Alison Wonderland is your DJ professor in new DJ tutorial series [Watch]

Alison Wonderland is your DJ professor in new DJ tutorial series [Watch]Alison Wonderland

Australian DJ and producer Alison Wonderland has launched her own “How to DJ For Beginners” series on YouTube. In the series’ inaugural episode, the “Lost My Mind” producer walks viewers through the basics of DJ equipment, explaining what each button and knob’s function is, and how she uses the jog wheel.

Wonderland’s new series runs on a bi-weekly basis, with the second installment closely following the debut episode. Episode two walks viewers through the basics of beat-matching and the fundamentals of lacing together one’s first mix. She also touches on the basics of EQing, and how adjusting certain frequencies can generate a cleaner mix between songs. Bust out your DJ gear and a notepad, and watch the first two episodes of Alison Wonderland’s new webseries below.

Featured Image: Mauricio Santana | Getty Images

Also, quick shout out to Wonderland’s manager Garth Crane, rocking a (mighty fine) Dancing Astronaut t-shirt in episode two. Thanks Garth!

An international drug ring reportedly headed by resident Ibiza DJ has been busted

An international drug ring reportedly headed by resident Ibiza DJ has been bustedIbiza

Spain’s Civil Guard has arrested 21 individuals in Ibiza, Barcelona, and Girona in Catalonia as part of “Operation Pertinax.” The arrests are in connection to an international drug trafficking ring, and the suspected ring leader used his connections as a well known resident DJ in Ibiza. While the DJ remains unnamed, the investigation into the organization started in October of 2018 after suspicion grew around a group of people living in the Balearic Islands who were selling ketamine and MDMA. The investigation revealed that the drugs were distributed to both Spain and the United States.

A joint task force was created with American Homeland Security Investigations, leading to three arrests in Miami, the seizure of 15 kilos of MDMA tablets, and 14 kilos of liquid ketamine.

According to a recent report, “Raids on eight homes and businesses netted eight kilos of the synthetic drugs ecstasy and ketamine, 38 kilos of dried marihuana buds ready for sale and 4,500 plants located in three indoor and one outdoor plantation.”

In addition, officers “seized electronic devices, documentation, €45,000 in cash and a vehicle with a hidden space which was used for transporting drugs between Ibiza and the Spanish mainland.” The investigators believe that over the course of at least three years the organization has distributed and exported over two million tablets of drugs.

Via: Euro Weekly News

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The Killers and Jacques Lu Cont deliver new remix of The Rolling Stones’ ‘Scarlet’

The Killers and Jacques Lu Cont deliver new remix of The Rolling Stones’ ‘Scarlet’The Killers Pc Official Website

The Killers and Stuart Price go way back. Since Price first remixed the Las Vegas-native outfit’s smash single, “Mr. Brightside,” the two acts have frequently joined forces over the years, with Price delivering a flurry of production and remix work for The Killers. Under his Jacques Lu Cont pseudonym, the English record producer has reunited with acclaimed rock band for a fresh rework of The Rolling Stones‘ new single, “Scarlet.”

The Rolling Stones debuted the track in July, officially unearthing the 1974 recording for first time. “Scarlet” features Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and Blind Faith‘s Rick Gerch. On the new remix, The Killers and Jacque Lu Cont amp up the blues cut with energetic guitar riffs and boosted instrumentation, adding fuller layers to the original’s raw rock spirit.

Featured image: The Killers/Official Website

Insomniac cancels all 2020 events, announces new house-focused festival for 2021

Insomniac cancels all 2020 events, announces new house-focused festival for 2021Jake West For Insomniac Events 4 1

Insomniac Events, the powerhouse production giant behind some of today’s largest dance music festivals, has just announced an all new event debuting next year, Day Trip. Scheduled for July 3, 2021, Day Trip will be a one-day festival focused solely on house music. The event will take over Los Angeles’ Pier 46, giving festival-hungry fans plenty to look forward to.

