Dr. Dre says he’ll be ‘back home soon’ following hospitalization for brain aneurysm

Dr. Dre says he’ll be ‘back home soon’ following hospitalization for brain aneurysmDr Dre

Following his hospitalization for a brain aneurysm on January 5 in Los Angeles, Dr. Dre is “doing really great and getting excellent care from his medical team,” and is optimistic that he will “be back home soon,” according to an Instagram statement.

TMZ originally broke the news that Dr. Dre, real name Andre Young, was hospitalized for a brain aneurysm. Doctors reported that Dre is lucid and in stable condition, but are still trying to determine the cause of the bleeding.

Just hours after the artist was admitted to the hospital, his house was the target of an attempted burglary. LAPD officer Lizeth Lomeli confirmed to NBC News that at around 10:00 p.m. PST on January 5, LAPD officers responded to a report of an attempted burglary in which suspects were seen “coming over a hill” towards Dre’s Brentwood home. Lomeli confirmed that after a “short pursuit,” the four suspects were arrested. An investigation is ongoing.

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Glastonbury organizer denies claims that event will not be returning in 2021

Glastonbury organizer denies claims that event will not be returning in 2021Glastonbury Cr Charlie Raven

Festivals’ rescheduled dates and lineups have not only been in a state of flux but also fodder for conversation around the live event circuit, and Britain’s Glastonbury Festival is no exception. Although rumors that the festival will not see a 2021 return have been darting around the internet for the better part of a year, Glastonbury co-organizer Emily Eavis says otherwise.

British performer Mel B recently sparked further speculation about the status of the 2021 iteration in an appearance on BBC Radio 5, stating, “I know that Glastonbury’s been cancelled…so a lot of big stage performances are on hold again this year, which is sad but we’ve got to get this virus under control.”

Eavis avidly denied this claim in a January 4 tweet, assuring potential attendees that there will be an official announcement as soon as possible, and that there is “no news on this end yet.”

In August, Glastonbury founder Michael Eavis said he was hopeful that the vaccine would be distributed around the world before the beginning of 2021, which would set the festival on track for its planned return. The world has entered January 2021 without widespread vaccine administration, but all hope is not yet lost, according to Eavis’ tweet.

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Aulart share masterclasses with Chris Liebing, Danny Avila & Paco Osuna

Aulart have shared a range of new masterclasses, featuring Chris Liebing, Danny Avila, and Paco Osuna. 

Aulart is an online educational platform offering masterclasses and live courses from internationally renowned DJs, producers, sound engineers, and other professionals in the music industry, showcasing their own unique way of working and making music. 

Recently, Aulart revealed three brand new masterclasses heading for the platform, from Rekids boss Chris Liebing, Spanish DJ and producer Danny Avila, and Paco Osuna.

Each masterclass will offer an in-depth, extensive online experience. Liebings masterclass, dubbed My DJ Techniques & Vision of Techno, is broken down into different chapters, with over five hours of video content including building your own live set up, a beginners introduction to Maschine, and tips for B2B sessions.

Danny Avila’s masterclass Music Production & Professional Networking features 25 lessons, delves into the artist’s mixing and production techniques, the use of hardware and software, while sharing his knowledge of years in the music industry. Osuna’s masterclass, My Mixing Techniques, comprises 21 lessons spread across two hours, and includes tips for beginner DJs, creating a groove, and warm up tips.

Speaking about his masterclass, Liebing said: “I am sharing essentially everything that I learned over the past 30 years. Not only from a technical point of view, also from a philosophical one. Not only the ‘how’ gets discussed, also the ‘why’, and a lot of ‘when’ too, as we dive deep into my personal history with techno. 

“You will see how I DJ and my path over the years to my current setup. But also if you are using a different setup than me, lets say CDJs or Turntables, you will be able to use this knowledge in your own setup respectively.

“But this Masterclass is also about the business side of the music industry, as I share quite a bit from my own experience, like missteps in my career, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes. I wish I would have watched that 30 years ago.”

Chris Liebing’s masterclass is available to pre-order here for February 2021, at a reduced price of €119. Danny Avila’s is already available online for €79,99 and can be purchased here, as well as Paco Osuna’s, which can be accessed here for €57,99.

UK music festivals could be cancelled this month, promoters tell MPs

This year’s UK music festivals could be cancelled before the end of January, promoters have told MPs.

The UK government’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee began an inquiry into the future of festivals yesterday (5th), alongside the organisers of Parklife and Boomtown, to discuss the likelihood of events going ahead in 2021.

