Grayscale POKIT Turns Teenage Engineering Pocket Modular 16 Into Eurorack Module

Grayscale has introduced POKIT, a conversion kit that lets you turn the Teenage Engineering Model 16 Pocket Operator Keyboard (POM-16) into a Eurorack module.

POKIT includes a Eurorack-compatible front panel, a power conversion adapter that plugs directly into your Eurorack power distribution board, custom fasteners to connect everything together, and gray knobs supplied by Teenage Engineering.

The Model 16 Pocket Operator Keyboard (POM-16) is a standalone device that offers four channels of powerful modular sequencing, arpeggiation, and quantizing functionality. Because the Teenage Engineering modular system was designed for compatibility with Eurorack CV standards, though, POKIT is all that’s required to convert the standalone POM-16 into a Eurorack module that works with your existing Eurorack case and power supply.

Pricing and Availability

POKIT is available now, priced at $115 with keyboard, $95 without.