Lucii and Sam Lamar write a love song, ‘You’

Lucii and Sam Lamar write a love song, ‘You’Lucii

Extraterrestrial producer and songstress, Lucii is a cornerstone of Liquid Stranger’s WAKAAN clique. Her newest single is a dubstep groover, “You,” produced alongside trap and bass producer, Sam Lamar.

They psy-bass DJ is known for her alien sound design, wicked drops, and down-to-earth nature. A full-time digital vixen, Lucii found some time to make a song for her girlfriend, and the result is a fluid flex of her sonic capabilities with Lamar, who has garnered support from Excision, Porter Robinson, and Knife Party. The collaboration blends two of bass music’s professionalsand it shows.

In a statement emailed to Dancing Astronaut, Lucii said,

“This track is about a girl that completely consumes me and literally makes me feel like I am floating in space. ‘You’ is a love song about finding your special someone.”  

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England Government to allow indoor concerts to resume in August

England Government to allow indoor concerts to resume in AugustConcert

More good news is here for residents of England. The week of July 13, the government ended the COVID-19–related ban on outdoor music events. Now, in moving forward with stage four of the plan to resume music and culture industry events, UK culture secretary Oliver Dowden tweeted that starting August 1,

“Socially distanced audiences can return for indoor performances in theatres, music halls and other venues.”

The reopening plan will require all attendees of shows, including staff and performers, to follow social distancing guidelines at all times. Previously announced indoor concerts at iconic venues such as St. Luke’s London will be closely monitored and used as a reference to modify restrictions and safety measures for future events.

Through drive-in raves, socially distanced concerts, and other creative means of delivering meaningful live music experiences, the music industry continues to adapt to the ongoing difficulties presented by COVID-19, as the world slowly begins to ease back into in-person events.

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City of Oakland reaches settlement in Ghost Ship case

City of Oakland reaches settlement in Ghost Ship caseGhost Ship Warehouse Credit Jim Wilson Redu New York Times

The City of Oakland has agreed to pay a total of $32.7 million dollars to those impacted by the tragic 2016 Ghost Ship warehouse fire. Of the settlement money, $23.5 million will be paid to the families of the 32 victims who lost their lives, and the remaining $9.2 million will go to Sam Maxwell, a survivor of the warehouse fire who escaped the burning building, but suffered permanent injuries.

In December of 2016, a fire broke out during a warehouse party at the makeshift venue in the Fruitvale neighborhood of Oakland, California. Although it later came to light that authorities were aware of the unsafe conditions in the venue prior to the tragedy, city officials ultimately failed to take action that could have prevented the blaze.

Given the large amount of money that is to be paid in restitution, it may seem like justice has at last been served, but lawyer Paul Matiasic, who represented five of the families in the civil lawsuit, said the damage done is ultimately irreparable. Matiasic stated,

“The amount doesn’t come close to approximating the loss of loved ones for my clients. The money is insignificant. No amount of money can bring their loved ones back.”

H/T: Rolling Stone

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Weekend Rewind: Tame Impala’s landmark LP, ‘Currents,’ turns five

Weekend Rewind: Tame Impala’s landmark LP, ‘Currents,’ turns fiveCurrents Tame Impala 2

It’s hard to believe that Tame Impala‘s third studio album, Currents, is already five-years-old. Although many albums enjoy an immediate surge in streams followed by a steady decline in popularity, it feels as if Currents has never gone out of style. Touting tracks like its opener, “Let It Happen,” and the immediately recognizable “The Less I Know The Better,” Kevin Parker‘s heartbreak record has only grown in critical and commercial acclaim in the time that has followed its release.

In addition to its inimitable sound, Currents is a strong contender for most recognizable album cover of the 2010’s. The iconic artwork has inspired thousands of Photoshops, memes, and merch, bolstering the LP’s legacy. It took half a decade for Currents’ follow-up, The Slow Rush, to arrive, but Tame Impala’s groundbreaking work on the album steadily maintained their relevance in the interim. Revisit the seminal LP below.

Kanye West tweets and then deletes announcement for new album ‘DONDA’

Kanye West tweets and then deletes announcement for new album ‘DONDA’Kanye West Photo By Bruce Glikas FilmMagic

Kanye West is releasing a new album this week, at least according to a since deleted tweet by the rapper turned supposed presidential candidate. The impromptu album is titled DONDA, after West’s latest single, and is slated for a July 24 street date.

The suggested tracklist includes Kanye’s recent collaboration with Travis Scott, “Wash Us In Blood,” as well as the highly anticipated “New Body,” which was at one point billed to be on the still unreleased Yandhi album.

As exciting as a new Kanye West album may be, the legitimacy of the announcement is up for debate with some fans fearing it to be fake news for the sake of promoting the could-be politician’s presidential bid. Accordingly, check in with Dancing Astronaut throughout the week for updates on Kanye’s upcoming DONDA.

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