Elektron Analog Rytm mkII Review & In-Depth Demo

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In his latest loopop video, host Ziv Eliraz takes an in-depth look at the Elektron Analog Rytm mkII.

Along the way, Eliraz highlights capabilities that take the Analog Rytm beyond most drum machines, including its ability to create dual-vco synth synth patches, the ability to use and manipulate huge samples, the built-in sampler and Overbridge.

Check it out – and share your thoughts on the Analog Rytm mkII in the comments!

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
1:30 Black, MK2, MK1
2:15 Overview
4:10 Connectivity
5:20 Overbridge
5:40 Analog machines
8:50 Dual VCO
9:40 Sampling
13:15 Analog filter
14:05 Drive, amp
14:50 Modulation
15:10 Master Effects
17:35 Project structure
19:40 Sequencing
21:00 Param locks
21:30 Slides
22:25 Trig conditions
24:00 Track scales
24:40 Sound locks
25:05 Chains, songs
26:00 Scenes
27:15 Performances
28:50 Tips & ideas
32:15 Pros & cons
37:00 Outro

Make that iPhone a futuristic Tricorder, pocket Kinect: ZIG SIM + TouchDesigner

The new iPhones and iOS are three-dimensional instruments, depth-sensing 3D cameras – pure magic. And one of Japan’s top studios has given away a tool that lets you unlock all of that, including with powerful visual app TouchDesigner.

It’s a shame that smartphones have become objects for doomscrolling and depression. Inside, these are Star Trek-style pocket computers, packed with sensors whose miniaturization is a marvel of science and engineering.

Those sensors can be used as musical instruments, visual instruments, art tools, and tasks that blur those very categories.

The iPhone recalls the do-it-all Tricorder – full of sensing devices that indicate awareness of its surroundings, from advanced versions of traditional devices (magnetometers and gyroscopes) to now more-futuristic additions like LiDAR (laser range sensor).


This isn’t all the work of Apple. In the case of those Lidar sensors, you can thank a vendor called Lumentum. Apple has helped add enough to Lumentum’s bottom line – both by delivering around a quarter of that company’s revenue, but also surely via the Apple halo effect – that now Lumentum is blowing billions buying a laser company. Now that’s my kind of tech. Don’t talk to me about how fun it is having a beer tap and ping-pong table. Buy a damned laser company.

Anyway, since we all can’t go buy laser companies or lasers, we can make use of LiDAR on new iPhones.

(Footnote: there’s a superb, technical deep dive on the LiDAR sensor of the iPhone 12 by Sabbir Rangwala for Forbes. Rangwala led a LiDAR unit for automotive, so suffice to say he would know his stuff. That’s how this showed up in the transportation section: The iPhone 12 – LiDAR At Your Fingertips)

There are plenty of apps that let you do fun stuff with the Lidar sensor, but none quite like ZIG SIM.

Oh, hello iPhone.
This app is just $4.

The app is the work of uber-chic Kyoto design agency 1→10, Inc. And what a generous – and impressive – calling card, in case you hadn’t encountered their work. An earlier version for Android and iOS already had the power to bundle tons of onboard data and send it to a computer.

But the current ZIG SIM is a work of art. It accesses every sensor – touch, Apple Pencil, battery, motion data, compass, GPS, pressure, proximity, mic level, remote control, and Beacon (a Bluetooth proximity tech), for starters. That already should get the brain going.

But it’s also an insanely awesome tool for visuals and interactive music. You can use it with NDI, which is a tool for routing video and audio. You can directly access image detection (machine learning and algorithmic face and barcode recognition). You can work with the augmented reality tools in ARKit – position and rotation.

The real trick here, though, is using NDI – which captures the video stream from the camera – with depth camera enabled from the rear-facing camera.

There’s a great written tutorial from the developers:


That already includes tips on how to use every available sensor, and it uses TouchDesigner as an example.

But you should also check out the excellent video tips from The Interactive & Immersive HQ by Elburz and Matthew Ragan. Elburz leads the way:

[embedded content]

And about 10 minutes in, you get the depth-sensing trick. Note that this is not so obvious (and not really detailed in the developer tutorial). He spotted that you can grab that depth sensing camera in that NDI page, here:

TouchDesigner is a convenient endpoint, but it’s not the only one. Other NDI tools will work, too, and you can use the data streams with anything that works with OSC and JSON (like your own code, if you’ve got the chops).

