Moog Announces Factory Mural Contest, With Moog One As Grand Prize

Moog Music has announced a Moog Factory Mural Contest. Create a new design for the side of the Moog Factory, and you could win a Moog One.

“Calling all artists and designers: Imagine your art as the new face of Moog Music’s headquarters!

We are excited to be accepting artist submissions for a design that will be the new face of the Moog factory in downtown Asheville, NC. Locals and visitors of our vibrant city have come to know our factory by the iconic synthesizer mural that has adorned the building?s exterior for more than eight years.

Now, we?re ready to breathe new life into the public artwork that represents who we are and the instruments that our employee-owners build inside these four walls. This is where you come in!”

The contest winner will get a Moog One 16-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer and their artwork displayed on the Moog factory.

Details are available at the Moog site.

Sequential Intros Prophet-5, Prophet-10 Modules – With ‘Big, Ballsy Sound’

Sequential has officially announced desktop versions of their Prophet-5 and Prophet-10 Rev 4 synthesizers.

“Our introduction of the Prophet-5 and Prophet-10 Rev 4 keyboards has been hugely successful. At the same time, a lot of people have been asking us for an easy way to fit them into a smaller studio space or into a touring rig,” commented Sequential founder and original Prophet-5 designer Dave Smith. “We managed to fit the same big, ballsy sound of the full Prophet-5 into a desktop model. It sounds every bit as awesome.”

Like the original, the new Prophet-5 and Prophet-10 modules feature two multi-waveform analog oscillators, analog resonant low-pass filters and amplifiers, and a filter and amplifier envelope per voice. Modulation is provided by a multi-waveshape LFO and Poly Mod, a ground-breaking modulation scheme for its time that allowed the filter envelope and oscillator B to be routed to a variety of destinations including filter cutoff frequency, oscillator A frequency, and oscillator A pulse width.

Like the new Prophet-5/10 Rev 4 keyboards, the modules feature genuine Curtis VCOs and filters as used in the Prophet-5 Rev 3, as well as the Dave Rossum-designed SSI 2140 filter — the modern counterpart of the original SSM 2040 Rossum designed in the Prophet-5 Rev 1 and Rev 2. A Rev switch on the front panel allows users to switch between the two as desired.

Also present is the new Vintage knob, which ‘loosens up’ the oscillators, filters, and envelopes from voice to voice as they typically are in vintage Prophet-5s. Users can dial in progressively more vintage character, from a very stable “4,” as in Prophet-5 Rev4, all the way to “1,” as in Prophet-5 Rev1, which was the most temperamental of all Prophet-5s. The original factory sound set is included as well.

Other modern enhancements include velocity sensitivity and aftertouch, as well as MIDI and USB connectivity. Control voltage and gate ins/outs are also present for connecting modular synths and other gear. The new modules are housed in a premium-quality, steel case with hand-oiled sustainable black walnut heartwood trim.

Pricing and Availability

Both modules will be available in February. The Prophet-5 desktop module has a US MAP of $2,499. The Prophet-10 desktop module has a US MAP of $3,299.

GATTÜSO, Asketa & Natan Chaim come together for ‘Bring That Back’ featuring Nadia Gattas

GATTÜSO, Asketa & Natan Chaim come together for ‘Bring That Back’ featuring Nadia GattasGATTUSO STUDIO 2

GATTÜSO has teamed up with Asketa & Natan Chaim and featured vocalist Nadia Gattas for a new queue favorite, “Bring That Back.”

Bumping house notes and dancing synths lure listeners in, as do Gattas’ vocals, which bear a sultry allure that makes for a seductive whole. Of note, “Bring That Back” is GATTÜSO’s sixth release on Ultra Music over the past year, and represents his Asketa & Natan Chaim, and Gattas’ first union on an original release.

GATTÜSO spoke to Dancing Astronaut about the single, stating,

“Releasing ‘Bring That Back’ just before the holidays was a great way to end a tough year. Seeing that the song is getting a warm reception from both listeners and the industry has given us all really good energy and momentum coming into 2021. We needed a fresh start.

[The record has been] streamed all around the world, from Russia and Brazil to Sweden and Denmark, and of course, here in the United States. I’m happy to see that the audience continues to grow in new countries for me and hope that I will have the opportunity to travel and be with fans of our music in the months ahead.”

