Seven more accuse Derrick May of sexual harassment and assault

Seven more accuse Derrick May of sexual harassment and assaultDerrick May Dancing Astronaut Press Oimage

Content warning: This story includes references to sexual abuse that might be disturbing for some readers

Reports of Derrick May‘s prolonged pattern of sexual assault surfaced in September of 2020, followed by four individuals coming forward with their own accounts in November of last year. The once revered Detroit techno icon has publicly denied the allegations against him, with reports of May even filing a defamation suit against a former associate and one of May’s first accusers, Michael James. Now, seven more individuals have come forward with accusations of sexual assault and harassment against May in a new report from Annabel Ross for Resident Advisor.

Six women and one man have come forward recounting instances of sexual misconduct involving the DJ and producer. One of the accusers is UK house mainstay DJ Paulette, telling Ross that May made inappropriate comments to her in 2004 at a boat party in London. Says DJ Paulette,

“To me, he’s one of the gods of music, a founding father representing everything, a Black man in the music industry who’s created this body of music that is just incredible. He’s been part of creating this scene of which I have become a part of, you know, as many reasons as I could have for revering that person. And then when you get that moment where you meet that person and the first words out of their mouth are, ‘So when are we going to fuck then?’ Those were the first words out of his mouth and he didn’t say anything else after that because I said, ‘You know what, not interested.’ It’s just wrong, it’s just icky and wrong. He has absolutely zero respect for women. Zero.”

The male accuser, who spoke to Ross on the condition of anonymity, states that he even tried to confront May on one occasion after May hit on one of his friends.

“I said, ‘You’re one of my favorite DJs and what you do behind the turntables is great but could you just leave her alone. Because she’s here to enjoy herself and she’s not here to look over her shoulder.’”

“At the end of the day, that God complex comes in… I have the feeling that he doesn’t even know that he’s doing something wrong. He thinks that it’s normal.”

Last year following the initial reports of May’s misconduct, he was removed as a featured speaker at Paris Electronic Week 2020.

Via: Resident Advisor

If you are victim of sexual assault or harassment, the organizations detailed below may be able to provide help (assistive resources are not limited to the following organizations):

RAINN (North America)

RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization, offers a National Sexual Assault Hotline that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Phone free: 800.656.HOPE (4673), or visit RAINN’s official website.

The Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre (United Kingdom)

This resource provides support and information for women and girls who have been raped or sexually abused at any point in their lives. The Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre’s hotline is open seven days a week. Phone 0845 1221 331 or visit the organization’s official website.

Karanyi Sounds Intros Wavesynth For Kontakt 6

[embedded content]

Karanyi Sounds has introduced Wavesynth, a powerful waveshaper instrument for Kontakt 6.

Wavesynth features over 220 factory and artist presets, with sounds from 12 classic synthesizers. These include the Roland Juno 106, JX and 8P, Moog Voyager, E-mu Emulator, Korg M1, Moog Sub37, Sequential Prophet 6 and 8, Oberheim OB-X, Korg MS-20, and Casio CZ.


  • 220+ Factory & Artist presets
  • Sounds from 12 classic synths (Juno 106, JX & 8P, Voyager, Emulator, M1, Sub37, Prophet 6 & 8, OBX, MS20, CZ)
  • 14 type of wavetable algorithms
  • Amp & wavetable envelopes
  • 2 LFO: Wavetable position & Prophet-type low pass filter
  • Moog-type low pass filter
  • 3 customizable effects: dimension, tape delay & hall reverb
  • Master EQ, Compressor & Limiter
  • ROLL (intelligent randomizer)

Pricing and Availability

Wavesynth is available now, with an intro price of $29 USD, thorough February 28th, 2021. (normally $50).

Sexual assault in music industry investigated in new BBC documentary: Watch

Content warning: This article contains information relating to sexual assault.

 A new BBC documentary investigates how allegations of assault and abuse against women are dealt with in the music industry. 

Music’s Dirty Secrets: Women Fight Back is available to watch for free now via BBC iPlayer. It investigates reported cases of assault and abuse involving Erick Morillo, Octavian and grime MC Solo 45, who was recently sentenced to 30 years in prison on four charges of rape and holding women against their will. 

The documentary features an interview with Kristen Knight, who brought rape charges against Erick Morillo in September 2020, following a reported incident in Morillo’s Miami home in December 2019. Speaking to reporter Tamanna Rahman, the 32-year-old DJ describes Morillo’s behaviour on the night of the incident as being “like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”. “He immediately started coming on to me and I told him, ‘I’m not comfortable’,” she continues, “and it eventually got to the point where I was so uncomfortable that I left.”

In December 2019, Kristen and Morillo (who died in September 2020) both DJ’d at a private party in Miami, Florida, before she and another woman she had befriended that evening went back to his home. In a police report released at the time, it was stated that Kristen resisted sexual advances by Morillo, before becoming intoxicated and going to a room to sleep. She reported “waking up nude on the bed, with Mr Morillo standing on the side of the bed also nude”.

In the documentary, Knight tells Rahman: “When I woke up, I woke up in a panic, and then I realised I was naked. At some point then is when I had the flashbacks of Erick raping me.”

