Blakey – If I Go (Denis First Remix)

Blakey – If I Go (Denis First Remix)Blakey If I Go

Soak in the wonderfully ethereal and moving work of British pop artist Blakey. The UK newcomer’s brand-new single ‘If I Go‘ is a dreamy electro pop number, full of celestial vibes and delightful melodies. And it’s Denis First’s rendition of the original that builds on Blakey’s universal appeal with a decidedly vibe-y adaptation. A melodic house remix through and through, Denis’s remix bolsters Blakey’s voice and verses with a subtle progressive build and a bouncy breakdown. An easy listen, “If I Go” already had its fair share of sing-a-long worthy hooks, now made more infectious with First’s bustling instrumentals and genre defiant style. This one is an instant hit.

Rico Nasty announces her own comic book, Nightmare Vacay

Rico Nasty has announced a new comic book to accompany her debut studio album, ‘Nightmare Vacation’, which was released earlier this month. 

Starring and written by the rising American rapper herself, the comic is titled ‘Nightmare Vacay’ and was co-written by Jarrett Williams with colouring by Aladdin Collar.

Published by Z2 Comics, the minds behind the 120-page The Gorillaz ALMANAC, ‘Nightmare Vacay’ is available in a light or dark cover edition in a comic book style interpretation of Rico’s unique cyber-punk aesthetic.

Rico Nasty shared the news of the release on her Instagram at the weekend with excerpts of the comic. You can see those below. 

 The product description outlines the plot:

 “Rico Nasty is deep in space recording her latest album. Unfortunately, an accidental cannabis nap sends her spaceship, CAM, crashing onto Earth!

“Waking up at a soulless android facility, she’ll have to survive on noodles while searching for her missing ship — but at least she has the help of her new, dope girlfriends, Taco Bella & Trap Levigne. Together, they’ll battle countless androids while trying to find CAM and finish her new album.”

‘Nightmare Vacay’ can be pre-ordered here with expected shipping in January 2021. Rico’s debut album ‘Nightmare Vacation’ was released on 4th December on Atlantic Records and her own Sugar Trap label. Listen to it here.

How to make dirty, dark techno basslines and percussion with MeeBlip and Riemann

This year has brought screen fatigue and club withdrawal alike, so here’s our friend Florian Meindl to cure both of them at once. Get ready for hands-on hardware – even on a tight budget.

Small, but wild.

Florian has been doing a terrific series on techno tricks for his Riemann Kollektion imprint of samples and tutorials. And this really gets at the heart of techno as open to everybody: it’s about being able to dig into yourself and express how you feel without barriers, to let out whatever weirdness you have. So maybe you don’t need esoteric secrets or expensive gear that’s out of reach.

Florian’s rig here is compact but has some massive sound:)

There’s KORG’s devilishly simple micro sequencer, the SQ-1.

Independent Berlin-based legends Jomox have their T-Resonator II box for processing.

And there’s our very own MeeBlip geode in a starring role. (I’ve heard it on big club systems – it works!) [CDM co-produces the MeeBlip with the instrument’s Chief Engineer, James Grahame.]

[embedded content]

Florian told me he likes the geode for techno in the vein of Jeff Mills’ frenetic, exposed synth lines – for when you want to be “extremely raw and energetic and wild.” Here’s a quick summary of Florian’s tips:

  • Try variations with different waveshapes and mixing
  • Use noise for percussion (useful for background percussion, build-ups, and break)
  • Detune the two oscillators – and he uses some extreme, dissonant detuning for extra, uh evil
  • Get nasty filter snarl and even acid-style sounds pushing the resonance (that’s our unique twin-T analog filter on MeeBlip anode, triode, and geode)
  • Bring noise in and out on either oscillator with filter cutoff or by changing the waveform position
  • Modulate over time with LFO – routed to filter or pitch (he’s used the oscillator pitch warping up and down as a live performance trick)

Since all of these are a flick of the wrist away, they work well for live performance – which was our whole idea in designing geode.

