has been completed.

Celebrating the fourth anniversary of their 2016 LP ‘Wallflower’ in an Instagram post, The Avalanches said that a third album had been “delivered for mastering late last night.”

2020 has been a busy year for the group. In February, The Avalanches shared a new track with Blood Orange, and the following month released ‘Running Red Lights’, featuring Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo.

Check out the post from The Avalanches below.

Behringer Clones Curtis CEM3396 ‘Analog Synth On A Chip’

Behringer has announced that its Coolaudio sister company has cloned the Curtis CEM3396 Dual Wave Processor, an integrated circuit from the 1980’s that they describe as an ‘analog synth on a chip’.

The V3397 Analog Synthesizer-On-A-Chip, like the original, is designed to create a synth voice, with a minimum of external components, and to make it less expensive to create full-featured analog synthesizers.

The original CEM3396 was used in the Oberheim Matrix 6, 6R, Matrix 1000, Cheetah MS6 and Elka EK-22.

Here’s what Behringer has to say about it:

“Our sister company Coolaudio,who designs highly sophisticated semiconductors, has just released a complete voice (2 multi-waveform Oscillators, a VCF plus 4 VCAs) on a single chip.

The chip is an improved version of the Curtis CM3396 and will allow us to create high-performance analog poly synths in a very compact manner.”

Behringer has not officially announced any new synths based on the V3397 Analog Synthesizer-On-A-Chip, at this point, and details on the chip are still to come at the Coolaudio site.

Hundreds flout social distancing guidelines to attend illegal Las Vegas rave

Hundreds flout social distancing guidelines to attend illegal Las Vegas raveRave

Elusive promoters by the name of “Malum Geminos” are behind a July 4 multi-stage Las Vegas desert rave that attracted music enthusiasts by the masses, despite health concerns related to the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing guidelines actively enforced by the state of Nevada.

Footage from the illicit, ticketed event, known to attendees as “The Final Fuse,” has since been shared by KSNV News 3 and shows a densely packed crowd of event goers dancing in the dark. Meanwhile, confirmed cases of coronavirus continue to climb in Nevada, with 4,368 cases reported in the last seven days, according to Southern Nevada Health District data.

Notably, the illegal rave phenomenon is not limited to Las Vegas. Various unapproved electronic music events have also been hosted in the United Kingdom “out of frustration” stemming from a lack of access to clubs and festivals, said Carl Cox, who recently shared his perspective on illegal events happening around the world.

Featured image: Matthew Spong

Steve Aoki debuts Latinx-dedicated imprint, Dim Mak En Fuego

Steve Aoki debuts Latinx-dedicated imprint, Dim Mak En FuegoRs Steve Aoki Credit Caesar Sebastian

Steve Aoki seeks to highlight up-and-coming Latinx artists with Dim Mak En Fuego, a newly established imprint dedicated to elevating producers from the Latinx community and born from Aoki’s deep connection with his Latin fanbase.

Aoki formally announced the label’s launch on July 8. The installation of Dim Mak En Fuego will expectedly see Aoki exercise his A&R capacities, as he has done throughout Dim Mak‘s 24 year tenure. At present, the Dim Mak En Fuego team includes distribution partners, Merlin, A2IM, and FUGA, as well as head of marketing, Bryan Linares, and Christian Hererra, who is notable for co-founding the popular Reggaeton event series, Gasolina Party.

The first artist signed to Dim Mak En Fuego is Mexican band, AQUIHAYAQUIHAY. The group has since released its inaugural single, “Ya No Es Igual,” via the imprint. Stream the seminal production below.

Featured image: Caesar Sebastian

Dancing Astronaut teams up with Party Favor to present new livestream festival ‘Isolation’

Dancing Astronaut teams up with Party Favor to present new livestream festival ‘Isolation’Party Favor Dancing Astronaut Credit SirJohn

Bringing the latest digital festival to light, Party Favor and Dancing Astronaut team up for Party Favor Presents: Isolation, a new livestream festival that brings with it nine hours of isolated goodness from bass, electro, and future house’s finest. A-Trak, Dillon Francis, and the always energetic Nina Las Vegas are pinned among those to take the virtual stage, and like any good host, Party Favor has prepped something special for his guests with a set from a surprise location. The Space Camp produced event also gives viewers a chance to win their own party favors, with an array of prizes and giveaways throughout the online festival.

As Isolation wouldn’t be happening without all that’s going on in the world these days, the event is also funneling donations to the PLUS1 COVID-19 Relief Fund as well as the ACLU.

