Alison Wonderland announces interactive digital show platform, Wonderverse, with first virtual event

Alison Wonderland announces interactive digital show platform, Wonderverse, with first virtual eventAlison Wonderland

The only upside to the lack of live, in-person shows that the music industry has seen this year is the depth of artist creativity when it comes to supplying fans with new ways to experience music. Alison Wonderland is no exception as she bursts into the new year with Wonderverse, digital setting for interactive shows where virtually anything can happen.

On January 8, Wonderland will host the Wonderverse’s very first show, which will place in a supernatural forest in the underworld complete with spell-casting, insane visuals, and an online space where fans can interact with Wonderland and each other in real-time. Through the Wonderverse, viewers will also have access to new music, merch, and exclusive behind the scenes content. Tickets are on sale here for just $10.

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Tomorrowland teases New Year’s Eve digital venue, NAOZ

Tomorrowland teases New Year’s Eve digital venue, NAOZNAOZ

With its New Year’s Eve event just over a week away, Tomorrowland has shared a trailer offering the best look so far at its new digital event space, NAOZ. The virtual festival ground will host four different stages: Melodia, Atmosphere, Planaxis and Pulse, with each showcasing a different corner of electronic music.

Tomorrowland’s NYE event follows Tomorrowland Around The World, hosted in July, but unlike the digital island of Pāpiliōnem on which the prior festival was set, NAOZ has been positioned as a permanent digital venue able to be reused down the line. In order to sync up the festival schedule with global midnight countdowns, Tomorrowland will begin streaming at 8:00 p.m. in the local time of the streamer. Four different artists will be streaming when 2020 finally comes to a close: CamelPhat, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Brennan Hart (Hardstyle show), and Diplo, whose set ends exactly at midnight to make way for Boys Noize. Tickets begin at approximately $25 (€20) and are available on Tomorrowland’s website.

Tomorrowland teases New Year’s Eve digital venue, NAOZTomorrowland31.12.2020 Timetable 1

Tchami stands atop Miami’s upmost point for electric ‘The Elevation Sunrise’ stream [Watch]

Tchami stands atop Miami’s upmost point for electric ‘The Elevation Sunrise’ stream [Watch]EplEYE0WwAEWZub

Delivering an album amid the COVID-19 pandemic has presented an unheard-of deterrent to artists when accounting for the inability to convert an LP to a live setting. Just falling shy of the two-month mark from Year Zero‘s arrival, Tchami took the opportunity to put his debut album into action for the very first time, standing atop Miami’s One Thousand Museum for a one-hour stream with Insomniac as the sun crept up across the Biscayne Bay.

Now accessible on Tchami’s YouTube, “The Elevation Sunrise” excursion stands in for what would have been a coinciding Year Zero tour this fall and winter. Running through a crowd of both present-day favorites and album gems, including “All On Me” with ZHU and “Faith” with Marlena Shaw, Tchami brought daylight to southern Florida in world-class fashion, with masterful camerawork and a spectacular aerial perspective from the city’s highest point of view to show for it. For those relentlessly scouring for Tchami’s coveted Webster Hall 2015 ID, which he confirmed would be a bonus gift as part of the Year Zero vinyl edition, the Parisian introduced a modernized version of the long-awaited future house delicacy, sliding in at the sunrise performance’s 37-minute mark.

Watch Tchami’s aptly branded “The Elevation Sunrise” set in full below.

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FL Studio 20.8 lands as free update

Frequency Splitter, Histogram and Heat Map are among the improvements from Image-Line

Martin Guttridge-Hewitt

Friday, December 18, 2020 – 17:06

FL Studio 20.8 has landed as a free update, with the promise of making the software faster and more precise. 

The latest improvement to Image Line’s digital audio workstation introduces a Frequency Splitter, allowing users to separate audio into two or three bands via low latency filters. 

Visualisation has also seen an overhaul, with a Frequency Histogram and Heat Map among the most striking ways to now view your sounds. Workflow automation is also touted as one of the improvements, and the bar has been raised on Parametric EQ 2 and Maximus plug-ins. 

Watch the full What’s New? Video, direct from FL Studio HQ, for a full rundown of the update. 

Looking for more reasons to make music? DJ Mag’s 2020 Gift Guide is available for recommendations on kit, while legendary producer Legowelt just announced a free sample pack ahead of Christmas. 

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AmpliTube 5 Now Available

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IK Multimedia has released AmpliTube 5, the latest version of its amp-modeling multi-effects software.

With 129 new gear models, AmpliTube 5 also offers an all-new cabinet section with re-captured cabinets and improved power amp/speaker cab interaction for improved sonic authenticity.

Here’s what’s new in version 5:

  • Fully redesigned interface
  • Re-sizable display
  • New VIR Volumetric Impulse Response cabinet engine
  • Includes over 143,000 impulse responses in all
  • New Custom impulse response loader
  • Improved chains with custom routing options
  • Expanded rig with up to 57 simultaneous FX
  • Fully redesigned power amp section with improved impedance matching
  • 5 new amp models, 2 new stomps, and 19 new rack FX
  • Over 100 completely re-captured cabinets
  • Mixing effects derived from T-RackS

In sync with this launch, IK Multimedia has also released a newly redesigned Custom Shop , which lets you browse and audition new gear models à la carte.

