Pittsburgh Modular Intros Local Florist Eurorack Module

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Pittsburgh Modular has introduced the Local Florist, a new Eurorack module that covers a wide range of delay-based effects.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“The Local Florist is an experiment in highly-controlled feedback that covers flanging (kinda), chorus (yes), reverb (true), spring-y feedback sounds (all day), karplus strong (not really), vibrato (yes), plucky percussive string sounds (yes), and general robot space sounds (often).

his module was designed as part of the upcoming Voltage Research Laboratory 2 synthesizer, but the standalone prototype was so much fun, we had to make a few to share.”

Pricing & Availability:

This is a limited run module, and available only through the Pittsburgh Modular web shop for $259.

Steinberg Nuendo 11 Now Available, Adds Support For Dolby Atmos, Netflix Productions

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Steinberg today announced the immediate availability of Nuendo 11, the latest version of its DAW for MacOS & Windows.

Nuendo 11 features new and enhanced features, including dedicated tools for Dolby Atmos and Netflix productions, along with new design tools and exclusive content.

What’s New In Nuendo 11

ADM authoring for Dolby Atmos is one of the highlights included in Nuendo 11. With this module and its integrated Renderer for Dolby Atmos, content can easily be created according to Dolby Atmos specifications, allowing producers to work within Nuendo while eliminating the need for further software or external hardware.

Nuendo now includes an entire metering plug-in suite with SuperVision. Providing more than 20 different display modules for level metering, loudness measurement and analysis, SuperVision is extremely flexible and offers customizable settings and layouts for up to nine module slots.

More metering options are integrated with the Netflix Loudness Meter and Intelligibility Meter. To ensure consistency of content production, the Netflix Loudness Meter in Nuendo 11 is calibrated to the official Sound Mix Specifications and Best Practices, measuring the dialog-gated loudness as required by Netflix.

Job Queues is a time-saver, allowing engineers to enter up to 20 different tasks in a list. This means that stems are individually exported together with all the settings available in the Export Audio Mixdown dialog, but the tasks are processed in one single action.

Nuendo 11 also adds many enhancements to its sound design tools.

  • The MultiTap Delay now supports up to 7.1 surround sound. Frequency 2 offers dynamic EQ, with the filter nodes of the eight available bands responding to the input signal and also offering independent side-chaining.
  • The new Multiband Imager places up to four bands in different locations within the stereo image.
  • The new Squasher compresses the input signal in up to three bands, with an individual gate, saturation effect and independent side-chaining.
  • The enhanced Sampler Track now slices samples and includes two global LFOs.

SpectraLayers One is a simplified version of the acclaimed spectral editing software SpectraLayers Pro 7. SpectraLayers One offers a spectrogram view of the audio tracks in Nuendo, including selection, editing and display tools that allow intricate editing to improve dialog and location audio.

VST Connect SE 5, the remote recording plug-in already included in Nuendo, now supports HiDPI and offers a redesigned interface with scalable window.

Nuendo 11 also has several new tools for musicians.

The Scale Assistant lets users set the scale of the music, which is then adjusted accordingly within the newly enhanced Key Editor, which now displays Global Tracks.

Along with other improvements, the Score Editor includes Note Length and Velocity Overlays to edit notes, the new Property tab for easy access to notation settings and support for Dorico’s Bravura and Petaluma fonts.

Nuendo 11 provides many additional workflow and performance enhancements, including:

  • ARA improvements
  • Variable DPI on Windows 10 computers
  • Optimized GUI on macOS computers
  • Extended Eucon integration
  • Marker lines for an improved display of marker events
  • Further refinements to continue to facilitate working with Nuendo

Nuendo 11 also comes with a wealth of new sound content: over 750 game sound effects by Soundbits, six loop and sound sets, more than 200 plug-in and track presets, and the seamless integration with the Soundly cloud library of sound effects, allowing users to tap into a variety of premium sounds.

Here’s a video intro to the new features:

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Availability and Pricing

Nuendo 11 is available now, with these suggested retail prices:

  • Nuendo 11 boxed version – $999.99
  • Nuendo 11 downloadable version – $972.00

See the Steinberg site for details and upgrade pricing.

