Carl Cox condemns partying during pandemic in new interview

Carl Cox condemns partying during pandemic in new interviewCarl Co Resistance Ultra

In a new interview, Carl Cox reflects on effects of the pandemic, divulging not only his opinions on partying, but also where the industry goes from here.

Having been a figure in the evolution of dance music through the years, from the height of the UK superclub scene to modern day festivals, the superstar DJ knows more than anyone the return of full-scale events will take time. Condemning partying during the pandemic, Cox stated,

“It’s irresponsible to be out there at the moment based on how everyone is trying to do the right thing to get past this. Having a party in a pandemic, it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever…If you are really into it, you’ll wait. If you are not into it and you just want to react or act out, it’s going to be the very thing that makes it worse.”

Cox also had wisdom to share regarding the future of the club and festival circuit, which he believes has effectively reset as a result of COVID-19. The longtime performer discussed,

“We have to go back to the small clubs again…and what’s going to happen eventually with the recession and people spending and how they feel about being around other people, have a massive impact on what we do next and also how we do it.”

Like other creative peers, Cox has also used quarantine to launch new projects including 19-track album Carl Cox Mixes Awesome Soundwave and livestream series “Cabin Fever.” On advice for DJs and producers, he says to simply make music now, on the basis that,

“At the moment we don’t have a dancefloor. So, there is no point making hit records for the dancefloor…This is a great time for creativity now. Something is going to come out of it in the sense that you’ve made a point, a statement, about what’s happened to you individually.”

Via: Mixmag

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