Bravely sharing her story with DJ Mag reporter Ellie Flynn in December 2020, Knight said: “There was a complete disregard for me as a person, as a living human being. It didn’t matter to him. I was angry that he didn’t care about my relationship with my boyfriend, or that we were peers in the same industry or that we were represented by the same agency. He didn’t respect me as another human being, let alone another artist or someone he worked with.”

Hana, AKA artist and musician Emo Baby, the former partner of rapper Octavian, also shares her story in the documentary. In November, Hana reported experiencing frequent physical, verbal and psychological abuse from Octavian. Hana reports that the abuse started after she had an abortion in 2019. 

Hana reported incidents of abuse to the police, and states that she told Octavian she would reveal what happened to her on social media. In the documentary, she states that she received a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) from Octavian’s lawyer, which would prohibit her from revealing anything that had happened in their relationship.

“They were offering me £20,000 to never speak on anything that’s happened in our relationship,” Hana said. “Never tell any publications, never tell any family, never tell any friends, never say anything bad about Octavian or his career, or anything at all really. Delete all photos, all evidence, all videos. Just act as if I never existed.” Hana did not sign the document. 

Music’s Dirty Secrets: Women Fight Back addresses the lack of support in the music industry received by women who come forward with reports of abuse and assault. A 2019 survey by the Musicians Union found that almost nine out of ten people who said they’d experienced sexual assault in the music business didn’t report it.

Music’s Dirty Secrets: Women Fight Back is available to watch on iPlayer now.

James Grant and Jody Wisternoff advance ‘Anjunadeep 12’ compilation with disc two arrival

James Grant and Jody Wisternoff advance ‘Anjunadeep 12’ compilation with disc two arrival2019 191214 PRINTWORKS Anjunadeep JakeDavis @hungryvisuals 0248

The complete landing of Anjunadeep‘s most expansive compilation to surface draws nearer. The label’s 12th edition of its highly acclaimed series has revealed another disc of its trio collection. With label bosses James Grant and Jody Wisternoff celebrating their eighth mixed volume together, Anjunadeep 12 unveils another 18 exclusive tracks to its forthcoming 50-track arsenal, selecting a discerning array of underground talent in testament to the imprint’s authority as a global tastemaker.

Welcoming first-time appearances from several and hosting beloved returnees, the second disc sinks into a landscape inhabited by ambient, lush, melancholic soundscapes from artists like CRi, Joseph Ray, Leaving Laurel, Hosini, Dosem, Promnite, and more. Notably, Grant and Wisternoff’s remix of A Silver Mt Zion’s “13 Angels Standing Guard ‘Round The Side Of Your Bed’” makes its way onto the track listing as a simultaneously disquieting and enthralling reimagination.

With all that’s remaining being the final disc of the triptych, Anjunadeep positions itself to continue its reign as Dancing Astronaut’s 2020 Label of the Year into the new year.

Stream Anjunadeep 12‘s Disc 1 and Disc 2 below.

Featured image: Jake Davis

There’s a Virtual Reality live stream party in Mario 64 this weekend

The stream marks the launch of new label Truth-Hz

DJ Mag Staff

Friday, January 29, 2021 – 18:42

There’s a virtual reality live stream party happening in Mario 64 this weekend. 

Taking place tonight (Friday, 29th January) at 7pm GMT, the stream marks the launch of Truth Hz, a new independent label from the team behind a number of recent in-game DJ sets, including The Legend of Zelda’s Hyrule Castle and Crash Bandicoot.

Playing in Peach’s Castle in Mario 64 tonight are DJs Jyoty, WIZE, ROMderful and Digital Mozart. Check it out below. 

WIZE is also the first artist to release on Truth-Hz label, with two tracks ‘Ghost’ and ‘Crowdsourced Theme’ dropping today. Check out the release here

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In our new monthly column, State of Play, Cherie Hu explores the fast-growing intersection of music and gaming: how these worlds are coming together to create new experiences, for gamers and music fans alike. For the first edition, Hu took a look at the rise of in-game concerts, and the new role of the gamer as online performer

WEISS & A-Trak flip Alicia Myers for soul house track ‘Funk U’

WEISS & A-Trak flip Alicia Myers for soul house track ‘Funk U’Weiss A Trak

In October of 2020, A-Trak supplied a remix to WEISS and Harry Romero‘s “Where Do We Go?” making the “muscular and chunky” single “more restricted and smaller.” Now, the two DJs come together for their first original track together, the exuberant “Funk U” released via Fool’s Gold Records.

WEISS and A-Trak are both known for their immaculate sampling of soul and funk, so it should come as no surprise the pair looked to the 80’s for inspiration. “Funk U” is centered around Alicia Myers’ 1981 hit “I Want To Thank You” and features a clever mix of classic house sounds with subtle modern touches. True to it’s name, it’s an immediately funky tune that demands elation.

“Funk U” is already A-Trak’s second single of 2021 after his recent single with Ferreck Dawn, “My Own Way.” The Fool’s Gold head honcho rang in the new year with Armand Van Helden as Duck Sauce performed during Tomorrowland’s New Year’s Eve livestream which can be relived on Apple Music.

