Carl Cox named official ambassador of 2021 London Motor Show

Carl Cox named official ambassador of 2021 London Motor ShowRESISTANCE Carl Co MegaStructure Photo By RVR 16

While many may know Carl Cox as one of the godfathers of house and techno, the English DJ and producer has also established his name in the racing world with his Carl Cox Motorsport venture. The company, launched in 2013, has since introduced a variety of teams in different motor racing styles to events around the world.

Looking towards motorsports events in 2021—as he is with his shows—Carl Cox has been named an ambassador of next year’s London Motor Show. What does being an ambassador entail? Show chairman Alec Mumford commented on Cox’s involvement in the 2021 event, stating,

“Having an association with Carl and [his] team is amazing. Aside from his legendary status behind the decks, he is also a petrol head through and through. He’ll be bringing a selection of his vehicles as well as showcasing Carl Cox Motorsport, which participates strongly in drag, side car, motor vehicle, and motorbike racing. “

The 2021 London Motor Show is set to take place from July 16 – 18 at Evolution London in Battersea Park. Automobile and house fanatics alike can attend to view various Carl Cox Motorsport vehicles and learn more about the team. For more information on Carl Cox Motorsport, check out the brand’s Facebook page.

H/T: The Journal

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UK government postpones plan to bring back live music events

UK government postpones plan to bring back live music eventsConcert

The UK government has delayed its plans to resume live music events. In July, government officials announced that the ban on outdoor music events would cease, and followed this news with a declaration that, starting August 1, indoor performances would be allowed with the understanding that strict social distancing measures were to be followed. Theater events and wedding receptions of more than 30 people were also scheduled to resume on August 1.

In a press conference held on July 31, prime minister Boris Johnson stated that this next phase of reopening would be postponed to August 15, at which point the government would reevaluate the threat presented by COVID-19.

In a statement, Chief Medical Officer Chris Witty said,

“The idea that the UK can open up everything and keep the virus under control is clearly wrong.”

With the two-week delay of the August 1 event outline comes a new requirement set to go into effect on August 8 that will mandate mask-wearing in museums, movie theatres, art galleries, and other public spaces.

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Dabin opens ‘Wild Youth’ acoustic LP with breakdown of ‘Alive’

Dabin opens ‘Wild Youth’ acoustic LP with breakdown of ‘Alive’Screen Shot 2020 07 31 At 7.42.48 PM

It seemed improbable that Dabin’s sophomore album, Wild Youth, could possibly become any more heartrending. That appeared to be the case until earlier this year, when Dabin alluded to an acoustic edition of the LP. More concrete hints came about as the summer 2020 season progressed, and now, with a pair of singles already to the Toronto talent’s credit this year, “Holding On” and “Hope It Hurts,” the red carpet for Dabin’s next venture is officially being rolled out.

Although a due date for the acoustic rendering remains to be publicly seen, the first piece of the Wild Youth acoustic album has been issued with a breakdown of the LP’s lead single with RUNN, “Alive.” When it comes to “Alive,” there is no contest. The original is an outright gem, but Dabin’s stripped-back model presents a different breed of emotion in the nearly six-minute acoustic format. Dabin trades the original’s guitar-heavy package for a melodic piano arrangement that melds with RUNN’s renewed and shining vocals. Experience the re-envisioned one-off below.

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deadmau5 to host drive-in show at new, contactless venue in Toronto

deadmau5 to host drive-in show at new, contactless venue in TorontoDeadmau5

Add deadmau5 to the list of soundsmiths throwing a drive-in show. As festival life continues to forge new ways forward in this COVID-19 new normal, Toronto has developed a scenic venue called CityView Drive-In that caters to concerts, movie nights, corporate events, and more. CityView is Toronto’s newest outdoor concert and entertainment venue and adds to the Canadian metropolis’ rich culture of live experiences, music, and arts and entertainment.

The mau5trap head honcho will man the 238-foot stage with the Toronto skyline in the background on August 14. Tickets go on sale August 3. More information about the health and safety measures that will be taken at the event can be found on CityView’s official website.

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DJ Mag to partner with AZ Magazine creative fund to support Black LGBTQ+ creatives

DJ Mag will partner with AZ Magazine creative fund to support Black LGBTQ+ creatives.

Over the past five years, AZ have created a self-funded, award-nominated online community. Since it’s birth in 2015, AZ, founded by four queer Black women, has developed into an online publication and social space, as well as event organisers, for LGBTQ+ people of colour.

Now, AZ have created a fundraiser with a target of £20,000 for Black LBGTQ+ creatives to continue to amplify voices within journalism, Black media outlets, and platforms, where QTIBPOC can often be overlooked in the conversations about race and gender.

With over £15,000 raised already, AZ will use 50% of the funds to maintain the magazine, pay LGBTQ+ content contributors, provide online and physical spaces for AZ Hub events, cover expenses, and look to expand AZ outside of London. With the remaining half of the fundraising efforts, AZ Magazine will create a fund for 10 Black LGBTQ+ creatives.

Awarding 10 individuals with £1,000 each, the fund will enable creatives to create a piece of art, and tell a story and amplify their voice through their chosen medium.

DJ Mag has teamed up with AZ Mag to support one selected creative, and will be providing sponsorship for a dance music-focused project. We will be utilising our industry network and platform to provide mentorship and resources for the grantee, in line with our pledge to continue supporting Black artists and creators in the music industry.

Information regarding applications will be available soon. You can find out more about AZ Magazine here via their Instagram page, and donate to the fundraiser here.