Watch Sonny Fodera play a set from Brixton Electric This Thursday

The Solotoko boss will play a 60-minute set from London’s Brixton Electric

Euan McGraw

Tuesday, February 2, 2021 – 15:46

Every week, we invite some of the world’s best DJs to live stream exclusive DJ sets on our Facebook, Youtube and Twitch channels.

We are delighted to welcome Sonny Fodera for a set from London’s Electric Brixton this Thursday (4th February) to celebrate the release of Sonny’s collaboration with Diplo ‘Turn Back Time‘.

Be sure to tune in from 19:00 (GMT) at, the DJ Mag Facebook Page, or the DJ Mag YouTube Channel

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Analog Circuits For Music Synthesis

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Dr. Aaron Lanterman, a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech, let us know that he is teaching his ECE4450: Analog Circuits for Music class online in the Spring 2021 semester, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

He is posting his new video lectures on his Youtube channel, where they are freely available. We have also embedded his video playlist above.

Topics covered in his course include:

  • Historical perspective
  • Demonstration of a modular synthesizer
  • Circuit theory review (emphasis on operational amplifiers)
  • Operational transconductance amplifiers (OTAs)
    • Voltage-controlled amplifiers
    • Linear current sources
  • Voltage-controlled oscillators
    • Sawtooth cores (comparators with resettable integrators)
    • Temperature-compensated exponential current sources
    • Triangle cores (comparators and integrators with current switches)
    • Basic waveshaping circuits

Fonts for a cause: SoliType gives you designer letters to support meals in the Balkans

Your next design project or album cover can pick up trendy letters from independent designers – all while helping get meals to those in need.

SoliType is a temporary online platform, collecting typefaces in exchange for donations. 100% of your donation goes to the charity – you just screenshot it, and you get an email with the font of your choice. They’re also doing limited editions, with rotating selections of fonts available in a particular time window.

Series 2 typefaces.

One of the type choices, Ribosoma, is even licensed for commercial use. Otherwise, of course, you could simply evaluate type privately and then use it with commercial clients or public use by buying a license.

But it’s great to see activism interwoven with supply you use for creative labor – even when used on commercial projects, too. (And it hasn’t stopped these designers from continuing to do paid work.)

The charity they’re supporting is a worthy one – No Name Kitchen supports migrants in Serbia, Bosnia, and Greece along the Mediterranean migrant routes, where people are urgently looking for safety in Europe. They’re providing much-needed meals, along with other services (like clothes, showers, and gloves). They also report on violence against refugees where it’s needed. There are even side projects like music lessons and language lessons, plus essentials for survival. With the pandemic crisis and all its rippling side effects, this need is especially acute now.

Cooking in Patras (Photos by Angélica Sánchez).


I saw this via a friend, but the connection was also great – one of the designers is Mohamed Gaber, whose font for this run is bi-scriptual (perfect if you also need to support Arabic). Mohamed took place in our MusicMakers Hacklab here in Berlin in 2020, where he applied his experimental typography skills to live performance. The great part is, I actually saw the word from Myka, a designer in Cebu, Philippines who took part in our hacklab in Manila so – without having met, there are networks forming on their own.

Speaking of networks and openness – you should absolutely check out Mohamed’s typography. Not only does it apply new and experimental techniques to type design, but it also is using open source connections to allow these designs to extend across languages and alphabets. That’s a theme that came up again in this year’s hacklab, and it does have literal implications – for instance, most fonts are very limited in which scripts and alphabets they incorporate, with the privilege of certain localities over others literally encoded in our machines. Well, plus it’s just cool visually to watch these things transform:

If you know of other work like this, of course I’m sure readers would be glad to know about it.

Follow their Instagram account to spread the word and for instructions and details (as for series 2, which runs through Sunday):

Hear it: SG Lewis’ latest must-stream features his own vocals, Nile Rodgers

Hear it: SG Lewis’ latest must-stream features his own vocals, Nile RodgersSG Lewis

If it hasn’t been clear from the four times singles released to date—”Time,” “Feed The Fire,” “Impact,” and “Chemicals”—SG Lewis is auspiciously taking aim at the “Best Dance/Electronic Album” category at the 64th annual Grammy Awards, and “One More” only further suggests that it is not, in fact, too early to forecast his debut LP as a contender for a 2022 nomination. times has already landed on Dancing Astronaut‘s list of 17 of the most-anticipated albums of 2021, but, for now, we’ll let do the music do the rest of the talking.

