Goldie designs graffiti-style t-shirt to raise funds for endangered elephant reserve

Goldie has created an exclusive T-shirt to raise funds to feed elephants at Tree Tops Elephant Reserve in Phuket.

The drum & bass legend has made a graffiti-inspired design emblazoned with his signature to help feed the seven elephants that reside in the Thailand sanctuary.

“By purchasing a Goldie T-shirt, Hoodie or Sweater, the money raised will go directly to buying the daily food supply for our seven elephants for the next six months (or more),” Tree Tops Elephant Reserve said.

Tree Tops opened in October 2019 and is the first ethical elephant sanctuary in the south of Phuket. Since it has been closed since March and relies on tourism for funding, the nature reserve is in desperate need of help.

“We are urgently in need of funding to feed and care for our seven elephants: Nam Gaew, Fah Sai, Lam Poon, Boon Song, Tong Tip, Nam Sook, and Nam Phet. We are realistically looking at 2021 before tourists will return to Phuket and even then, we are unsure of visitor numbers,” the sanctuary said.

You can purchase the “Goldie collection” here.

Earlier this month, Goldie launched a new website and portal to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his groundbreaking drum & bass album ‘Timeless’.

Last year, Goldie talked us through ten tracks from his ‘Drum & Bass Life’ comp. Check it out here.

Pioneer DJ launch affordable DJ headphone range

The HDJ-CUE1 comes in a variety of colours starting at £59

Declan McGlynn

Thursday, August 27, 2020 – 10:46

Pioneer DJ has introduced an entry-level affordable DJ headphone called the HDJ-CUE1. Starting at £59 for the dark silver finish, rising to £89 for the matte black, white and red versions. You can also add an extra accessory pack which includes your choice of coloured cables and ear pads for £27 per pack. 

The headphones are aimed at DJs with a 90-degree rotatable ear cup and a coiled cable for easy manoeuvrability. They’re also tuned to make the most of low frequencies, so while they might not be good for making music they’re perfect if you’re looking for some more kick in the bass range. 

Pioneer DJ HDJ-CUE1 is available now. If you’re looking to upgrade your setup, checking out Pioneer DJ’s latest flagship V10 mixer

France to ease social distancing rules for events with under 5000 people, government confirms

France is relaxing its rules around social distancing at events where fewer than 5,000 people are present.

The move was announced by prime minister Jean Castex, and has been made in an attempt to kick-start the French economy.

In an interview with France Inter yesterday, Castex said that the maximum attendance for any public event remains 5,000, wearing masks was mandatory in all entertainment venues, and social distancing and mask-wearing woud be required in COVID-19 hotspots, known as “red zones”. The announcement was further confirmed by Frence culture minister Roselyne Bachelot in a tweet.

The ban on events with more than 5,000 people is expected to remain in place until at least November.

Earlier this month, a 10,000-person rave in the French region of Lozère was locked down by authorities. It comes at a time when illegal raves are on the rise across Europe, as well as sanctioned, legal open air dance music events in France and Italy, where a spike in cases has been partly blamed on nightlife events and holidaymakers. The resurgence of parties both licensed and unlicensed has proven controversial, with many questioning the safety of such events, even with mask-wearing regulations and other measures in place.

Meanwhile, three crowded concerts were recently held in Germany to study the spread of coronavirus in an indoor environment.

For more on how coronavirus is affecting the future of live music and events, read DJ Mag’s latest feature on the future of techno tourism.

Porter Robinson drops new album track, ‘Mirror’: Listen

Porter Robinson has released new track ‘Mirror’, taking from his forthcoming second album, ‘Nurture’.

It follows his remix of ‘Get Your Wish’ under his DJ NOT PORTER ROBINSON alias, and marks the third offering from the record.

“‘Mirror’ is a song about the costs of being hard on yourself,” Robinson says of the track. “We all have these avatars that we give to our critical inner voices – we might imagine a scornful parent telling us we’ll fail, or a critic telling us our work comes up short, or a society telling us that we aren’t good enough – it’s about recognizing that most of this criticism is self-inflicted.

“For years, I was imagining the worst thing a critic might say about my music and looking at my own work as negatively as possible as a way to protect myself from criticism, but it never once served me. My hope is that other people can overcome this same kind of shame – it can be really liberating to recognize that most of the time, we’re only letting our own thoughts get in the way, and we can do something about it.”

Listen to ‘Mirror’. 

[embedded content]

Earlier this month, Porter Robinson shared some previously unreleased music to mark the sixth anniversary of his debut album, ‘Worlds’.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Robinson launched an interactive website based around the album, tailor-made for shared musical experiences while social distancing. 

Listen to the inaugural episode of Duck Sauce’s ‘Duck Duck Goose’ talk show, featuring Todd Terry

Listen to the inaugural episode of Duck Sauce’s ‘Duck Duck Goose’ talk show, featuring Todd TerryDuck Sauce Credit Philey SannehFilterlessCo

Duck Sauce hominids Alain Macklovitch (aka A-Trak) and Armand Van Helden have launched the inaugural episode of their talk show, Duck Duck Goose, with the effort’s very first special guest, Todd Terry.

Terry is known for bolstering the Chicago house music movement of the mid ’80s in the New York scene by cross-sampling Chicago house and its Detroit offshoot with New York hip-hop breaks. His sound cultivated an energetic wave that jump-started acid house and rave movements in both the United Kingdom and United States.