AmpliTube 5 Overview:

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Pricing and Availability

AmpliTube 5 (for Mac/PC) is available now from the IK Multimedia online store and from IK authorized dealers worldwide, with introductory pricing continuing through December as follows:

  • AmpliTube 5 CS – free
  • AmpliTube 5 SE – $/€99.99* intro price (regular price will be $/€149.99)
  • AmpliTube 5 – $/€199.99 intro price (regular price will be $/€299.99)
  • AmpliTube 5 MAX – $/€399.99 intro price (regular price will be $/€599.99)

Existing customers who have registered any IK product for $/€99 or more can upgrade to AmpliTube 5 for the $/€149.99 intro price or AmpliTube 5 MAX for the $/€299.99 intro price.

Additional bundle options are available. See the IK site for details.

Free Holiday Dulcimer Instruments For Ableton Live

[embedded content]

Mike Longo at Expanding Sound let us know that he’s shared a new set of instruments for Ableton Live, Folk Dulcimer Ableton Instruments, as a free download.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

“Happy Holidays to you, regardless of what you celebrate!

Introducing the Expanding Sound Ableton Folk Dulcimer Instrument. A very fun little pack to make.

The folk dulcimer has a timbre similar to a choirs of strings style harpsichord, as the strings are layered. I made 3 free Ableton instruments; one individual string, one using the same pitch with octave separations, and one in the instruments standard tuning, which includes a 5th. It sounds great, and I hope you enjoy this freebie!”


Folk Dulcimer Ableton Instruments is available now as a free download.

Nurko follows through with almighty latter end to two-part Proximity original, ‘Blindspot’ with Devon Baldwin

Nurko follows through with almighty latter end to two-part Proximity original, ‘Blindspot’ with Devon BaldwinScreen Shot 2020 12 18 At 9.58.53 PM

Considering the pure meltdown of a year that 2020 has ostensibly confirmed to be, Nurko is doing everything in his power to round the last 12 months off on a positive note. The recent inductee to Dancing Astronaut‘s Artists to Watch in 2021 roster is now stacking onto his placement’s rationale, consummating his dynamic Proximity release, “Blindspot” with Devon Baldwin by joining its spirited first half together with a more heavy-hitting companion.

It’s legitimately insoluble to determine whether to side with the former or latter portion of “Blindspot,” but both halves hold their own in an immaculate light. While Nurko’s initial outing exercised a different, yet still electrifying, end to to the flourishing talent’s tried-and-true melodic colors, the successive slice elevates “Blindspot” to an entirely separate stratosphere. Nurko unhinges the single off its mellowed-out tether, retaining Baldwin’s gallant lyrics and swapping the original piece’s more decompressed tone for a rip-roaring progression and melodic dubstep zenith, summarizing precisely why Nurko has been held in such high regards throughout the year.

Listen to both halves of Nurko and Devon Baldwin’s “Blindspot” below.

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Oliver Heldens and Shungudzo reunite for euphoric release, ‘Freedom for my People’

Oliver Heldens and Shungudzo reunite for euphoric release, ‘Freedom for my People’Oliver Heldens

Oliver Heldens has teamed back up with American-Zimbabwean vocalist Shungudzo for what could be their most riveting release yet, “Freedom for my People.” The song saw its conception from an Acapella poem by Shungudzo, who wrote the piece in March when lockdowns began worldwide.

“Freedom For My People” transports the listener to another world in the introduction, drawing on tribal influences, that then make way for an energetic piano line and production to take over. Delivering a drop nothing short of euphoric, the track utilizes Shungudzo’s vocals in adding to the grounding, yet ethereal energy.

Heldens and Shungudzo teamed up in 2018 for “Fire In My Soul,” which has since amassed over 100 million streams. There is no doubt that “Freedom for my People” will find similar success.

The track is out now via Heldens’ newly minted OH2 Records.


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Porter Robinson says ‘Nurture’ is ‘100 percent finished’

Porter Robinson says ‘Nurture’ is ‘100 percent finished’62532708 143447340051378 483180521871379640 N

The wait for Porter Robinson‘s sophomore album is almost over. More than six years after his seminal debut LP Worlds shook up electronic music, Robinson’s follow-up Nurture is “100% finished,” according to his most recent Instagram post.

The first single in Nurture‘s lengthy rollout came almost a year ago, when news of the album dropped alongside “Get Your Wish.” A few months later, Robinson followed up the lead single with “Something Comforting,” but a five-month delay before the third Nurture single, “Mirror,” slowed momentum. Porter’s Instagram announcement is the first update on the forthcoming album in months, and is the first definitive news narrowing down a date for Nurture‘s release.

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Malaa polishes ‘Re-Edition’ of ‘Illegal Mixtape Vol. 3’ featuring new material

Malaa polishes ‘Re-Edition’ of ‘Illegal Mixtape Vol. 3’ featuring new materialMalaa

Hot off the Confession presses comes a re-issue of Malaa‘s Illegal Mixtape Vol. 3 that arrives with parcel-expanding intent. After fastening the ribbon around the dastardly package of dark house hitters in mid-October, Malaa is re-upping the Illegal activity with two new tracks. The aforementioned numbers, “Onyx” and “My Mind,” sonically rub shoulders with menacing mixtape must-haves such as Malaa’s own “Hell” and “Don’t Talk,” granting Drymer and ToMix access to one of the hottest house parties in the electronic circuit: Illegal Mixtape Vol. 3 [Re-Edition].

The two newcomers—and the mixtape at large—constitute music to “rob a bank” to (to take a page out of Malaa’s descriptive playbook). Those who find their appetites whet for more Malaa can revisit the Parisian producer’s recent back-to-back set with DJ Snake, Secret Room, here.

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