Just 17 days shy of times‘ full-fledged descent on February 19, the vanguard is inviting Nile Rodgers to join the LP’s guest list, which, to date, has hosted Rhye, Lucky Daye, Robyn, and Channel Tres. Rodgers’ guitar chops take on a ’70s hue that evokes a flash of fringe under Lewis’ own vocals. In a November 2020 interview with Dancing Astronaut, the Dusk, Dark, Dawn producer dished that times would feature an unprecedented amount of his own vocal work:

“There was this kind of personal growth that I wanted to undergo in order for this album to be something that I felt incredibly proud of. I wanted to do things that I hadn’t done before and push myself outside of my comfort zone, so I ended up singing on over or about half the album. In the past, I’ve sang on like one or two tracks on projects. To have a large bulk of the vocals on the album be my own has been just really hugely rewarding and a huge challenge.”

Notably, “One More” is the second single in the times rollout to carry Lewis’ own vocals, following “Chemicals” in April of 2020. An alluring extension of the future disco sound that SG is stylizing through his own personality-radiating lens of late, “One More” soundtracks the countdown to times, and can be streamed below. Alternatively, Dancing Astronaut‘s interview with SG Lewis on times can be found here.

Featured image: Chris Taylor

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Serato launch new Twitch series celebrating the history of Black music in America

The month-long series will be hosted by Professor Fredara Mareva Hadley

Declan McGlynn

Tuesday, February 2, 2021 – 17:51

DJ software giants Serato are hosting a month-long five-part series of streams on their Twitch channel, celebrating the history of Black music in America. 

Hosted by ethnomusicologist professor at Julliard’s department of music history, Dr Fredara Mareva Hadley, whose work looks at how people of African descent use music genres to construct and maintain community. She’ll be joined by DJ and producer Rich Medina for two of the episodes. 

Streams will cover topics such as ‘Slavery to Civil Rights’, ‘Civil Rights to Hip Hop’ and hip-hop itself. The full schedule is below. Follow Serato on Twitch here

Session 1 / Slavery to Civil Rights
Wednesday Feb. 3rd 3pm PT / 6pm ET / 11pm GMT

Session 2 / Civil Rights to Hip Hop 
Wednesday Feb. 10th 3pm PT / 6pm ET / 11pm GMT

Session 3 / Hip Hop
Wednesday Feb. 17th 3pm PT / 6pm ET / 11pm GMT

Session 4 / House / Techno w/ Rich Medina
Monday Feb. 22nd 3pm PT / 6pm ET / 11pm GMT

Session 5 / Sampling w/ Rich Medina
Wednesday Feb. 24th 3pm PT / 6pm ET / 11pm GMT


Dancing Astronaut is hiring a social media coordinator

Dancing Astronaut is hiring a social media coordinatorDA LOGO HIRING

Dancing Astronaut is hiring.

As 2021 begins to ramp up, we’re looking to bring on a well-rounded social media coordinator to assist with our social channels.

Our ideal candidate

  • Is a college student with availability during the week and some weekends (college credit is provided)
  • Knows dance music inside and out
  • Has prior social media and journalism experience (or a background in English or communications)

Responsibilities include

  • Helping to manage DA‘s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok accounts
  • Sourcing social content and scheduling social posts
  • Potential for added responsibility after completion of training period

Qualified applicants looking to join Dancing Astronaut‘s social ranks: email your resume and a brief note detailing your dance music background to Ross at

Please note that prior experience in social media and journalism/English/communications is a requirement; candidates without prior experience in these areas will not be considered.

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ATTLAS, Wolfgang Gartner, Rinzen, and more featured on deadmau5’s packed ‘we are friends vol. 10’

ATTLAS, Wolfgang Gartner, Rinzen, and more featured on deadmau5’s packed ‘we are friends vol. 10’Deadmau5 2019 1

Somewhere between December and January each year, fans have come to expect a new installment of mau5trap‘s beloved we are friends compilation series. While the highly anticipated tenth volume will debut a little later than usual, the wait looks to be well worth it as deadmau5 shares the jam-packed tracklist for this year’s edition.

