Pasquale Rotella announces cancellation of EDC Las Vegas, dates for 2021 festival

Pasquale Rotella announces cancellation of EDC Las Vegas, dates for 2021 festivalEDC Las Vegas

It’s official: Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Las Vegas “headliners” must wait until 2021 to once again be under the electric sky. After an initial date change from May 15 – 17, 2020 to October 2 – 4 of the same year, Pasquale Rotella has formally announced the festival’s postponement to May 21 – 23, 2021, due to ongoing health concerns related to COVID-19.

All previously purchased tickets, including Camp EDC and shuttle passes, will be honored at the event’s 25th anniversary at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Those who cannot make the 2021 dates can request a refund here. Any tickets that become available as a result of refund requests will go back on sale on August 6 at 1 p.m. EST/10 a.m. PST.

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@EDC_LasVegas UPDATE: I know you’ve been waiting a long time & I want to THANK YOU for being so patient. Some have questioned why we haven’t postponed yet & I want to let you know what we’ve been up to. The team & I have spent the last several months working to create a plan that would allow us to produce a safe event for you. We wanted to implement a free two-step testing program, one test at home before traveling to Las Vegas & another test at the venue when you arrived, in addition to many other enhanced safety protocols. Unfortunately, we just learned that the medical advances necessary to pull this off will not be ready in time, which is why I’m making this announcement today. Regardless, I’m proud of our team for continuing to believe & work so hard throughout the process. This whole experience has truly been a wild ride. Here I am, a rave promoter, finding myself talking to biopharmaceutical companies about diagnostic tests for a novel virus while working with Nevada’s most prominent government officials. I’ve felt a lot of pressure wanting to come through for all of you & after taking time to exhaust every possible option, I can feel confident knowing this is the right decision. We are officially postponing EDC Las Vegas 2020 & will be returning May 21+22+23 of 2021 to celebrate 25 years of EDC. To everyone who chose to hang onto their ticket & stick with us during this time, THANK YOU! You’re the most amazing community I could ever hope to be a part of. It means the world to me. We would not be able to do any of this without your support. All 2020 passes, including Camp EDC & shuttles, will be honored for the new 2021 dates & will automatically transfer over. For those who would like a refund, go to Because some of you won’t be able to make the rescheduled dates, any tickets for EDC Las Vegas 2021 that become available will go back on sale Thursday, August 6 at 10am PT. Insomniac has been built on never giving up. We’re already working hard on next year’s show & we’ll be back with more energy than ever for our 25 Year Celebration. Until then— Peace, Love, Stay Positive & I’ll See You Under the Electric Sky!💜✨

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Armin van Buuren packages elusive remixes in ‘The Lost Tapes’

Armin van Buuren packages elusive remixes in ‘The Lost Tapes’Tomorrowland Armin Van Buuren 2018

Armin van Buuren is the gift that keeps on giving. After giving wings to the 30-song remix album, RELAXED in May, the 81-inclusion A State Of Trance 2020 (Mixed by Armin van Buuren) in April, the 87-cut Balance remix album in March, and an unremitting stream of singles in between, van Buuren is back engage listeners with another extensive offering.

The electronic veteran proves his production stamina to be unmatched with The Lost Tapes, a 31-song collection of unreleased remixes, many of which could only be found in one of van Buuren’s live sets—until now. The treasure trove of re-imagined Armin classics includes reworks from ilan Bluestone, David Gravell, Assaf, and many, many more, culminating in nearly two-hours of “lost tape” streaming activity. “You Are,” “If It Ain’t Dutch,” and “This Is What It Feels Like” are among the time-honored tracks to get a makeover on The Lost Tapes. Stream the album in full below.

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Adventure Club enlist Dia Frampton, Squired for ‘High Like This’

Adventure Club enlist Dia Frampton, Squired for ‘High Like This’107457616 187399862745881 7485644797162665602 N

The Adventure Club duo knows what works for them, and they have been sticking to it as of late. Bass fans who cherish an emotive female vocal alongside a compelling drop have found the right place in the group’s forthcoming sophomore album. Adventure Club have released a stream of singles in anticipation of the album’s full release, and the latest addition is “High Like This” with Squired and Dia Frampton. The single features Frampton’s alluring vocals that plunge in and out of a soft melody weaving in and out of bass drops.

“High Like This” is the third album single that Adventure Club have released this year, following “Back To You” and “Rebellious.” On Twitter, the duo promised that fans can expect the full album, distributed via Ultra Music, soon.

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Watch: Boys Noize’s modular livestream set

Watch: Boys Noize’s modular livestream setBoysNoize Cr ShaneMcCauley1

In early May, Boys Noize dropped a surprise industrial techno album, recorded entirely analog. “Three days ago, I didn’t know I was going to release an album today,” he wrote at the time, reflecting the volatile and sudden nature of his STRICTLY BVNKER VOL. 1 project. Now, fans can watch Boys Noize’s modular production at work.

The German DJ and producer provided a modular set for Digital FORT 2.0, a digital music festival presented by The FADER. While the set only lasts around 10 minutes, it gives viewers great insight into Boys Noize’s modular techniques and equipment, with a healthy dose of typically intense production to boot. Watch the performance here

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The Weeknd to perform virtual ‘After Hours’ concert via TikTok

The Weeknd to perform virtual ‘After Hours’ concert via TikTokThe Weeknd

TikTok is looking to solidify its position as a video streaming platform before President Trump moves forward with plans to ban the popular app in the United States. Responsible for boosting many of today’s hits into the Top 100 charts, TikTok will now be the platform of a charity stream featuring The Weeknd on August 8.

