DAYLIITES – GOODBYESDayliites Goodbyes

The Gold Coast continues to produce some of the most feel good melodies in any hemisphere. Dayliites is the brainchild of producer PACES and vocalist Cloe Terare, a electro-pop outfit that’s sweet like saccharin and just as delightfully produced. Already Triple J favorites, the duo’s emotional new single “Goodbyes” pairs its intimate musings with a bed of computerized instrumentals. Dusty percussive hits and digital guitar licks make space for Cloe’s enchanting vocals to shine through. The result is a charming ode to past relationships that has all the hallmarks of PACES’ production pedigree for blurring the lines between club and pop music. The track is electric, Cloe is enchanting, and Australia continues to shine as home for some of the most tastefully produced and downright infectious dance pop in the world.

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