The initial open hearing welcomed the likes of UK Music CEO Jamie Njoku-Goodwin and Sacha Lord, Night Time Economy Adviser for Greater Manchester and Parklife festival founder, who shared that his event has already booked over 250 artists for this summer’s festival. Ahead of the hearing, Njoku-Goodwin shared a UK Music report dubbed Let The Music Play: Save Our Summer, which breaks down the importance of live music, the devestating impact of COVID-19 on the sector, how to recover, and the economic and health risks of getting the sector back up and running.

Lord described this year as “decemating”, for both Parklife and his Manchester rave event Warehouse Project, and when asked what was needed from the government, Anna Wade, Communications & Strategy Director for Boomtown Fair said that it was essential to work alongside the government to make events happen safetly this year.

As part of the hearing, Lord also presented five key measures that festivals would need to take place in 2021, comprised of a target date for finalisation of the event to work toward, a government-backed coronavirus cancellation insurance policy, an extension of VAT continuing for three years, an extension for business relief rates, and more furlough support until events can return to full capacity.

The speakers at the hearing advised MPs that if the above is not implimented, many festivals will be forced to cancel before summer even begins due to losses, with smaller festivals facing even bigger financial pressures. 

You can watch back the full discussion here, and read UK Music’s recent report here.

Elsewhere this week, Glastonbury’s Emily Eavis has denied claims the festival has been cancelled for 2021. Responding to comments made in a BBC Radio 5 Live interview by Spice Girls’ Melanie Brown — AKA Mel B — the festival’s co-organiser, Eavis, jumped onto Twitter to quickly reiterate that a formal decision has yet to be made on whether to pull this year’s weekender.

Glastonbury has been among the most vocal forces calling for UK government support with coronavirus insurance to help protect against cancellations and postponements this summer. As of Tuesday 5th January, the UK has gone back into a national lockdown which will run until mid-February at the earliest in a bid to curb surging COVID-19 infections. Elsewhere, in New Zealand tens of thousands have been attending festivals as life continues to return to something like normality, with new cases of the virus now numbering less than 80 across the country. 

Find zen-like calm with these perfect miniature synthesizer videos

We all need a way to center, a way to lower our blood pressure and cure insomnia. Forget ASMR or videos of ocean waves or whatever. Just watch these mesmerizing videos of tiny, tiny, tiny accurate models of classic synthesizers.

Cue Chariots of Fire:

[embedded content]

Oh yeah, I guess for someone making these models is a relaxing hobby. But in case you’ve got clumsy fingers like me, become a totally passive consumer and just, you know, stare at this person’s models instead.

And yes, I was already pondering how you could make some of these working musical instruments. (Just a little bigger and it’s possible.)

It’s all the work of Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira ROLT, a maquette and miniature maker in São Paulo, Brazil (and a digital artist, evidently). He’s deep into Rick Wakeman, but also produces tiny models of acoustic keyboard instruments – think harpsichords and pianos. If we still produced Keyboard in print, I’d suggest we put him on the cover … or is that more like we’d want to make a tiny dollhouse-sized version of Keyboard with Rick Wakeman on the cover to stick on the miniature keyboard?

I mean, just yes!

Here are some of my favorites:

This is on Rick’s actual Steinway:

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

And forget Superbooth. Behold, Microbooth!

[embedded content]

Check the full YouTube channel for so much more

[embedded content]

Oliver Heldens sets first HI-LO release loose from 2021 vault, ‘Athena’

Oliver Heldens sets first HI-LO release loose from 2021 vault, ‘Athena’Oliver Heldens

New year, new HI-LO.

After putting forth a handful of HI-LO originals in 2020, “Zeus” and “Kronos,” Oliver Heldens is once again bending to his alias’ underground sensibilities, this time with “Athena.” The first offering from the 2021 HI-LO vault, “Athena” delves into a brand of madly driving techno that stands in dark distinction from anything that’s surfaced under the Heldens moniker to date. That, of course, is by HI-LO design, and the hammering pulse of the side project, manifested in “Athena,” makes it clear that although HI-LO singles might have a history of being somewhat few and far in between, they never compromise on caliber.

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Modeling Analog Synthesizers Using Wolfram System Modeler

[embedded content]

The latest video from mathematical software developer Wolfram features Dr. Leonardo Laguna Ruiz discussing modeling analog synthesizers.

Ruiz has developed dozens of modules for VCV Rack, along with a wide variety of music technology projects.

Video Summary:

“Have you ever thought about making your own musical instruments? What about making mathematical models of your instruments? Whether you’re someone looking for a cost-effective alternative, a minimalist with dreams of maximalist sounds or a Wolfram Language enthusiast curious about sound design, you can build a virtual version of a modular synthesizer using Wolfram System Modeler.