Featured image: WEISS/Twitter

Tony Romera, Robbie Rivera, LA Riots, and more step up to the re-imaginative plate on DVRKO’s ‘Broken Famous’ remix pack

Tony Romera, Robbie Rivera, LA Riots, and more step up to the re-imaginative plate on DVRKO’s ‘Broken Famous’ remix packDVRKO Credit Kavan The Kid

After closing out his 2020 release catalog with a posse cut—”Sushi“—that pitted him alongside BIJOU and Damon Sharpe, DVRKO is throwing open the doors on a brand new year of music with a six-pack of “Broken Famous” spins. The November 16, 2020 single gets a second wind courtesy of Tony Romera, Robbie Rivera, LA Riots, Tony Arzadon, SOREN, and ATLAST, who diversify the KillWill collaboration with their own respective takes.

As to be expected, there’s not a dull moment on the assortment of remixes. In response to Romera’s ambient spin comes Rivera’s effervescent answer, followed by a shuffling rendition that cuts shapes straight out of the LA Riots camp. Perhaps the most anthemic take of them all arrives courtesy of Arzadon, whose upbeat technics bow to the more viscous orientation of SOREN’s edit, which introduces a psytrance-leaning plot twist near its own midway point. Entrusted with closing duties, ATLAST rises to the occasion with a revision that takes progressive cues, culminating in a formidable finale.

Featured image: Kavan the Kid

MK and Raphaella partner for ‘Lies,’ featured in Jaguar’s F-Pace commercial

MK and Raphaella partner for ‘Lies,’ featured in Jaguar’s F-Pace commercialUnnamed

MK has teamed up with Raphaella for their second single together, “Lies,” which is set to be featured in the new Jaguar F-Pace global ad campaign. MK and Raphaella originally came together for 2019’s “One Night” with Sonny Fodera, and they have proven their chemistry yet again with “Lies.”

As part of the Jaguar campaign, “Lies” soundtracks a 30-second TV advertisement starring MK, who gives viewers a glimpse into the life of a multi-platinum selling record producer, DJ, and label owner from within the studio and the new vehicle. MK spoke about his involvement with the Jaguar campaign in an official release, stating,

“It’s been a lot of fun working with Jaguar on the Hard to Forget series. I’ve always been a car guy, and love all aspects of design – I studied Architecture before I got into music – I’m excited for everyone to see the commercial, and to hear my new song.”

View the commercial and listen to “Lies” below.

BRONSON share second remix pack with Prospa, Patrick Topping, Hayden James, more

BRONSON share second remix pack with Prospa, Patrick Topping, Hayden James, moreBRONSON Press Image Art Credit Gian Galang

A second helping of BRONSON remixes has been served up. In September, ODESZA and Golden Features announced a trilogy of remix EPs supporting their debut collaborative album. A few weeks later, the trio made good on their promise with the help of Cassian, Offaiah, Skream, and more. Now, the remixes continue to trickle out with five more unique takes on tracks from their highly-acclaimed LP BRONSON.

BRONSON Remixes N°.2 opens and closes with four-on-the-floor beats courtesy of house stars Hayden James and Patrick Topping. James recently premiered his deep remix of “DAWN” with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs during his “Intermission Broadcast” for Foreign Family Collective. Meanwhile, FFC’s most recent signing obli nudges “CALL OUT” into indie territory, while Prospa and HAAi keep the energy high with their gritty remixes.

While a release date for the remix trilogy’s closing EP hasn’t been made public, Foreign Family Collective has confirmed that the next host of the “Intermission Broadcast” will be BRONSON. Additionally, ODESZA recently hinted at their return, although no details on their next release are available at the time of publication.

Featured image: Gian Galang

Gorgon City and DRAMA reconvene for sophomore collaboration, ‘You’ve Done Enough’

Gorgon City and DRAMA reconvene for sophomore collaboration, ‘You’ve Done Enough’SB 2018 CAROLINAFARUOLO 12021103 Web

Gorgon City have teamed up once again with Chicago-based R&B and soul vocalists DRAMA for their long-awaited mesmeric house single, “You’ve Done Enough,” released via Astralwerks. The collaboration, which earned a deserving placement on Dancing Astronaut‘s record of the most-anticipated IDs of 2021, follows the UK duo’s REALM EP, released in December of 2020. “You’ve Done Enough” marks the duos’ second collaborative venture; their first came in the form of the refreshing hybrid house single, “Nobody,” delivered in April 2020.

“You’ve Done Enough” shares the same unique introspective production as “Nobody.” Producer Na’el Shehade and vocalist Lluvia Rosa Vela— also known as Via Rosa—infuse their harmonized inspirations of Chicago house, soul, and R&B with Gorgon City’s UK-influenced club-centric beat. The single seamlessly blends the pairs’ eloquent mix of evocative and contemporary dance elements as “You’ve Done Enough” further blurs the lines between R&B and dance-pop. Listen to the original cut of “You’ve Done Enough,” as well the “Terrance Dub Mix,” below.

Featured image: Carolina Faruolo