In the hour-and-a-half segment, Terry shares stories about the early days of JAY-Z, Just Ice, his friend accidentally erasing a Rakim, and much more.Upcoming Duck Duck Goose guests include David Guetta, Billy Carson (of @4biddenknowledge fame), DJ Premier, a high-ranking member of the Flat Earth society, and many more. Watch the first episode of Duck Duck Goose below.

Featured image: Philey-SannehFilterlessCo

Make no mistake—dance music is born from black culture. Without black creators, innovators, selectors, and communities, the electronic dance music we hold so dear would simply not exist. In short, dance music is deeply indebted to the global black community and we need to be doing more. Black artists and artists of color have played a profound role in shaping the sound and culture of dance music and now more than ever, it is necessary for everyone in the music community to stand up for the people that have given us so much. Dancing Astronaut pledges to make every effort to be a better ally, a stronger resource, and a more accountable member of the global dance music community. Black Lives Matter—get involved here:  

Black Lives Matter

My Block My Hood My City

National Lawyers Guild Mass Defense Program

Black Visions Collective

Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Legal Defense Initiative

The Bail Project

The Next Level Boys Academy

Color of Change

Committee to Protect Journalists

New documentary, ‘Underplayed,’ sheds light on sexism in dance music

New documentary, ‘Underplayed,’ sheds light on sexism in dance musicTokimonsta Credit Gq Uk

Despite the fact that electronic dance music originated as a safe space for those who felt they didn’t belong, it is no secret that today’s scene is severely lacking in diversity. A new documentary, Underplayed, seeks to highlight this feature by homing in on the absence of female DJ/producer voices and bringing issues of gender-, ethnicity- and sexuality-based discrimination to the forefront.

Underplayed features an impressive slate of artists including REZZ, Alison Wonderland, TOKiMONSTA, TYGAPAW, NERVO, and Anna Lunoe. Even though the statistics are disheartening and the personal stories of these pioneering women are fraught with uphill battles, the film ultimately conveys an uplifting, inspiring take, providing aspiring female musicians with an impressive roster of role models.

The documentary, directed by Stacey Lee and produced by Bud Light Canada, Director X, and Taj Crichlow, is set to premiere on September 19 at the Toronto International Film Festival. Following the film’s debut, REZZ will perform a special set for festival attendees.

Watch the official trailer for Underplayed below.

Featured image: GQ UK

First Look: VirtualDJ reveal AI-powered stem separation

In our latest First Look video, we explore the new AI-driven stem separation feature in VirtualDJ 2021

Declan McGlynn

Thursday, August 27, 2020 – 15:26

VirtualDJ recently released a new update to its popular DJ software, and with it, a new feature that allows users to separate stems from tracks, in real-time, right there in the software. That means you can fade out, mute and solo vocals, basslines, drums, instruments and more from a fully mixed down track, without having access to the individual parts.

In our latest First Look video, we explore what’s possible with the software and how it sounds, as well as some other ways to make the most of the new technology. Watch the video below and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more First Look videos.

[embedded content]

Lane 8 disperses full ‘Cross Pollination’ project through final venture with Massane [Stream]

Lane 8 disperses full ‘Cross Pollination’ project through final venture with Massane [Stream]Eb2K0jpQAMeYCu

Descriptions that would properly depict the high level of consistency from Lane 8 in 2020 are few and far in between. After introducing his third full-length effort at the top of the calendar year, the This Never Happened director has made good on his pledge of weekly label releases, issuing a steady line of one-offs, collaborations, and two seasonal issuances of his always-worthy mixtapes. Following a reunion with Yotto at August’s midpoint, the candidate for “producer of the year” is now returning to submit his flawlessly branded Cross Pollination project with “And We Knew It Was Our Time,” produced alongside Massane.

Joining six other collaborative counterparts previously delivered throughout the year, “And We Knew It Was Our Time” is as a masterful culmination to the Cross Pollination release cycle that initially provided the entrance to Lane 8’s “Summer 2020 Mixtape.” Standing at a towering nine-and-a-half minutes, Lane 8 and Massane’s effort guides a galvanizing end-of-summer expedition, eliciting reminiscence of deadmau5‘s “Strobe” with its outstretched progression and radiant library of synths.

Stream the exhaustive Cross Pollination album below.

Featured image: Fixation Photography

Ben Böhmer to perform live Cercle set aboard hot air balloon

Ben Böhmer to perform live Cercle set aboard hot air balloonBen Bohmer Pc Official Ig

Following a plethoric showing of releases over the past 18 months, including his debut LP, Breathing, Ben Böhmer continues his rapid momentum with his newest foray. Announced as the latest performer for a Cercle event, the Berlin-based producer will play a show at UNESCO World Heritage Site—Cappadocia, Turkey. In line with Cercle’s distinctive and coveted production, Böhmer will deliver a sunrise set in the sky aboard a hot air balloon.

As a livestream media dedicated to unique performance experiences, Cercle has previously hosted live DJ events in locations such as Alpe d’Huez in France, Iguazú Falls in Argentina, and Bali in Indonesia. Disclosure most recently took the Cercle stage at Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes National Park.

Given that technical and meteorological conditions are met, Böhmer’s hot air balloon performance will take place on August 30 at 11:00 p.m. EST / 8:00 p.m. PST. Stream the set live here.

Featured image: Ben Böhmer/Instagram