Sewerslvt swirls genres on ‘The World Is Fvcked’ LP

Sewerslvt swirls genres on ‘The World Is Fvcked’ LPSewerslvt 2

Australia’s Sewerslvt has made a name for themselves through their atmospheric drum and bass, littered with synthwave and breakbeat influences. Always one to break new ground, the largely anonymous producer is back with one of their most genre-bending records to date, The World Is Fvcked.

Recently named one of Dancing Astronaut‘s Artists to Watch in 2021, Sewerslvt is already setting the tone for next year, closing out this year’s campaign on a high note. The World Is Fvcked draws influence from every corner of electronic music: acid, techno, hardstyle, lo-fi, trance, house, post-industrial as well as the producer’s fan-familiar atmospheric sound. Genres vary song to song, but the project remains cohesive and enthralling top-to-bottom.

On Twitter, Sewerslvt published a note expressing regret for their past actions and art. In addition to distancing themselves from their past projects, Sewerslvt will donate the sales from The World Is Fvcked to The Okra Project, a “collective that seeks to address the global crisis faced by Black Trans people.” The World Is Fvcked is available for purchase on Bandcamp, or donate directly to The Okra Project here.

Four Tet, Burial, and Thom Yorke’s unexpected new singles hits streaming services

Four Tet, Burial, and Thom Yorke’s unexpected new singles hits streaming servicesSquipsoupFourTet Credit Rikard Osterlund 1

Burial, Four Tet, and Thom Yorke stole the headlines last week when an unexpected and unlabeled double-sided release found its way to a handful of London’s record stores. Today, however, the release has made its way to digital and streaming services across the web.

Titled Her Revolution / His Rope, the new material builds on the dim and melodic ethos of trio’s first joint release almost a decade ago, but supplements some of the previous dancefloor energy with soft piano tones and expansive ambience. At a first glance, the new efforts seem to be carried by Yorke’s signature ethereal vocals and Burial’s artifact-ridden grit, but an informed ear will quickly unveil the intricacies that make this release worth exploring time and time again.

Although the first pressing of Her Revolution / His Rope sold out in minutes, Four Tet has put on the record that there are more copies of the 12″ on the way. Those who simply want to hear the release can listen in to the tracks below.

Featured image: Rikard Osterlund

New Herb Deutsch Interview On The Theremin 30 Podcast

The latest episode of the Theremin 30 podcast features a rare interview with electronic music pioneer and Moog modular co-creator Herb Deutsch.

In the interview, Deutsch discusses purchasing his first theremin, which led to a meeting with Bob Moog and their historic collaboration on the development of the Moog modular synthesizer.

Deutsch, a professor emeritus of electronic music and composition from Hofstra University, also talks about his theremin composition Longing. A recording of his song appeared earlier this year on the Theremin 100 compilation album released by the New York Theremin Society. The recording features thereminist Darryl Kubian and Herb’s wife, pianist Nancy Deutsch.

In addition to the interview, host Rick Reid features new music by theremin players from around the world.

You can listen to the podcast via the embed below, or at the Theremin 30 site.

About Theremin 30

Denver-based media producer and amateur thereminist Rick Reid launched the Theremin 30 podcast series in 2019 to with the aim of promoting theremin instruments, music, and performers ranging from bedroom studio recording artists to internationally renowned professionals. Each episode typically includes 4 or 5 theremin tracks and an interview. Previous guests have included Dorit Chrysler (right), Thorwald Jørgensen, Lydia Kavina, Urs Gaudenz, Dan Burns, and Michelle Moog-Koussa.

