Must-stream: Fairlane impresses his signature on Imagine Dragons’ ‘Believer’

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“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end,” as Semisonic said, and years later, the lyric is proving applicable to Fairlane‘s cover of Imagine Dragons‘ “Believer.” Rewind a couple of years, to a point when the ascendant Canadian talent had not only a remix of the impassioned 2017 original in hand, but also a refusal from the client who’d commissioned the ghost-produced spin. “This record has always been one of those ‘happy mistakes’ for me. I still remember receiving the e-mail from the client telling me they’d rejected my ghost production,” Fairlane told Dancing Astronaut.

Though the remix was dubbed “too different” by the client, when Fairlane digitally disseminated it under his own name, the internet—evidently—did not agree. “No one could have predicted the original remix going as viral as it did, but looking back, I’m glad they passed on it,” Fairlane reflected. “Two years later, the [initial] upload has 160 million streams, and I finally get to release my version as a cover!” That is precisely what listeners can find on all major streaming platforms as of January 15.

The spry pop-electronic spin, which follows Fairlane’s December delivery, “nature,” reinvigorates Imagine Dragons’ Evolve inclusion to the tune of Fairlane’s own ingenuity. Find it below.

Featured image: Sara Aces

Palm Springs mayor says city ‘not planning’ spring events, expects Coachella to be rescheduled to fall 2021

Palm Springs mayor says city ‘not planning’ spring events, expects Coachella to be rescheduled to fall 2021Coachella2019 W1 111017

In a January 13 interview, Palm Springs Mayor Christy Holstege confirmed that the city would not be hosting spring events, signifying that the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival will expectedly not host a spring 2021 iteration, though Goldenvoice, the event’s parent company, has yet to issue a formal update regarding Coachella’s operating status.

“We’re not planning on events in spring this year,” Holstege said during her guest slot on The Morning Beat with AJ and Mikalah. “We’re hoping that those events will be rescheduled to the fall of this year.” Dancing Astronaut will provide Coachella 2021 updates as they become available.

Via: The Morning Beat with AJ and Mikalah

Featured image: Julian Bajsel

Get some ‘Beauty Sleep’ with John Summit’s latest tech house hit

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John Summit was named one of Dancing Astronaut’s Artists to Watch in 2021 largely due to the massive success of “Deep End,” which was widely supported by DJs and listeners alike. Now, just two weeks into the new year, the rising Chicago house talent might just have another smash hit on his hands.

Summit’s latest, “Beauty Sleep,” was written 10 months ago at the beginning of quarantine. Since then, Summit has gotten plenty of use out of the tech house groover in his livestreamed sets, most recently during his Day Trip Insomniac performance. The strength of “Beauty Sleep” lies in the tonal contrast it houses; the build features dazzling synth work and delicate vocals while the drop, underpinned by a knocking bass line, repaints the sampled vocalist a shade darker. For those still on the fence about the young producer, “Beauty Sleep” should unequivocally prove John Summit’s boundless potential.

Featured image: Oliver ‘Dino’ Jagger III

Hardwell completes iconic ‘Hardwell On Air’ radio series with milestone 500th episode [Stream]

Hardwell completes iconic ‘Hardwell On Air’ radio series with milestone 500th episode [Stream]Screen Shot 2021 01 15 At 11.34.20 PM

Hearing “Encoded” will never be the same again.

Less than two months shy of a complete decade of Hardwell On Air, Hardwell has made the decision to close the book on his staple radio show series following its milestone 500th episode, which aired on January 15. As a partial substitute, Revealed Recordings has immediately instated a 24/7 livestream through its YouTube, with more information on its true purpose said to be added in the coming weeks. Although the explicit reasoning for Hardwell On Air‘s ending wasn’t directly disclosed by the Revealed Recordings boss nor the label, beyond their aim to restructure their family of radio podcasts, it can only be safely assumed that Hardwell is continuing to enjoy his well-deserved hiatus from the electronic music world and has no immediate plans for a return.

Episode 500 of Hardwell On Air was a surreal experience no matter which direction you view it from. Hardwell hasn’t been actively involved in the weekly presentation of his radio show since his exit, so the showing was, of course, incomparable to Hardwell On Air 300, where Hardwell and fellow label teammates livestreamed in-person DJ sets in celebratory fashion.

Hardwell On Air 500 put the finishing touches on a 10-year run that guided the latest and greatest in bigroom house, comprising 11 incoming Revealed Recordings IDs, Hardwell and Blasterjaxx‘s unexpected “Bootshaus ID” delivery from the top of the year, and a slew of modern updates to Hardwell classics. While the episode wasn’t necessarily the proper sendoff that we all had hoped and dreamed of, especially with it nearly coinciding with Hardwell’s 33rd birthday, it gave everyone an opportunity to reflect on how influential the radio series was over the years and provided a sense of closure to a weekly fixture that has been the literal “soundtrack to your nightlife” dating back to 2011.

Stream Hardwell’s 500th and final Hardwell On Air in full below.

Featured image: Hardwell/Facebook

longstoryshort deepens his appeal in contemporary bass house circles with ‘Dystopia’

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Straight out of the 2021 gate, longstoryshort is making a strong case for Artist to Watch in 2022 inclusion just 15 days into the new year. For those who bookmarked the New York native, per Dancing Astronaut‘s 2019 and 2020 recommendations, this—of course—comes as no surprise. For the past two years, longstoryshort has coordinated a charged campaign to take over the bass house space, and his genre supremacy has become increasingly clear with each release.