The stream hits the airwaves on Saturday, July 18 from 1:00pm to 10:00pm PST, and can be seen on Party Favor’s Youtube, Twitch and Dancing Astronaut‘s Facebook page. Mark your calendars and check the full lineup below.

Dancing Astronaut teams up with Party Favor to present new livestream festival ‘Isolation’Dancing Astronaut Party Favor Presents Isolation 1

Featured image: Sir John

Free tool: make any Mac app a video source with Syphon Virtual Webcam

Virtual, online, streaming tools – a lot of them are inflexible when it comes to inputs beyond just a webcam. The solution: a free utility that lets you route video from any Syphon app on the Mac.

The Mac visual developer community is a friendly bunch. This time, the love comes from TroikaTronix, makers of the excellent, artist-friendly visual media tool Isadora. The free tool builds on the existing goodness that is Syphon – an open source protocol for sharing video textures between apps.

The upshot of this: start with your creative app / VJ tool / game engine, and route into a chat / streaming app or the like.

Sources (Syphon): Isadora, Adobe After Effects, VMDX, MadMapper, Modul8, Grand VJ, Unity3D, OpenFrameworks, Processing, and many others (see Syphon for full list)

Destination (virtual webcam): Chrome, Safari, Zoom, Discord, Slack, and of course the ubiquitous OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

Syphon Virtual Webcam sits in between – it takes Syphon video textures from your source app, appears as a camera in the app you want to use to broadcast/chat.

[embedded content]

All of this is non-trivial for developers, in that they do have to keep up with Apple’s increasingly tight security. Just as we as artists really want to freely share video from app to app, people concerned about security really don’t want us to do that. But fortunately, developers are finding a way to give us the use case we want and still comply with security rules.

This also means that macOS developers, after some major hurt as they migrated to newer Apple architectures, should be really future-proof when it comes to new Mac stuff – including those upcoming Apple Silicon-based Macs. But that’s another story. For now, just know that the future looks reasonably positive.

Here’s the latest on Catalina and Mojave, in fact:

[SOLVED] Syphon Virtual Webcam and Zoom

But wait, what about Windows? OBS has an official Windows tool, OBS Virtualcam. And there’s a Windows OBS tool for Spout, which is the Windows equivalent to Syphon (using Windows’ own APIs, which have a different architecture). Plus there’s cross-platform NDI support, which is yet another means of running video between software. See this previous story – which also includes some tips for using OSC to control OBS parameters (useful in Isadora and all the other tools just mentioned):

Good stuff.

Let us know how this works for you; I know I’ll be testing and supporting more of these things in the near future.

Syphon Virtual Webcam [announcement page on TroikaTronix community site]

Download from Troika plugins page

OBS Mac Virtual Camera [prerequisite]

Support thread for Q&A

And hot off the presses, there’s an update from this morning, 0.9.5:

  • Ensured that the OBS Virtual Camera Is Inactive screen would not appear when the Syphon source had a very slow frame rate.
  • Ensured that “App Nap” was disabled for Syphon Virtual Camera.
  • Fixed a bug where a scrambled image would be shown if the Syphon source width was not divisible by 4.
  • Fixed a few small memory leaks
  • Added “Download the Latest Version” to the Help Menu

Tchami debuts ‘Confessions’ interview series, teases new collaboration with ZHU

Tchami debuts ‘Confessions’ interview series, teases new collaboration with ZHUTchami Rukes

When he’s behind the decks, Tchami doesn’t talk much, but with the launch of his new interview series, Confessions, fans will get to hear him speak. The series, which kicked off on June 26, features French rapper, Vald, as the inaugural guest.

The French deep house luminary keeps up his quintessential priestly persona in Confessions with a sparse but well-lit backdrop reminiscent of a cloudy celestial sky. In a style very unlike the typical news interview, Tchami pries into Vald’s psyche with deep questions that not only illuminate the inner mind of the rapper, but also inspire the viewer to think, too.

During the interview’s conclusion, Tchami and Vald discuss time-honored outputs from classical composers like Franz Schubert and Maurice Ravel. In an extension of this thought provoking exchange, Tchami poses the million-dollar question: “Do you think our music will be able to stir emotion in more than 300 years?” It’s hard to speak that far into the future, but at present, the answer is resoundingly positive.

An added bonus to the first-ever installment of the new interview series is Confessions‘ sonic introduction. Confessions opens with an ethereal, almost otherworldly production that teases a new collaboration between Tchami and ZHU. Needless to say, Tchami has got viewers’ attention.

Featured image: Rukes