Featured image: Richard “Parlay” Copier @OneiPhotography

GRiZ announces virtual winter edition of Camp Kulabunga wellness retreat

GRiZ announces virtual winter edition of Camp Kulabunga wellness retreatGRiZ

GRiZ has formally announced the winter edition of his Camp Kulabunga mindfulness and wellness retreat, offering a refreshing option for those looking to diversify their repertoire of digital events.

Centered around community, self-empowerment, radical inclusion, and wellness, the virtual retreat will take place from February 20–21, and invites attendees to take a much needed holistic breather from the clutter and stress of the current trying times. The event is built on a range on activities, such as creative writing and guided meditation, as well as movement seminars and spiritual exploration. Though GRiZ will lead some of these sessions and workshops, to ensure that attendees get the most out of Camp Kulabunga, the producer has collaborated with innovators and experts in these areas, who will share leadership duties throughout the two-day experience.

This year’s event is entirely virtual, but each person in attendance can expect a physical care package consisting of a weekend workbook, art supplies, physical Kulabunga swag, and more to be packed and shipped ahead of the retreat. Early bird tickets are now available and can be purchased here.

Featured image: Alden Bonecutter

Watch a hacked DJ technique made with karaoke tapes, by Ōedo Technica

Vinyl? CDJ? Meh. Hand-mixing and “scratching” karaoke cassette tapes on hacked machines as a new form of strange pop music DJing? Now we’re talking. Behold the YouTube channel of 大江戸テクニカ (Ōedo tekunika).

Somehow this all has only a few dozen views, but nothing is beyond the view of Tom Whitwell of Music thing:

A quick poll of Japanese friends so far has found no one familiar with this person or technique, but … wow, it’s wonderful. It must have gotten some attention from non Japanese speakers as there’s now an explanation in English, in case you’re unfamiliar with Asian karaoke machines:

This is a video that mixes Japanese karaoke tape and beat tape. On the karaoke tape, vocals are recorded on the right channel and beats are recorded on the left channel.

The descriptive text is being a bit humble, though. There’s a ton going on here – fully exploiting the karaoke machine as an instrument, “scratching” the tape heads, beat-matching by advancing the cassette heads, and making mash-ups of different tracks and even whole mixes. There appear to be entire modded machines coming from this artist, complete with custom controls for performing turntablist technique on cassette.

[embedded content]

I’ve seen weird cassette tape DJ rigs before, but by modifying the controls a bit and providing easy access to the cassette mechanism, it appears they’ve really managed to perfect the technique. I’d love to learn more. (That’s no small trick – compact cassette is not made mechanically for this kind of manipulation, and they make it sound like vinyl – like if you only heard audio, this would be passable turntable scratch technique.)

I mean, whole hip hop mixes. On cassette. On karaoke machines.

[embedded content]

This is just beautiful. Also, eyeballs and… it looks like these are really massively modified tape machines, retaining only the basic guts of the karaoke machine in some DIY contraption.

[embedded content]

It’s especially lovely, as you get the warble and drift of the tape machine.

But more than just a novelty, it’s like a whole original form of DJing here. Brilliant.

Those new Sequential Prophets just got desktop versions

If you want a premium synth and don’t need the keyboard or want it to fit into a little less space, Sequential has made desktop renditions of both Prophet-5 and Prophet-10.

They’ve still got high-end price tags – minimum advertised pricing of US$2499 and US$3299 for Prophet-5 and Prophet-10, respectively. But I know CDM readers were already drooling over these.

The Rev 4 of the classic Prophet-5 and new Prophet-10 have plenty to recommend it: the real deal, with Curtis voltage-controlled analog oscillators and filters, plus the SSI 2140 filter also designed by Dave Rossum. There’s the Vintage knob to loosen up the voices in the way they would be on the original hardware – when you want it. And yeah, now they have velocity and aftertouch, plus the powerful Poly Mod modulation architecture.

It’s gorgeous stuff. I also have to say I enjoy just reading the words “premium-quality, steel case with hand-oiled sustainable black walnut heartwood trim.”

Oh, also – we’re more optimistic, because the press release uses the words “portable” and “touring rig.” Now that’s something to dream of doing again.

Prophet-10 desktop

Prophet-5 desktop

Meanwhile, we can look at … this:

Here’s some music, with the keyboard attached – but the sound is exactly the same.

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

Of course, the OB-6 and Prophet-6 are worth a look, particularly with some unique tuning and polyphonic expressive capabilities:

ACL System 2 Eurorack Modular System

[embedded content]

Audiophile Circuits League shared this audio demo of their System 2, their second complete Eurorack modular system.