Speaking of live techno, let’s talk about Florian’s live sets. Here he is with a geode prominently joining some other gear (including a modular) – plus some great tracks he’s DJing with.

[embedded content]

MeeBlip geode is now available to ship directly from Berlin for the first time – meaning European customers can now get our hardware faster and without worrying about owing additional tax or import duty when it arrives. Just head to for Europe, and the usual for North America and worldwide shipping.

Right now we’re offering free shipping inside the EU to celebrate:

MeeBlip geode synthesizer []

And we have free shipping for geode to the USA and Canada, too:

MeeBlip geode synthesizer []

Check our samples and tons more tips and tutorials from Riemann Kollektion – tons of bundles on sale at the moment:

And watch the tutorials section for lots of sound design ideas. I’m not joking – I’m breaking out my geode again after watching this, and I’ve come up with loads of patching ideas in Reaktor and VCV Rack watching his hardware modular sets.

Riemann Kollektion YouTube channel

See also Florian’s brilliant label, too – in case you need some Berlin club experience at home:

I’m relieved to have both MeeBlip stores shipping, especially with all the challenges of this year. And I’d love to hear what you’re making with this or any other instruments – so hope Florian’s tips give you some added inspiration. Let me know if you have any questions or ideas and – stay safe and blip on.

Sequential Prophet-5 vs Prophet-6 – ‘The Definitive Comparison’

[embedded content]

In this video, Starsky Carr pits the new Sequential Prophet-5 rev 4 synthesizer against the Prophet-6.

At close to an hour, the video is a deep dive comparison between the two Sequential Prophets. 

Which one is for you? Check out the video and share your thoughts in the comments!

Topics covered:

0:00 intro
2:18 overall tone
4:38 oscillators
8:12 voice allocation
12:06 release/hold button
13:44 filters
19:20 deep & devastating
20:37 filter revisions
26:08 envelopes
29:39 kicks
30:41 poly-mod
34:19 LFO
36:30 vintage and slop
42:16 unison detune & chord mode
44:08 quick patch match
45:11 Glide
46:57 some sounds
52:01 final thoughts

Instruments of Things Intros IO-Lights Light-Sensitive MIDI Controller

[embedded content]

Instruments of Things has introduced IO-Lights, a MIDI controller that lets you control MIDI CC or MIDI Note signals with light.

In addition, MIDI notes can also be sent to IO-Lights, and the notes are then represented as light by the LEDs on the device.


  • Integrated light sensor to control MIDI signals via light
  • Output: MIDI Note signals or MIDI Control Change signals
  • Input: MIDI Note signals
  • 12 white LEDs which visualize MIDI Notes
  • Random light mode
  • USB-MIDI class compliant. No additional drivers are needed
  • Web app to configure MIDI settings
  • Micro USB (comes with USB-C to Micro USB adapter cable)
  • Under 3 milliseconds latency

Pricing and Availability

IO-Lights is available to pre-order for 55€ (20% of the normal price).

Sonicsmith Intros ConVertor E1 Pitch-Tracking Eurorack Oscillator

[embedded content]

Sonicsmith has officially introduced the ConVertor E1, a pitch-tracking oscillator they they describe as ‘the ultimate synth channel’.

It offers a preamp, internal VCA, attenuvertor, analog compressor, CV compressor/expander, quantizer, VCO mode, auto-gain, and multiple expansion options, both in software and hardware.

All functions in the ConVertor E1 are digitally controlled and can be saved/recalled as presets for a plug n’ play, intuitive performance, while also offering analog CV outs.

With MIDI 2.0-ready digital interfacing option, firmware and hardware expansion, and polyphonic options, the ConVertor E1 is designed to be an extremely versatile tool.

Pricing and Availability

The ConVertor E1 is available for pre-order now, with shipping expected for March 2021.

UDO Super 6 Synthesizer In-Depth Review

[embedded content]

In his latest loopop video, host Ziv Eliraz takes an in-depth look into the UDO Audio Super 6 synthesizer.

The Super 6 is a 12-voice polyphonic, Binaural Analog-Hybrid Synthesizer. It features FPGA wavetable oscillators, paired with an analog signal patch.

