ARTY shines in remix of Griff Clawson’s ‘Chasing Highs’

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Emerging pop artist from Los Angeles Griff Clawson has enlisted ARTY‘s electronic prowess for a remix of his acoustic original, “Chasing Highs,” which receives a sparkling reconstruction. The singer-songwriter has previously displayed his vocal talents within dance music through his respective 2019 and 2020 released tracks “All I Want,” with Boombox Cartel and “You and Me Now,” with Manila Killa and Devault.

The distinguished Russian DJ breathes new life into the mellow-toned track, elegantly crossing over synth-pop and progressive as he deploys lush layers that provide a glistening spectrum of modern and nostalgic resonance. The remix follows ARTY’s EP From Russia With Love (Vol. 3), released in October, and marks the second time collaborating with Clawson following their Armada Music single, “You’re Not Alone.”

Listen to ARTY’s “Chasing Highs” remix below.

Featured image: The Mid Chicago

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