Here’s what they have to say about the 84hp system:

“Following the success of System 1, we received many requests for a more conventional subtractive synth design (1 had a heavy focus on creative stereo sound).

So the focus is on creating powerful bass and leads, with plenty of modulation options, whilst still allowing scope for experimentation, and harnessing the unrivalled power and sound quality that make our individual modules so popular.

The result has some very distinct specialities and the unmistakable flavour of our modules, and is designed to slot easily into a bigger set-up too.”


  • 1 x ACL Multifunction Discrete VCO
  • 1 x ACL Variable Sync VCO
  • 2 x ACL Oktave
  • 1 x ACL Discrete Core Ladder VCF
  • 1 x ACL Gate Mix
  • 2 x ACL Multi II
  • 1 x ACL Envelope x 3
  • 2 x ACL QLFO
  • 2 x ACL VC Dual Amp
  • 1 x ACL Audio Interface
  • 1 x 2 Row 84 TE ACL Case incl.1 x ACL KAZU PSU

See the ACL site for details.

Armin van Buuren preps 950-song playlist flaunting the best of ‘A State of Trance’ ahead of 1000th episode

Armin van Buuren preps 950-song playlist flaunting the best of ‘A State of Trance’ ahead of 1000th episodeFreakydeakytb 097

A State of Trance” fans have a lot to look forward to, what with the radio series’ 1000th episode to be presented by Armin van Buuren, cohost Ruben de Ronde, and monthly show resident Ferry Corsten on January 21. In honor of the impending landmark episode, van Buuren has packaged 950 of the top A State of Trance tracks of all-time in a new playlist touting the “finest in trance and progressive of ASOT” based on fan votes, “ASOT Top 1000.” The top 50 tracks will be played during the show’s 1000th episode, bringing the playlist to an even 1,000 songs.

Stream “ASOT Top 1000” below, and learn more about van Buuren’s celebratory, week-long livestream event to commemorate the milestone here.

Featured image: Rukes

DJs, artists and music professionals eligible for next round of Arts Council England grants

824 people received Developing Your Creative Practice funding last time 

Martin Guttridge-Hewitt

Tuesday, January 12, 2021 – 15:03

DJs, artists and other music professionals are eligible for the next round of Arts Council England Developing Your Creative Practice (DYCP) grants, which opened this week. 

Applications are being accepted until 12PM (midday) UK time on 18th February 2021. While this is now the ninth round of DYCP funding, it’s only the second time DJs have been eligible. You can see the full list on the Arts Council website

In the previous payout, more than £7million was awarded to 824 individuals, with electronic artists including Batu and Kelly Lee Owens among the recipients. 

The news comes at a critical time for music in the coronavirus pandemic, with a new national UK lockdown that came into effect from last week sending further shockwaves through associated sectors such as nightlife and hospitality. A new parliamentary inquiry has been launched into the impact on the nighttime economy, which everyone from clubbers to venue owners can submit views and thoughts to online. Meanwhile, festivals are waiting to hear the results of a Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee hearing that could lead to widespread event cancellations for this summer

Virtual Riot shares unreleased remix of Zedd’s ‘True Colors,’ sparks collaboration speculation

Virtual Riot shares unreleased remix of Zedd’s ‘True Colors,’ sparks collaboration speculation67741088 441684709769642 2746578148945890536 N

A remix of the title track from Zedd‘s 2015 sophomore LP, True Colors, isn’t exactly one that electronic listeners would expect to be making the rounds in 2021, but Virtual Riot has used the element of surprise to his advantage, ensnaring the Twitterverse with the latest version of his spin on the song long in the making—five years, to be exact. Though Virtual Riot has spent a half-decade refurbishing his remix of the Ke$ha feature, if his January 10 Twitter signal is to be taken at face value, it’s possible that the “True Colors” work just might be over, and the revamp, ready for release.

Needless to say, Virtual Riot’s decision to disclose the iteration that listeners “need to hear” created quite the stir, sending Virtual Riot fans to Zedd’s own Twitter to ask why the pair had not yet collaborated. With an emoji smirk, Zedd all but broke the internet with his response: “Oh but we have😏.”

Whether this meeting of the musical minds applies only to Virtual Riot’s “True Colors” remix or extends to another production in the vault is currently unclear, but Virtual Riot’s updated revamp now provides the soundtrack for further speculation. Stream below.

Featured image: Andrew Freeman Films