The Weeknd took to Twitter to announce “The Weeknd Experience,” an augmented reality concert that represents TikTok’s first attempt at integrating augmented reality content into its platform. The collaborative project between TikTok, Republic Records, XO, and Wave will feature a digital avatar of The Weeknd performing songs from his latest album, After Hours. The immersive experience will allow viewers to interact with the event in real-time.

The livestreamed concert will raise money to support Equal Justice Initiative, a non-profit organization advocating for racial equality. Donations made before and during the event will be matched by TikTok “up to a generous amount,” according to the platform. Profits from exclusive event merchandise will also be donated to charity.

To RSVP for the event and view full details, visit the virtual show’s website here.

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Lost Frequencies shows his multifaceted creative approach on ‘Cup of Beats’

Lost Frequencies shows his multifaceted creative approach on ‘Cup of Beats’116156340 660765858116737 2981628579711207449 N

Lost Frequencies has finally released his six-track EP, Cup of Beats, a compilation that embodies a broad spectrum of the Belgian producer’s creative sides. There is something for everyone on this EP, including those who don’t favor electronic music.

One More Night” goes in a completely new direction for Lost Frequencies, who partners with country singer, Easton Corbin, for the previously released single. He spins Corbin’s original with a mellow tropical backdrop, giving the final product an edgy electronic touch perfect for a breezy summer day. “One More Night,” which led the EP, follows Lost Frequencies’ wildly successful take on Corbin’s “Are You with Me,” proving that the duo are a force to be reckoned with.

The second single from the EP, “You,” features Love Harder and Flynn. Distinct from “One More Night,” “You’s” groovy introduction plummets the listener into eclectic production with pulsing guitar notes that tie it all together. A calming melody weaves the vocals and various production elements together.

“Love To Go,” produced alongside label-mate Zonderling and Kelvin Jones is as catchy as cuts come. The inclusion has a building note progression that reaches its climax with a chanting vocal that tumbles into a groovy house drop. Three other flavorful offerings await listeners on Cup of Beats, out now via Armada Music.

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ZHU entrances with remix of Mathame’s ‘Never Give Up’

ZHU entrances with remix of Mathame’s ‘Never Give Up’84E5C40E 8953 4D5E 80D6 01F15210A788

ZHU, the deep house luminary that, until 2014, kept his identity under lock and key, still maintains his signature air of mystery through his sonic approach. The latest example of this is his new remix, a reimagining of Italian techno duo Mathame‘s “Never Give Up.” “Never Give Up (ZHU Remix)” is a pulsing, dreamlike, mystical, and utterly transporting take on the original track.

The remix, released on July 31, is the latest in a recent string of remakes of “Never Give Up” including renderings by the likes of Diplo and Lost Frequencies. ZHU’s “Never Give Up” comes on the heels of the release of “Desire,” a new single and interactive video collaboration with Bob Moses, and ZHU flip’s of Tinashe and Ms. Banks’ “Die a Little Bit,” also released in July.

Stream the remix below.

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Dimension concocts blistering drum ‘n’ bass cut, ‘Hatred’ ahead of forthcoming debut LP

Dimension concocts blistering drum ‘n’ bass cut, ‘Hatred’ ahead of forthcoming debut LPDimension Pc Official Facebook

The debut album draws nearer. Dimension has unveiled the second single from his impending full-length project debut. With album details shrouded in mystery much like the artist himself, each track release dropped off by the UK enigma has served to clear the fog of the misty anticipation. Marking the latest piece of the puzzle, Dimension recruits E11E on sinister drum ‘n’ bass cut, “Hatred.”

Preceded by lead single “Savior” which reaps a writing assist from Jem Cooke, the new joint takes a turn for the darker as it showcases an edgier, incisive direction from the electronic producer. With hard-hitting drum programming and eerie tinkles of outlandish synths, “Hatred” cultivates a dire tension that weaves explosively in-and-out of noise chasms as E11E’s magnetic voice accessorizes its soundscape, bathing in wickedness.

“The album is an unadulterated take on the Dimension sound. It is violence, ecstasy, heartbreak and uncompromising energy,” states Dimension.

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Making Music With The Moog Subharmonicon

[embedded content]

In his video, Jeremy Blake (Red Means Recording) shares his thoughts on making music with the Moog Subharmonicon.

Video Summary:

“Music is rhythm, pitch, pitch relationships, and timbre. The Moog Harmonicon is a great example of how these all come together in one of the most interesting performance synthesizers I’ve touched.”

Here’s a follow up video, which captures an extended synth jam, featuring the Subharmonicon:

[embedded content]

Here’s what they have to say about the technical details:

“Improv on the Moog Subharmonicon and Elektron Digitakt at 120 BPM. Poly Digit provides reverb and delay.”

Open Amiga Sampler Brings New Hardware Sampling Option To Vintage Platform

[embedded content]

Developers echolevel, mnstrmnch & abrugsch have introduced the Open Amiga Sampler – a new parallel port sampler for the classic Commodore Amiga computer from 1996.

The Open Amiga Sampler (OAS) is open source hardware, so the design if available for anyone to build. There are also plans in the works to make pre-built cartridges available.

Here’s what the developers have to say about the project:

“This project is a clone of the typical low-budget sampler design that flooded the market in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

They’re often referred to as ‘carts’, but they’re actually not cartridges: they’re usually small 25-pin parallel port dongles whose circuit boards and connectors are housed in the type of plastic shell that systems like the C64 and the VIC-20 used as cartridge housings. But some manufacturers called them cartridges, and we’ve been calling them carts for decades, so we’ll stick with that.”


  • 8-bit sample resolution
  • Mono
  • Typical maximum sampling rate of ~52Khz
  • Input amplifier with variable gain

Details are available at Github.