Free Express MPE Offers 40+ Presets For Exploring MIDI Polyphonic Expression

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2021 NAMM Show: Sensel has introduced Express MPE – a free set of MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) presets for five different synthesizer plugins (Aalto, Kaivo, Quanta, Pigments, Serum), two DAWS (Bitwig and Live 11) and one hardware synth (ASM Hydrasynth).

There are 5+ presets for each synth, all designed for MPE. There’s percussion, pads, leads, etc – all of which are designed to not only be great sounds, but also a great way to learn about how to design sounds for MPE.

“These presets are a masterclass in how to map Pitch Bend, Glide, and Pressure in each of these software (and the Hydrasynth hardware),” they note. “Pull these apart and learn some great ways to get the most from the many dimensions of MPE.”

Express MPE is a free download (email required) from the Sensel site.

Erica Synths + Sacrament Modular Intro The Cursible Eurorack Muilti-Effects Module

Erica Synths & Sacrament Modular have introduced The Cursible – a 14HP wide, 6 channel, morphing effects-send matrix that they say offers “an incredible feature set and a vast amount of applications, from morphing / sequencing through and blending effects through to cadavre exquis style mixing of sound sources or controlled voltages.”

The Cursible features multiple modes of operation including:

  • PIANO MODE: Send your signal through your effects chains manually via a momentary button push with user-defined fade times.
  • CLOCK MODE: Sequence your signal through your effects chains via the clock input. Clock sub-modes include clockwise, counter-clockwise, pendulum and random sequencing options!
  • CONTROL VOLTAGE MODE: Morph and switch your way through your effects via the control voltage input / attenuator using any CV source.
  • MANUAL MODE: Select your routing using the central knob for a more hands-on approach.
  • RANDOM MANUAL MODE: Randomly advance through your sequence with a turn of the central knob.
  • CV + CLOCK MODE: Choose your routing destinations using a sample and hold style approach.
  • FILL OPERATION: When sequencing through one effects chain at a time isn’t cutting it, use Fill to stack from 0 to all 6 sends and returns!

All modes feature user-defined “morph” timing to allow you to adjust from click-less switching to long attack and decay times and everything in between.

Pricing and Availability

The Cursible is being developed and manufactured by Erica Synths and with a successful crowdfunding campaign (150 pre-orders) will be available early May. The Cursible has been made available for preorder now through an in-house crowdfunding campaign, priced at 250€ MSRP (220€ for the campaign supporters).

Disclosure revisit remix of Jessie Ware’s ‘Running’ with official 2021 VIP

Disclosure revisit remix of Jessie Ware’s ‘Running’ with official 2021 VIPDisclosure Photo Credit Hollie Fernando

Riding the heights of a momentous 2020, Disclosure continue their stride into the new year with a six-track package for the ultimate workout experience, Workout Energy. After completing a lustrous campaign run for their third full-length, ENERGY and locking in the number three spot on Dancing Astronaut‘s Top 20 Electronic Albums of 2020, the Lawrence brothers come in hot into 2021 with fresh material as they revisit the Settle era with their newest VIP of “Running.”

Taken from the deluxe edition of their debut album, Disclosure’s remix of Jessie Ware‘s track receives a rhythmic rework, delivering pumping four-on-the-floor movement. Nonstop energy courses through the VIP, which shifts the focal point from Ware’s vocals to the pulsing house elements. Joining a track listing with the likes of Kelis-assisted “Watch Your Step,” “When A Fire Starts To Burn,” “My High” with slowthai, and more, Disclosure’s 2021 “Running” VIP leads a potent selection of at-home club cuts.

Featured image: Hollie Fernando

The Schulte Compact Phasing A, aka “The Krautrock Phaser”

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The latest Hainbach video takes an in-depth look at the Schulte Compact Phasing A, aka “The Krautrock Phaser”.

The Schulte Compact Phasing A was used notably by German musicians like Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream, and was a key part of their early Krautrock and Kosmische sound.

“I demo it with instruments such as the Juno 60, Arturia Microfreak, Rhodes MK2, a TR-606,” notes Hainbach, “and then try a stupid idea involving other classic phasers, such as the Moogerfooger MF-103, EHX Small Stone V1 and Tel-Ray Morley Phaser Pro.”

Ultra Music Festival reportedly cancels 2021 edition

Ultra Music Festival reportedly cancels 2021 editionEZER1 FWoAAaC7F

For a second consecutive year, Ultra Musical Festival will not be making their long-awaited Bayfront Park homecoming. After being the first major event to falter due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ultra Music Festival is now following a similar pattern for 2021’s festival circuit but is reportedly holding out on a formal announcement until City of Miami officials grants them a permit for their 2022 edition.

In a letter obtained by Billboard from Ultra’s attorney to the City of Miami, dated January 21, 2022, Ultra states that the spread and uncertainty COVID-19 is forcing their second cancellation. Ultra has requested rescheduled dates for March 25 – 27, 2022 and that the festival’s payment contract with the city “be deemed modified to correspond with the rescheduled dates.”

This story is still developing, stay tuned for updates.

Via: Billboard

Featured image: Alive Coverage