In this talk, Leonardo Laguna Ruiz demonstrates some methods and projects from his own experience modeling synthesizers.”

Jimmy Edgar shares new single alongside announcement of first album in eight years, ‘CHEETAH BEND’

Jimmy Edgar shares new single alongside announcement of first album in eight years, ‘CHEETAH BEND’Jimmy Edgar Crack Magazine

Following Jimmy Edgar‘s 2020 collaborations with artists from the likes of Hudson Mohawke, SOPHIE, and Danny Brown, the electronic sound-bender returns for the official announcement of forthcoming LP, CHEETAH BEND. The project will be his first full-length solo album since his critically acclaimed 2012 output, Majenta. Accompanying the news, the sonic innovator has also released his new single featuring Matt Ox, “PAUSE.”

Edgar’s ability to fuse different styles, sounds, and techniques has set him apart from the rest of the industry. Dipping his toes in rap and alternative electronic, his artistry culminates in a unique soundscape of uncharted territory. Edgar himself states,

“The value I bring is hybridization. I think about different universes of sound coming together to create an entirely new domain of knowing.”

Lauded for his impeccable sound design, Edgar employs CHEETAH BEND as a destined platform for showcasing his ear for detail and nuance within electronic music. Building up his own distinctive texture for the last decade and a half, Edgar primes himself to continue delivering only the freshest tastes in the industry.

CHEETAH BEND is out February 26 via Innovative Leisure. For now, listen to his latest offering, “PAUSE.”

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Richie Hawtin shares 1996’s ‘CONCEPT 1’ album 25 years after original release

Richie Hawtin shares 1996’s ‘CONCEPT 1’ album 25 years after original releaseRichie Hawtin By Rukes

Richie Hawtin’s ​CONCEPT 1 series will be available in its entirety as a digital release and distributed as an exclusive album package ​through Bandcamp.

CONCEPT 1 was first started in 1996 as a subscription series that featured a limited run of monthly 12-inch releases at 2000 each. Now, 25 years after its initial launch, CONCEPT 1 will now be available as both individual tracks and a complete package included with a bonus track. The re-release will be followed by a triple vinyl release and a final release on all digital streaming platforms. Previously, the series was reissued in 2007 as a double-CD set.

The 24-track journey showcases one of Hawtin’s most pivotal record releases, depicting the producer’s early experimentation of the minimal and acid techno sound of the mid-1990’s. The re-release of CONCEPT 1, ​offers a first time listen to the hypnotic project in complete digital form. On the release, Hawtin states,

“This release marked a real shift in my production style in 1996, and was the start of a significant chapter in my recording career. Everything was handled independently – from design to distribution to a subscription service to accompany it – so releasing this with Bandcamp now really captures that spirit of the landscape back in the mid-nineties. Concept 1 was recorded in isolation at a time when I was not allowed to enter the USA and with everything going on in the world at this moment, it felt like the right time to finally release this project to a larger audience. Without the year of experimentation around the recording process of Concept 1 in 1995, I would never have gotten to the reduction that I was able to achieve later on the recording style of Plastikman Consumed. In that way this is as an important album for me than any of my Plastikman albums.”

Listen to CONCEPT 1 below.

Richie Hawtin "Concept 1 96:12" by Richie Hawtin

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Flying Lotus confirms EP in the works with MF DOOM prior to rapper’s death

Flying Lotus confirms EP in the works with MF DOOM prior to rapper’s deathFlying Lotus Photo Credit Andrew Whitton

On the heels of MF DOOM‘s death, Flying Lotus has taken to Twitter to confirm that an EP was in the works between him and the late rapper. The music industry has continued to reel from the news of MF DOOM’s passing after the rapper’s family confirmed on December 31, 2020 that the artist had passed away two months prior on October 31.

One of many artists who paid homage to the hip-hop icon, Flying Lotus tweeted out,

“God fucking damnit. What the fuck!!?!? Are u serious? My soul is crushed. The weight of this moment. I know we are in a pandemic but we have to celebrate DOOM. Just playing the music isn’t good enough.” 

In response to a fan who posted that many had dreamed of a long-length project between him and DOOM, Flying Lotus validated there was indeed an EP in progress.

Just weeks prior, a collaboration between Flying Lotus and MF DOOM, “Lunch Break,” was released as part of the latest update to Grand Theft Auto Online. Although music from the unreleased EP has yet to be seen, fans can hope that it will see the light of day as an homage to the legendary rapper’s passing.

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