REZZ drops surprise remix of Porter Robinson’s ‘shehealseverything’

REZZ drops surprise remix of Porter Robinson’s ‘shehealseverything’EeCaLSOWoAEOLk8

After Porter Robinson honored the sixth Worlds anniversary the week of August 10 with the release of “Shepherdess,” his vinyl-only live edit, REZZ gave fans a pleasant surprise with an unexpected remix of “shehealseverything.” The Canadian producer made the announcement that the rework was forthcoming on Twitter and subsequently released the revision on her Soundcloud account. “shehealseverything”marks REZZ’s second go-around remixing Robinson, after placing a spin on “Divinity” in late 2018.

REZZ’s signature bass sound permeates the introduction, which is fused with the gaming-like synths featured on Robinson’s original. The remix is the perfect cut for an eventual live show with its pulsing notes and steady beat, separated by an otherworldly bass break in the middle. The best of both artists shines through in the re-imagination, giving the enamoring original a hit of REZZ’s magical bass flair.

Featured image: Tessa Paisan

Coolaudio Intros BA662 VCA Chip Clone

Behringer sister company Coolaudio Semiconductors, which manufacturers a variety of custom components for audio products, has introduced a clone of the

Roland BA662, used in VCA designs of TB-303, Jupiter-4, Jupiter-8 and other synthesizers.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“It is the THE chip responsible for the unique sound of so many classic synths.

Not only has Coolaudio cloned the BA662 “A” version, which is the highest specified version, they also managed to greatly improve noise performance and included even two chips in one packaging.”

Details are still to come at the Coolaudio site.

ADDAC Wheeled Cart Holds Tons Of Gear, Makes It Easy To Access

ADDAC System has introduced the ADDAC Wheeled Cart, a customizable system that’s designed to house most standalone music devices, including pedals, drum machines, desktop synths, effects and other items.

The cart is expandable to 12 drawers, and the user can set custom heights to fit hardware from any brand. There are 12 sets of pre-drilled holes, every 5cm in height, and the bottom shelf can accommodate smaller pedal boards. Large 10cm caster wheels allow for smooth movement around your studio and lockable wheels are optional.

The top platform of the cart and all drawers have a high lip to prevent hardware slippage.

Also, because the cart is wider than standard 19″ racks, rack extensions can be installed by the user go allow for patchbays, soundcards and other rack gear.

Drawers can be purchased independently, and these are easily installed by the user as one’s setup expands over time. Drawers can be installed at every 5cm in height. Heights can be easily changed at any time, making it easy to adapt to an evolving setup. A small lever inside the drawer runner allows the drawer to be removed from the cart entirely, allowing easy installation of hardware.


– Sidings: Wengue veneer plywood
– Metal: Black electrostatic painted Aluminum

Top & Bottom shelves dimensions
– Top Shelf: Width 63cm, Depth: 29cm
– Bottom Shelf: Width 58.5cm, Depth: 41.5cm

Drawers useable area dimensions
– Width: 55.5cm
– Short drawer: 27.5cm
– Long drawer: 32cm

– 17Kg / 37.5 Pounds

Pricing and Availability:

The ADDAC Wheeled Cart is available now and priced as follows (MSRP):

  • 3 Drawer Version: €360
  • 4 Drawer Version: €400
  • 5 Drawer Version: €450

Extra drawers and accessories

  • Rack Adapters: €10/pair
  • Extra Short Drawer: €50/ea
  • Extra Long Drawer: €60/ea
  • Lockable wheels: €5