I’m really excited by the LiDAR depth-sensing camera capabilities of the iPhone, along with its other sensors. (Apple’s sensors in general I find more useful, apparently thanks to crisp calibration of device, sensor, firmware, and OS.)

I’ll be explaining more of what LiDAR is and how to use it soon, in case that went over anyone’s head. I do also have a Huawei smartphone to test out the Android version of this software. (Hey, I’ve got two hands! Maybe these can work together)

And Elburz, I’m subscribed to your channel and eager to hear part two.

Also from Japan, here’s a tutorial working with TouchDesigner and the iPhone camera – in this case, just the camera. It’s beautiful and poetic and easy for any TouchDesigner user to follow, regardless of which language you speak:

[embedded content]

But while you’re grabbing camera images, one more time:


$4? Please. Dear 1-10, can I, like, take you out to dinner in Kyoto, devs, in that beautiful day I can return to Japan? Because, wow:

– Features other than NFC Reader are available on iOS 12.3.1 iPad Pro.- Features other than Apple Pencil are available on iOS 12.3.1 iPhone X&11.

– NDI function Depth cannot be used on models that do not have a Dual camera.

– ARKit function FaceTracking cannot be used on models that do not have a TrueDepth camera.

– NFC Reader function cannot be used on models that do not have a NFC Chip.

This appn supports the following sensors and functions.

Note that actual availability depends on the model and OS version.

•NDI (image type : camera, depth)
•ARKit (tracking type : device, face, marker)
•Image detection(detection type : face, QR, rect, text)
•Apple Pencil
•gravity from accel
•atmospheric pressure
•touch coordinate
•touch radius
•touch pressure
•proximity monitor
•mic level(mic volume)
•remote control(headset remote control


It supports the NDI protocol in NDI function.

It supports the local UDP and TCP(client)communication.

It also supports to save sensor data to local file.

[Communication interval]

You can select from 1,10,30,60 FPS.

Note that the interval might vary depending on the sending device, the receiving device and the communication environment.

[Message type]

It supports OSC(used in the music industry) and JSON(used in the web industry).

ZIG SIM PRO [iOS App Store]

More hot TouchDesigner learning action – and a great place to start! (Now with video added,even if the talk was in the past)

EU music industry revenues down 76%, new study finds

EU music industry revenues are down 76% amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a new study reports.

A new study conducted and published by the European Grouping Of Societies Of Authors And Composers (GESAC),has found that the creative sector in Europe, which includes TV, cinema, radio, music, publishing, video games, the performing arts, dropped by 31.2% year-on-year from 2019 to 2020.

In the details of the study, published by The Guardian, the authors of the report shared that the creative sector’s turnover of £570bn had grown by 2.6% a year over the previous six years – representing about 4.4% of the EU’s overall GDP. “What we have seen since then, however, are the dramatic consequences of shutting down literally thousands of venues,” said Marc Lhermitte, the study co-ordinator, on the impact of COVID-19. “Culture was the first sector to suspend most of its activities, and will probably be the last to resume without restrictions.”

Revenues have dropped by 90% in the performing arts and 76% in the music industry, the breakdown details, while visual arts, books, the press, films and TV saw declines of between 20% and 40%. Video games, however, saw a rise in turnover of 9%. Royalties collected for creatives by rights organisations also fell by 35% in 2020.

Read details of the report via The Guardian here.

At the beginning of this month, it was announced that the impact of COVID-19 on UK nightlife would be investigated as part of a new inquiry. Led by Westminster’s newly formed All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), Labour MP Jeff Smith is chairing, a politician who previously worked in the nightlife sector for several years. All night time economy businesses, workers and consumers are now being asked to share experiences and opinions on the huge problems currently facing the sector. 

Elsewhere, a podcast documenting the impact of the coronavirus crisis on the Chinese underground electronic music scene has been released as part of a BBC series.