Florida district court orders Ultra 2020 ticket refund case to arbitration

Florida district court orders Ultra 2020 ticket refund case to arbitrationUltra 2018 Mainstage ALIVE Coverage

On November 23, a judge in Florida’s district court ordered the class action lawsuit filed against Ultra Music Festival/Event Entertainment Group, Inc. in May to go to arbitration. The ordering United States District Judge, Robert N. Scola, Jr., has stayed the case pending arbitration, halting all further legal proceedings in the meantime. Scola Jr.’s order means that the plaintiffs, who filed the lawsuit in a bid to reclaim the funds from their 2020 Ultra Miami ticket purchases when the event was cancelled and subsequently rescheduled due to COVID-19 health concerns, and Ultra personnel must agree on an arbitrator to facilitate the process. Arbitration refers to a private, more expeditious type of proceeding that remains between the two parties and, unlike litigation, does not move forward in a public courtroom.

Under Scola Jr.’s order, both parties have been instructed to submit their respective disputes to arbitration. Scola Jr. additionally directed the clerk to administratively close the case in the meantime.

The order comes in spite of the plantiffs’ efforts “to avoid arbitration,” according to a court document in which Scola Jr. proclaimed that the court found their “resistance to arbitration unavailing” as they “failed to establish either procedural or substantive unconscionability” of the arbitrating clause outlined in Ultra’s ticketing agreement. While the plaintiffs formally argued against arbitration prior to the November 23 order, Ultra sought “to compel arbitration based on [said] arbitration clause” in the event’s ticketing agreement.

The district court’s order aligns with Ultra’s desired path of motion forward—to an extent. The court notably denied Ultra’s request for dismissal of the plaintiffs’ claims with prejudice. Dismissal with prejudice means that the court’s dismissal represents the final determination on the merits of the case, and bars the plaintiff from filing another lawsuit on the same grounds. No further details on how or when the arbitration will proceed are available at this time.

Featured image: Alive Coverage

New Synth, Harmonal Binaurics, A ‘Psychoacoustic Powerhouse’

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Faded Instruments has introduced Harmonal Binaurics, a new Binaural Beats synthesizer that they describe as a ‘psychoacoustic powerhouse’.

‘Binaural Beats’ is a term that refers to an auditory illusion that’s perceived when you listen on headphones to slightly detuned sounds. Your brain compares the pitches received by your left and right ears, and can perceive an additional tone or rhythm, at the pitch difference of the two sounds.

Because this effect can be a little trippy, some have attributed a variety of psychological benefits to listening to binaural beats, such as reducing stress and anxiety. Studies have found the effects of listening to binaural beats comparable to a placebo.

Here’s what Faded Instruments has to say about Harmonal Binaurics:

Harmonal Binaurics is centered around Binaural Beats. Technically binaural beats require headphones to work their magic, though they sound great no matter how you listen to them.

Binaural Beats work by sending subtly different frequencies to each ear. Rather than hearing two frequencies, you mostly just hear one frequency, but a third rhythmic frequency – THE BINAURAL WOBBLE – is created by your brain. The speed of this wobble is the difference between the two pitches (for example, 420hz in your left ear and 426hz in your right ear creates a 6hz wobble in your brain).

We dont’ know why the brain creates this, but what this hypothetically does is something called Brainwave Entrainment – it synchronizes your brainwaves to the wobble and induces altered states of consciousness. This may sound crazy – but who cares – it sounds great.

In other words, it’s like tuning to A = 420.

You can preview Harmonal Binaurics via the video above. Headphones recommended.

Pricing and Availability

Harmonal Binaurics is available now for $20 USD.

Nyege Nyege Tapes compilation, and general excellent music overload

If you didn’t get to live-stream Uganda’s Nyege Nyege Festival – or you’re ready for more goodness for Kampala – you’re in luck. There’s great music from “across the continent and the wider African diaspora.”

First up, there’s a terrific compilation from Nyege Nyege and friends. It opens with our favorite Afrorack on his homebrewed modular, with eerie sonic murk parting to reveal a slowly tripping oddball groove. And from there there’s just – a lot of people, from across Uganda and its neighbors to far-flung friends around planet Earth, from YUNIS and SlikBack and MC Kadilida and The Kampala unit and Gabber Modus Operandi and Don Zilla and a whole mess of other people to rediscover or discover for the first time.