The news of Day Trip comes in the wake of the confirmed postponement of the remainder of Insomniac’s 2020 events, announced by founder Pasquale Rotella on August 28. Nocturnal Wonderland, Escape Psycho Circus, EDC Orlando, and Dreamstate SoCal will be moved to 2021, according to Rotella’s statement. For now, Insomniac will continue to focus on their live-streamed content.

Rotella’s full statement is below.

Featured image: Jake West

Post Malone becomes co-owner of e-sports giant Envy Gaming

Post Malone becomes co-owner of e-sports giant Envy GamingPost Malone Credit Vanity Fair

Hot off the heels of launching a new wine venture, pop crooner Post Malone is now co-owner of Envy Gaming, the Texas-based e-sports organization with namesake teams in Overwatch, Call of Duty, and Counter Strike. The partnership was announced by the singer on social media ahead of the Call of Duty league playoffs, a bracket which Envy Gaming ended up winning. Post Malone shared his thoughts in a press statement,

“I grew up in Texas and I’ve been gaming my whole life, so this just really felt right. I have always wanted to be a part of bringing gaming into the professional sports world so to be involved with what Envy is doing in my hometown feels like such a perfect fit.”

Although Post Malone’s equity in the brand is ultimately disclosed, the move doesn’t come as the biggest shock given the musician’s enthusiasm when streaming on Twitch.

On the flip side, Envy Gaming CEO Adam Rymer hopes to not only keep Post in the loop for the organization’s decision making, but looks forward to exploring initiatives that might bring the two brands closer together over time. Partnership initiatives have yet to be determined, or at least publicly shared, but the endless possibilities leave fans excited for the idea of e-sports most entertaining partnership.

Featured image: Vanity Fair

Hear Bob Moses’ new concept record, ‘Desire’ [Stream]

Hear Bob Moses’ new concept record, ‘Desire’ [Stream]Bob Moses Press Photo Lucas MK

The ever-ethereal and eclectic Bob Moses have shared their fourth full-length release, Desire. Coming in at only six songs, the duo describe the project as, “a concept record, somewhere between an EP and an album, which dissects and is a meditation on themes of desire.” Additionally, Desire seamlessly flows from one track into the next, and Bob Moses members Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallanca specified the project was meant to be listened to from start to finish.

Bob Moses’ strengths lie in expertly crafting a marriage between modern dance music and pop. On Desire, the duo achieves this by leaning into deep house more, most noticeably on the ZHU-featuring title track. In an interview with Purple Sneakers, Bob Moses say “Desire” was the first and most effortless track to write on the project, which gave them a starting point to build the album around. Desire is Bob Moses’ fourth studio record, and their first since 2018’s Battle Lines.

Featured image: Bob Moses press, Lucas MK

Faithless Back With ‘Synthesizer’ (Music Video)

[embedded content]

Official music video for the new Faithless track, Synthesizer, featuring Nathan Ball.

“However much I love you baby….I love my synthesizer more.”

The video features lots of great sci fi visuals, with influences from Metropolis to Blade Runner to Jean Giraud, with a side of 80’s neon color.

The track comes from their new album, All Blessed, which is coming out on October 23rd.

Stream Alexandar Smash’s statement-making sophomore single, ‘Boof Pack’

Stream Alexandar Smash’s statement-making sophomore single, ‘Boof Pack’IMG 1443 1

Alexandar Smash streamers were right to expect a formidable follow-up to May’s “OMM,” and now, with Smash’s debut single three months in the rearview, that’s exactly what they’re getting. On “OMM,” produced alongside Jersey Club’s own DJ Sliink, TJ Mizell and SEB of Alexandar Smash evinced their ear for Latin-infused dance floor artillery. Now, the production pair is rebooting its sound on “Boof Pack,” a stomping number that demands that listeners put two feet on the floor and get to work—body work

Dropping a pin in bass house territory, in a step away from the Jersey Club lean of “OMM” that serves as a demonstration of their dynamism, Mizell and SEB construct a beat with a hard shimmy, laying down a forceful foundation. High-octane with the energy to match, the electronic arrangement is a raucous accompaniment to the vocal overlay that weaves in and out of “Boof Pack,” as Smash assert that they’re not only here to stay, but here to set the scene on fire.

