Sofi Tukker throw technological twist on Lady Gaga’s ‘911’

Sofi Tukker throw technological twist on Lady Gaga’s ‘911’Sofi Tukker

Known for their distinctive and unabashed house sound, Sofi Tukker recently added to their vast repertoire with a remix of Lady Gaga‘s “911,” from her 2020 Grammy-nominated album, Chromatica.

Tukker’s take features a slinking baseline in conjunction with their typical down-pitched samples. The overall tone of Gaga’s original holds true, keeping the authentic and unapologetic expression of creeping self-doubt, to which fans and artists can often overwhelmingly relate.

Tacking on a resounding 126 BPM that keeps time across the entirety of the track, the more uptempo output and its techno permeation make for an eerier take on the pop star’s anthem. Adding their classic texture to an already intrepid track, Sofi Tukker have done it again with yet another remix. Thankfully, they’ve bestowed a three-minute and an extended version, both of which can be streamed below.

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ALPHA 9 releases aptly titled ‘Stellar’ EP

ALPHA 9 releases aptly titled ‘Stellar’ EPARTY

ARTY has resurfaced once again with yet another EP under his trance-infused ALPHA 9 alias. After finely curating a previous EP of epic proportions with production wizard Spencer Brown, ARTY gives fans what they’ve been patiently awaiting: a solo release.

The EP comprises three intricately constructed anthems, “Stellar,” “Time Traveller,” and “Friends” featuring Muvy. Each track contains its own unique vibration, allowing ARTY to create a full listening experience under the Alpha 9 banner. Taking listeners on a journey of freewheeling synths conjoined with techno-style bass and exceptionally produced beats, ALPHA 9 has crafted a distinctive world into which fans may now sink by streaming Stellar below.

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Studio Setup – Audio, MIDI, Sequencing, Recording & More

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The latest loopop video takes a look at studio setup – how to configure and route audio, MIDI, sequencing & more.

Host Ziv Eliraz says “I invited BURG, a performer and producer I appreciate – not only for his music, but also for his ability to orchestrate and seamlessly perform with a large setup.”

Jouni Ollila (aka BURG) is a Swedish musician that got his start in the 80s performing modern industrial music. His BURG project explores creating evolving electronic soundscapes.

Whatever style of music you’re into, though, there’s a lot to learn from understanding how other musicians configure their studios. In the video, Ollila talks about gear selection, MIDI routing, tips for minimizing noise, the importance of ergonomics, audio mixing and more.

Topics covered in the video include:

0:00 Intro
1:00 Audio routing
2:05 Creative submix
3:10 MIDI routing
4:50 Master clock
5:35 MIDI channels
6:20 Noise issues
7:30 Managing cables
9:35 Ergonomics
10:50 Sequencing
14:55 Sidechain
16:35 Using high pass filters
18:00 Layering
19:00 Referencing
19:45 Mix & theme
20:45 FX pedals
22:15 Recording
24:20 Templates
25:25 DAW’s role
26:55 Master / remix
29:45 Outro

Here’s an example of BURG in action, performing Solace:

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