“Dystopia,” distributed by Pilot Records, is a jaunty piece in this purpose-directed puzzle and now nestles in among longstoryshort’s 2020 string of singles such as “Raw Uncut,” not to mention the dastardly Warehouse Weapons EP. Led by a disillusioned monologue, “Dystopia” deepens longstoryshort’s bass house appeal with atmospheric and sometimes staticky sound accessories that culminate in a statement-making first single of 2021.

Speaking on the release, longstoryshort said,”I’ve been trying to push the boundaries and try different things within the genre.” It shows, below.

Featured image: longstoryshort/Instagram

Bandcamp expands vinyl pressing service for artists

10,000 account holders have been invited to participate

Martin Guttridge-Hewitt

Friday, January 15, 2021 – 12:31

Bandcamp has significantly expanded its vinyl pressing service for artists.

Launched in 2019, the system allows bands, composers, producers and labels to crowdfund and pay the platform to press stock, which is then shipped to individual customers. 

Originally limited to small trials, this week Bandcamp contacted a further 10,000 artists to offer them the service, with those numbers expected to increase throughout 2021. 

The vinyl pressing service runs alongside Bandcamp Fridays, the monthly fee-free sales initiative introduced in the pandemic that helped the website pay some $40million to musicians and imprints last year. 

In November, Bandcamp launched its own live streaming platform for gigs and events.  

Further post-Brexit musician touring discussions proposed by UK government following EU visa stalemate

Further post-Brexit musician touring discussions are to be proposed by the UK government in a bid to break the EU visa stalemate. 

The UK left the EU on 1st January 2021, with a last-minute deal on trade and movement between the bloc and former-member state brokered on Christmas Eve, 24th December 2020. The agreement fails to ensure special visa allowances for bands, DJs, performers and crew working in both the EU and UK, who now have to negotiate different rules, regulations, paperwork and costs depending which countries are on the itinerary.  

The EU has blamed the situation on the UK, which subsequently denied the accusationsA petition was launched in Britain demanding a return to the negotiation table, which quickly met the 100,000 signatures required to be considered for parliamentary debate. An official response to this has now been published, and states the “UK Government will make the case for arrangements that make touring easier.” This is included in the tweet below from BBC Newsbeat journalist Jimmy Blake. 

In Prime Minister’s Questions, 13th January 2021, Boris Johnson was asked by Kevin Brennan MP if he was willing to meet with “a small group of MPs, including the Conservative Chair of the Culture Select Committee” to solve a problem that’s “clearly fixable”. 

“I will of course ensure that there is a proper meeting with the honourable gentleman and his colleagues on this subject, which is extremely important,” Johnson replied. “I know that our friends in the EU will be wanting to go further to improve things, not just for musicians, but for business travellers of all kinds, because there is a mutual benefit.”

Earlier this week experts warned Brexit could also have repercussions for musicians touring the U.S. because of the need to prove “international recognition”. Meanwhile, a short-term guide to European touring post-Brexit has been published by the Incorporated Society of Musicians.

Injunction banning UK drill MCs Skengdo & AM from performing music lifted after two years

The injunction that stopped London MCs Skengdo & AM performing UK drill music has been lifted after two years.

Speaking about the interim gang injunction, AM posted on Instagram, “After two long challenging years, the injunction is finally over, back to doing what we know best.”

The inunction was initially put in place in 2018. In January 2019, the MCs were subsequently sentenced to nine months in jail, suspended for two years. A statement from the Metropolitan Police stated both men breached their injunction when they “performed drill music that incited and encouraged violence against rival gang members and then posted it on social media.”

The statement continued, “The injunction was originally made against the individuals as they were members of a gang in Lambeth and were associated with the escalating gang violence in the borough.”

When the injunction was initially ordered, both artists’ manager, TK, told the Press Association that neither Doyley or Malinga were involved in gang violence. He also said that one of the videos of them performing that had been uploaded online without either artists’ consent.

Skengdo & AM returned to music the day after the injunction lifted with ‘#410 In Spain’, alongside Gullypabs.

The end of the injunction comes at a time that the Police are said to be “cracking down” on UK drill videos. Two Plugged In videos, the freestyle series headed up by Fumez The Engineer on YouTube channel Pressplay Media, were taken down earlier this week.

Speaking about that in an Instagram post, Fumez said, “For everyone that’s asking, the 156 Plugged In was removed today by police. ‘Active Gangs’ was also removed today by police. They are saying they’re inciting violence and throwing certain gang signs that are antagonising to the opposition, or whatever, whatever. Most of the time I don’t even know what the gang signs are, I’ll be real with you. That’s the situation.

“I’ll be taking more precautions on YouTube, in terms of the releases being slightly more censored, because the Police are cracking down on drill right now.”

In a recent feature on the filmmakers driving the UK drill scene for DJ Mag, Sam Davies wrote that, despite UK drill being targeted for the increase in knife and gun-related attacks in the UK, and especially in London, research shows that stronger links between violence and council cuts and youth cuts exist. You can read that feature here.

DJ Mag also recently ran a feature on the increase in the number of UK criminal trials using rap lyrics and music videos as evidence, a trend that disproportionately affects young Black men and worries many in legal and creative fields.

Logic1000 shares new single, ‘Medium’: Listen

Taken from her forthcoming EP, ‘You’ve Got The Whole Night To Go’

Martin Guttridge-Hewitt

Friday, January 15, 2021 – 15:58

Logic1000 has shared a new single, ‘Medium’. 

The track, a stepping electro number with at least one toe in garage, appears on the Berlin-based, Sydney-raised producer’s latest EP, ‘You’ve Got The Whole Night To Go’, which drops via her own label Therapy on 22nd January. 

She talked about the release, among other things, in her interview for DJ Mag’s feature, Artists To Watch In 2021. Take a listen to the new track below.