Saint Punk unleashes gritty house number on Monstercat: Uncaged, ‘Empty Bed’

Saint Punk unleashes gritty house number on Monstercat: Uncaged, ‘Empty Bed’Saint Punk Pusha T E1588774568119

Saint Punk is well on his way to becoming a household name in the electronic music scene. The producer’s signature grunge-house sound has been making waves, landing him official releases on Ookay‘s imprint The Woodwerk and Jauz‘s label Bite This!, among others. Now, further expanding his house-fueled repertoire, Saint Punk has taken to leading Canadian label Monstercat to unleash a gritty house number on their Uncaged imprint.

Saint Punk’s newest single “Empty Bed” sees the producer work with full vocals for the first time, which tell the story of a lover struggling with waking up in an empty bed as an ominous four-on-the-floor beat progresses towards a quick buildup. It gives way to a bass synth reflective of the signature sound that Saint Punk has been developing over the course of his discography. Speaking on the release, Saint Punk said,

“This record is something new for me. It’s my first song with a full vocal throughout. There’s a lot you can say with a mostly instrumental track, but sometimes there’s so much more to say. There’s strong emotions in this, but it still feels 100 percent like me.”

Featured image: Academy LA

Thomas Gold, R3SPAWN, and David Shane start 2021 on a high note with the euphoric ‘Letting Go’

Thomas Gold, R3SPAWN, and David Shane start 2021 on a high note with the euphoric ‘Letting Go’Thomas Gold Press Shot 1920

Thomas Gold made his debut on Protocol Recordings in 2020 and is already back with a new single on the label, “Letting Go” alongside R3SPAWN, featuring David Shane. “Letting Go” is a feel good anthem that aims to start 2021 on a high note. The breaks are nothing short of euphoric, which is characteristic of the producer’s output as of late.

Like Gold, Shane is no stranger to Protocol. The vocalist was notably featured on Nicky Romero and Timmo Hendrik‘s “Into the Light,” distributed by the label the week prior. “Letting Go” is Gold’s sixth release on Romero’s Protocol Recordings, and serves as a testament to the fact that he can be forecast as a label regular, given that his original Protocol release came out just nine months ago.

Shambhala Music Festival farm to host campers beginning spring 2021

Shambhala Music Festival farm to host campers beginning spring 2021123545391 386367865850474 6772496336763828768 N

In December of 2020, Shambhala Music Festival officially announced its 2021 return, slated for late August 2021. Now, organizers have announced that the festival grounds will be open for camping this year, as well.

Beginning spring 2021, the Shambhala farm will be available for “farmily” camping trips, without the festival ruckus. Festival founder Jimmy Bundschuh expanded on the aim of the camping initiative, stating that “after social distancing and public health measures have been lifted,” the campgrounds could host workshops, retreats, family reunions, or even weddings. Bundschuh also specified that some services for RVs will be available.

The Salmo River Ranch is located in British Columbia, Canada, and typically plays host to 15,000 fans during Shambhala’s regularly scheduled July festival. The 2020 festival lineup featured the likes of REZZ, RL Grime, Tycho, Seven Lions, Richie Hawtin, G Jones, and Bob Moses. There is no official word yet on the 2021 Shambhala lineup. For more information on the festival, or on the upcoming campgrounds, visit Shambhala’s website.

Featured image: Don Idio

Good Morning Mix: Venture back to Indio Valley for Dillon Francis’ Coachella 2019 set

Good Morning Mix: Venture back to Indio Valley for Dillon Francis’ Coachella 2019 setDillon Francis Did I Do That Goldrush Rukes

Shortly before the November 2019 dispersal of Dillon Francis‘ lauded Magic Is Real mixtape, the IDGAFOS figurehead would upload his Coachella 2019 set to YouTube, giving all streamers—even those not previously in attendance—something to buzz about. Over the past decade, the Los Angeles native has become a leading attraction of the Indio Valley affair, and with his festival debut able to be traced back to 2013, in the time leading up to the 2019 event, Francis was eyeing his milestone fourth Coachella appearance. As to be expected, it did not disappoint.

With Coachella sets from 2013, 2014, and 2017 in his back pocket, Francis stepped up to the decks to lace his animated primetime set with fan-favorite originals and remixes as well as some deeper cuts from his moombahton catalog. Halfway through the performance, Francis ushered lovelytheband onstage to perform their collaborative single, “Change Your Mind,” and later closed the set by inviting DJ Snake to join him for a rendition of “Get Low.”