Ableton Live freebies: bring back the color schemes from Live 2

Party like it’s 2002. By popular demand, Sonic Bloom has recreated the “vintage” color skins of Ableton Live 2, 18 years ago.

Cardboard. Concrete. Dawn and Dusk. Float. It’s all there. Maybe you were producing back in Live 2 – or maybe you’re just ready for something different. (Seriously, it’ll give your tracks that retro edge.)

Dawn takes me back. Dust actually holds up nicely enough that I just switched back to it. There’s a practical use here, too – the older color schemes tended to be higher contrast, and you might find them more productive.

And Float is… uh… well it might encourage you to finish tracks faster?

And people think Berlin is only about black and gray.

It’s all the latest work from Madeleine Bloom, a guru as legendary as you can get, and it’s free. It looks authentic to me – even benefiting from Live 10’s new visual touches and Themes architecture. She actually retrieved the old versions to get the renditions just right.

Free Ableton Live Themes Set #9

You’ll want this page to help with installation:

Ableton Live Tutorial: How to install new Skins

Want still more vintage stuff? Go deeper into history with Aubergine, Disco78, Pine, Quartz, and Understate from Live 1. (I forgot that “Monolake” came out later.)

Free Ableton Live Themes Set #8

And while you’re at Sonic Bloom, browse around the best educational resource for Live on the Web.

Ableton Live freebies: Spectral Attractors creates eerie, beautiful sounds

At some point, you don’t want another plate reverb. You want the experimental sounds of a phase vocoder combined with a physics model – like in this free Max for Live effect.

Coming from LA-based artist Dillon Bastan – whose electroacoustic work is really wild, too – Spectral Attractors is a free audio buffer effect for Max for Live. (It therefore requires Live Suite or a Max for Live license.)

The concept is really wild. You take an audio buffer, by dropping a sample on the device or routing from another track. And then the effect using a physics simulation with attractors – a mathematical model of a dynamic system – to shift and shape bits of the sound. It should appeal to fans of tools like the discontinued Spektral Delay from Native Instruments. (Spektral Delay did not use anything like this attractors model, and it likely would have overwhelmed CPUs of the time. But there was a phase vocoding approach in that tool, so some of the strange spectral smearing and glassy timbral results you will hear in both.)

Some of these results are absolutely beautiful. A quick overview:

[embedded content]

And here’s a full walkthrough. The interface is quite elegant and Ableton-like, but you will want to grok some of how it works:

[embedded content]

Morphing through elements of the spectrum brings out colors and textures in your sound source that you otherwise might miss.

There’s a simple 2D mode, which is probably the easier to follow (both easier on your brain and easier on your CPU).

But there’s also a massive “FFT mode” which does something I can’t say I’ve ever seen in an effect before.

FFT Mode: physics simulation is in 12288 dimensions (a bit higher CPU as a result) in which every FFT frequency bin amplitude, phase value and previous frame value for both left and right channels is a dimension, which results in a complex soundscape and combination of spectrums.

(That’s also quite a lot more bands that you could get from Spektral Delay.) Plus you can control pitch shifting, add randomization, adjust physics dynamics, and find other ways of making this more playable and creative.

Find the effect for free on gumroad:

And, of course:

Spectral Attractors 1.0.1

There’s a ton of other stuff to explore from Dillon, too:

So for instance, try Ripple Filter:

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

That one is $5, but with 100% of sales going to charity.

So, thanks, Dillon, basically putting all positive things into the world.