A stellar cast of label regulars feature on we are friends vol. 10, coming together as a top-notch blend of talent lined up for this year’s showcase. ATTLAS, No Mana, BlackGummy, Rinzen, and Notaker all have new music on the compilation, as well as Wolfgang Gartner, Tommy Trash, Grabbitz, Pig & Dan, Mord Fustang, Eekkoo, and more.

The newest we are friends installment is set to land via mau5trap on February 12. And for those looking to scratch the deadmau5 itch sooner, check out the producer’s new “flow and focus” playlist on the Calm meditation app.

Featured image: Matt Barnes

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Europe’s music revenue plunges 76 percent amid COVID-19 pandemic

Europe’s music revenue plunges 76 percent amid COVID-19 pandemicMoney

The continuous COVID-19 pandemic has decimated creative industries, and now, a study recently published by European Author Society GESAC is quantitatively illustrating just how devastating the financial ramifications can be for the music sector.

Overall creative revenue in Europe was found to decrease from $783 billion in 2019 to $540 billion in 2020—a whopping 31% difference. The music industry was among the hardest hit by the pandemic, with overall music revenue declining by 76% as COVID-19 circulated in Europe.

Governments from various European countries have put forth plans such as subsidies and tax relief to help alleviate the financial burden faced by creatives today, but the GESAC argues that the current efforts are not enough to support the more than 7.6 million struggling employees across Europe’s cultural industries. The organization calls for “massive public financing” and a coherent legal structure that will allow creatives to adequately protect online property.

The GESAC’s report is proof that although the COVID-19 pandemic has been active for more than year now, the effects are still being felt more strongly than ever.

H/T: The Hollywood Reporter

Featured image: Getty Images

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Deorro & Kura (feat. Alex Rose) – Me Siento Bien

Deorro & Kura (feat. Alex Rose) – Me Siento BienDeorro Me Siento Bien

Big room maestro Deorro starts out 2021 right with a mega collaboration featuring Kura and latin vocalist Alex Rose. A festival track from start to finish “Me Siento Bien” is poised to dominate stages the second things open back up and the summer is in full swing. A heater as only Deorro could conjure up, the collaboration blends Latin style with big boisterous electro into a hyper-charged anthem. The first of many massive tracks expected to drop out of Deorro’s studio in 2021, “Me Siento Bien” taps into the increasing;y popular global sound and enlists Portuguese producer Kura to push this one into overdrive. The first vocal single off his upcoming album, the inclusion of Alex Rose, a leader in the new generation of crossover artists, puts Deorro once again at the forefront of forward thinking electronic music, and further builds on the Electro house-Cumbia sound that made him so popular.

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Influential UK label Big Dada to relaunch as platform for Black, POC & Minority Ethnic artists

Influential UK-based label, Big Dada, is set to relaunch as a platform for Black, POC & Minority Ethnic artists.

Pioneering hip-hop label Big Dada was founded in 1997, and has released music from the likes of Jammer, Roots Manuva, Run The Jewels and Sampa The Great, as well as winning two Mercury prize wins. 

Now, Big Dada is set to relaunch as a platform for Black, POC & Minority Ethnic artists — run by Black, POC & Minority Ethnic Ninja Tune staff — “to form a community that champions, shines a light on, supports & nourishes the music & artists.”

In a press release, the team said “Working to amplify Black and racialised artists voices, Big Dada looks to shift the narrative around this music, bypassing stereotypes to allow and encourage freedom to express oneself for who they are and want to be. 

Big Dada has a long history and heritage which will be built upon whilst deepening its cultural identity by supporting & offering resources to a new generation of artists.”

You can find out more about the relaunched label, and check out their new merch line, here.

Last year, Gobstopper Records boss Mr. Mitch decided to make his label one that exclusively releases the music of Black artists. Read our feature from the DJ and producer, where he discusses Black experiences, the white gaze, and his decisions as a label boss.

A short film celebrating young Black artists in London’s electronic music scene, titled ‘New Rave’, is available to watch now.