Though the fate of Coachella’s 2021 iteration may be suspended in uncertainty at present, fortunately, Francis’ Coachella 2019 is available in its entirety below, and that’s exactly where we’re going this morning.

Featured image: Rukes

Police mistake pensioners queueing for COVID vaccine with an “illegal rave”

Police mistook pensioners queueing for COVID vaccine with an “illegal rave” last week.

Last Friday (22nd) police attended the Freemasons’ Saxon Hall in Southend, Essex after being tipped off about a ‘rave’, The Echo reports

After arriving at the scene, the police didn’t find any signs of an illegal rave, and instead, were greeted by hundreds of pensioners waiting for their coronavirus vaccine. The chairman of Saxon Hall, Dennis Baum, told The Echo that it was “really funny” when the police arrived.

“They had been notified that there was a ‘rave’ taking place at Saxon Hall,” he said, “only to find 80 and 90 year-olds on wheelchairs, zimmer frames and walking sticks, patiently queueing for their vaccinations.

“Grumpy old men and grumpy old women were in abundance. Nevertheless, as a balancing act many more very appreciative people couldn’t have been more grateful to receive the vaccine and to Saxon Hall and the Freemasons for facilitating it.”

A spokesman for Essex Police said: “As the good public of Essex know, where we receive reports of people clearly and flagrantly breaking the rules we will respond, but we’re also available to help the community when needed. 

“Upon receiving reports of congestion at the vaccination centre, a unit responded to offer help with traffic management, and returned later that day to check that everything was progressing smoothly for those getting their jabs.

“No-one wants to see all of our communities getting the jab and being protected more than us at Essex Police, particularly our elderly and vulnerable communities and we will do all we can to support that.”

You can read the full report here.

Listen to Spencer Brown’s remix of Above & Beyond’s ‘Sun In Your Eyes’

Listen to Spencer Brown’s remix of Above & Beyond’s ‘Sun In Your Eyes’Spencer Brown Photo By Samuel Chiu

Above & Beyond have shared the long-awaited Spencer Brown remix of their track “Sun In Your Eyes.” Originally released on Above & Beyond’s 2011 Group Therapy album, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, the track was remastered for the UK trio’s 2019 ambient album, Flow State.

Although fans have coveted the remix for years, with Brown playing the unreleased track exclusively during live performances, the release was never expected to officially surface as noted by Brown himself. Now, the surprise release arrives not only as a special gift to listeners, but also as the first remix of the nearly decade-old song to be officially released as a single.

On the release, Brown writes,

“Come 2021, we’re all feeling a bit down. To give us all a bit of a lift, it felt like an appropriate time to release the record…I hope it brings light in any darkness you may be feeling right now.”

Spencer Brown’s remix of “Sun In Your Eyes” is out now via Anjunabeats.

Featured image: Samuel Chiu

Anjunabeats launches monthly series highlighting emergent talent

Anjunabeats launches monthly series highlighting emergent talentAnjunabeats Live

The culmination of 20 years resulted in a monumental anniversary for Above & Beyond‘s iconic record label Anjunabeats in 2020. Now, the trance and house centered institution sets its sights on the future with the launch of a new monthly series dedicated to promoting emergent talent. Appropriately titled Anjunabeats Rising, the new installment has already released its first volume featuring three tracks from rising talent Parallels, Nourey & ZOYA, and GVN.

Speaking on the launch of Anjunabeats Rising, Above & Beyond’s Jono Grant said,

“We’ve been thinking hard about how we can discover new talent for the next 20 years and we’re pleased to launch the Anjunabeats Rising EP series featuring new artists, new ideas, and new sounds to the label while all still feeling very Anjuna.”

From the intertwined saxophone elements of Nourey and ZOYA’s “All Night” to the vocal-infused classic trance sound of GVN’s “I Don’t,” Anjunabeats Rising – Volume 1 has solidified the new series’ place in dance music as a stellar hotbed for finding new, high-quality artists.

Stream the debut compilation below.

Featured image: Anjunabeats/Instagram