In Binaural mode, each left/right channel has a complete synthesizer voice. You can detune (and de-phase) the left and right oscillators, amplitude and filter (and indeed other parameters) relative to each-other. The effect is subtle to extreme stereo movement and an improved sense of 3D positioning relative to conventional mono signal-chains panned at the output.

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
1:00 Overview
6:05 Connectivity
7:20 Binaural
10:00 DDS 1
11:20 User waves
12:05 DDS 2
14:25 LFO 1
16:55 User LFO
17:30 Analog filter
19:40 Envelopes
20:00 LH control
21:25 Unison
21:40 Arpeggiator
23:25 Sequencer
26:10 Mod matrix
28:15 Effects
29:25 Pros, cons
34:10 Outro

Gang Starr drop unreleased track ‘Glowing Mic’: Listen

The song features a verse from the group’s late frontman, Guru

DJ Mag Staff

Monday, December 14, 2020 – 16:14

DJ Premier has dropped an unreleased Gang Starr track. 

Following a recent appearance on Armand van Helden and A-Trak’s Duck Sauce podcast, legendary Gang Starr DJ and producer, DJ Premier, has shared a bonus track from the forthcoming instrumental version of the group’s most recent LP, ‘One Of The Best Yet’.

The first album from the influential hip-hop group in 16 years, ‘One of the Best Yet’ features J. Cole, Ne-Yo Q-Tip, and Talib Kweli, and also marks the first full-length release from Gang Starr since frontman Guru’s death in 2010.

The new track shared by Premier, titled ‘Glowing Mic’, features a verse from the late MC Guru. Premier told Rolling Stone that the song featuring Guru had initially been an original version of ‘Mr. Gang Starr’, and had been “stored away” in old recording sessions.

Check it out below.

[embedded content]

Last year, DJ Premier also shared a music video for album track, ‘Family and Loyalty’, featuring archival footage of the late Guru. 

Strange Synthesizer Made Out Of Teeth

[embedded content]

Designer Love Hultén shared this video demo of his latest custom creation, the VOC-25 vocal synthesizer.

VOC-25 is described as ‘a conceptual vocal synthesizer’. It’s based on the Axoloti Core and 25 sets of plastic teeth, each set representing a unique note on the keyboard.

It builds on an original project by Simone Giertz. You can see Giertz’s build video below:

[embedded content]

WE ARE FURY give debut album ‘DUALITY’ the full remix treatment

WE ARE FURY give debut album ‘DUALITY’ the full remix treatmentRed WAF

In August, WE ARE FURY unleashed their monstrous debut LP. Featuring 15 stunning tracks, DUALITY highlighted the best of the Canadian duo’s command of both melodic and bass-heavy elements. The two worked with a myriad of talented vocalists, adding a unique personal touch to each number. Now, nearly four months after DUALITY‘s release, WE ARE FURY are back to enlist the help of 11 rising producers on DUALITY (REMIXES), the album experience you need to close out 2020.

Released via YouTube curator MrSuicideSheep’s record label Seeking Blue, DUALITY (REMIXES) features new takes on WE ARE FURY’s originals from DRYVE, N3wport, Slooze, Outwild, Slippy, Luxide, Nikademis, AMIDY, Syence, ARYZE, and Synymata, as well as an exclusive VIP remix of “Eternal” from WE ARE FURY themselves. WE ARE FURY told Dancing Astronaut of the curation of the remix package and their own VIP,

“We hand-picked every single one. These are all artists we are fans of. And Telle (the vocalist on ‘Eternal’) has insane range. That man is a beast and we loved the vocal so much we had to rework it ourselves.”

Though each remix is certainly worth a listen in its own regard, standout performances on the LP come from Slippy and Slooze, two producers whose names have been gaining significant support in the scene of late. While Slippy’s faster-paced melodic rendition will have you feeling emotional, Slooze’s dark, epic style is perfect for live playback. Stream the full 11-track remix LP below.

Featured image: WE ARE FURY/Facebook