That’s 49 tracks in all, and some serious esprit de corps in L’Esprit de Nyege 2020. I know a lot of these folks couldn’t play in person, so it’s even sweeter to see them together on a single, endlessly banging compilation.

It’s limited to one month only, and pay-what-you-will – yeah all 49 tracks of it, so you can adapt in case you’re cash strapped in pandemic times. Just don’t sleep on it.


Music has always been at the heart and soul of Nyege Nyege, and we wanted to encompass the spirit of this year and of our line up and our 2020 edition of our annual festival into an essential collection of exclusive music from artists on this year’s program from across the continent and the wider African diaspora.

Just like our festival, it will remain a testament to the resilience, talent and vision of the artists who joined us in the sixth edition of Nyege Nyege. 50% of the income of the compilation will go towards the cost of the festival and towards current projects including our artist residency, and 50% will be evenly shared between all the artists on the compilation, a way to support everyone at once, and to support the festival and its ongoing projects. The compilation will be available for ONE MONTH on our Bandcamp.

Our 96 + hour extravaganza with an incredible lineup of artists, dancers, producers, costume designers and editors from across the continent and the wider African diaspora is available to watch for free on our you-tube channel or Nyege Nyege Fest Facebook page.

They did say 96 hours. That’s a lot to navigate, but you can follow their account:


Right now it seems the live streams are down/set to private, though if they return, you should check the excellent highlights playlist picked out by Michail Stangl.

There are a bunch of videos on Facebook, though:


For instance, an East African showcase from Tangaza Magazine, actual cooking with Farmer Brown, a literal bounce-y castle, serious party energy from Marseilles, superb writer-producer-DJ energy from South Africa in the form of the Mzansi Gqom Show’case with DJ MP3, spectacular live performance from REY Sapienz (originally from Congo), and the wonderful closing set. And don’t forget SlikBack. Or TURKANA. I can’t embed, but go check it out; hopefully it stays up there. (Hurry?)

We can also go back in time to Nyege Nyege’s takeover of Refraction Festival:

[embedded content]

Follow the homepage:



The Avalanches’ third LP, ‘We Will Always Love You,’ has arrived

The Avalanches’ third LP, ‘We Will Always Love You,’ has arrivedThe Avalanches

Four years after their last record Wildflower and two decades after their debut, The Avalanches have finally shared their third album, We Will Always Love You. Coming in at 25 tracks, the long-awaited LP boasts their most impressive features list to date, which spans MGMT, Sampa The Great, Leon Bridges, Jamie xx, Denzel Curry, Rivers Cuomo, and Blood Orange.

The latest from the plunderphonics maestros is sure to tide over longtime fans, for The Avalanches stay true to their ever-unique sampling style throughout the record while incorporating original vocals, something they’ve never done to this scale. Overall, We Will Always Love You carries a radiant and jubilant tone while offering surprises at every turn.

On December 19, The Avalanches will deliver a livestream performance from a Melbourne rooftop in celebration of the new record. The DJ set will be available to stream at 11:00 p.m. EST / 8:00 p.m. PST, and will be streamed twice more, in accordance with London and Melbourne timezones. Tickets for the stream cost $10 plus fees, and can be purchased here. The set will be accompanied by a film from The Avalanches’ Jonathan Zawada that features music from the record.

Featured image: Universal Music

Free Drum Sampler For Linux, Mac & Windows, Sitala

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Decomposer has introduced Sitala, a free 16-pad drum sampler for Linux, Mac & Windows.


  • 16 Assignable Pads
  • Drag and Drop Sound Management
  • Easily rearrange kits
  • Adjust the attack, length and sustain of your sounds while the overall volume remains constant.
  • Compression
  • Tuning
  • Tone – Accentuate or scoop the midrange to position the sound in the mix.
  • Volume / Pan
  • Editable MIDI Map
  • Built-In File Browser
  • Preview All Samples in a Folder
  • Free 808 Kit
  • VST, AudioUnit, AAX and Standalone

Available now in the two most popular plugin formats, as well as AAX for Pro Tools and a standalone application. Multi-out is supported with one stereo channel per pad for all plugin formats.