The Prodigy announce official documentary

The Prodigy have announced they are working on a new documentary.

Liam Howlett and Maxim shared the news via a joint statement to Billboard. They are working with longtime visual collaborator Paul Dugdale on the documentary, who has previously worked with the Essex outfit on their 2011 concert film, The Prodigy: World’s On Fire, as well as three other videos.

“We are making a band documentary film… so fukin what??” Howlett and Maxim said in the joint statement. “After the devastating passing of our brother Keef in 2019, the time feels right for us to tell the story of our band, all of it, the whole 9… It’s a story of the chaotic and troubled journey of our gang, our band, the peoples band — The Prodigy. Or simply — a story of brothers on a mission to make noise… to ignite the peoples souls and blow-up sound systems worldwide… that’s fukin what! This film will be made with the same integrity that our music is — uncompromising, raw and honest… this one’s for Keef!”

“The film will be as wild as the band,” Dugdale said, speaking about the new documentary. “Dark at times, strong changes of pace, it will be a visual assault too, stylistically striking, contemporary and challenging. We want the viewers to leave the cinema like they’ve just stepped off a roller-coaster.”

The film will be produced by Pulse Films, who have previously worked on projects including Beyoncé’s Lemonade, LCD Soundystem’s Shut Up And Play The Hits and Nick Cave’s 20,000 Days On Earth. No release date has been confirmed.

In September last year, The Prodigy revealed that they were back in the studio in a post on social media. That news came after they released their live album ‘World’s On Fire’ on vinyl for the first time, which coincided with a live stream of their 2010 live show at Milton Keynes Bowl.

Former R&S Records employee Raji Rags sues label and CEO Renaat Vandepapeliere

R&S Records and its co-founder and CEO Renaat Vandepapeliere have had a case filed against them by former employee Raj Chaudhuri, aka Raji Rags, citing unlawful dismissal and racial discrimination, Resident Advisor reports

Chaudhuri worked as a freelance talent scout and A&R for R&S between May 2019 and September 2020. Following the reported agreement of a one-year deal made in July 2020, Chaudhuri claims he was unlawfully dismissed by Vandepapeliere on 29th September. 

In October, Chaudhuri shared a statement on social media, explaining that he was no longer working for the label and that he was “not comfortable with working with Renaat Vandepapeliere and putting energy into a company that doesn’t support Black and women artists sufficiently”.

Chaudhuri reportedly filed a Particulars Of Claim with the UK employment tribunal on January 21st 2021. In a 40-page document seen by Resident Advisor and the BBC, Chaudhuri reportedly describes multiple instances of alleged “discrimination, harassment, victimisation and post-employment victimisation” by Vandepapeliere, as well as his claim of unlawful dismissal. These claims are reportedly supported by screenshots of messages and emails between himself and Vandepapeliere.

Chaudhuri later wrote to Vandepapeliere asking to be financially compensated for the ten months’ worth of lost wages due to his alleged unlawful dismissal. 

A response shared with Resident Advisor on behalf of Vandepapeliere and R&S Records Limited, stated:

“We have not had an opportunity to prepare our case yet, as the claim has not even been served on us, but given the negative and premature publicity, we feel we have no option but to respond. 

“Mr. Chaudhuri has been reported to the police which we believe will fall under extortion and blackmail under the Theft Act 1968. On the 29th September, he emailed Mr Renaat Vandepapeliere saying that he would “destroy” him publicly unless he was paid £10,000 for potential future work that never happened.

“Mr. Chaudhuri was a freelancer who became disgruntled and was fired due to reasons that would fall under gross misconduct if he had been an employee.”

The statement continues: “Mr. Vandepapeliere is certainly not racist and everyone at R&S Records embraces equality. We are currently taking our own advice on separately pursuing a defamation claim in respect of these spurious, untruthful and damaging allegations.” 

The full response made on R&S behalf can be read below.

Chaudhuri’s claims include multiple alleged incidents of racism and sexism from Vandepapeliere. Chaudhuri also reportedly states that he found it difficult to get Vandepapeliere to support his attempts to “diversify the label”, or to approve signing music from Black or women artists. The first signings Chaudhuri made, reportedly during a time when Vandepapeliere was taking time off from the label, included non-white artists from Ghana, Pakistan, Portugal and Democratic Republic Of Congo. He alleges that Vandepapeliere did not like the music, and described it as “meaningless”.

Another alleged incident cited in Chaudhuri’s claim involves Vandepapeliere’s attitude toward women. In November 2019 Vandepapeliere allegedly sent Chaudhuri an Instagram post asking him to rate three topless women.

Further incidences cited in Chaudhuri’s claim include Vandepapeliere’s alleged denial of techno’s Black roots, and an alleged refusal to remove the music of Colombian artist Santiago Niño Rodriguez, aka Hermetics — who released the ‘Technosis’ EP on R&S in 2018 — from the label’s catalogue, after anti-Semitic posts from 2015 and 2016 resurfaced online. Further details of these alleged incidents can be found in RA’s report.

Chaudhuri alleges that his employment with R&S was terminated without warning on 29th September, shortly after R&S terminated its contract with LA-based artist Eddington Again, who publicised their dispute with Vandepapeliere some days before. In a series of posts shared to social media at the time, Eddington Again, a Black artist who released an EP on R&S imprint Apollo Records in 2019, outlined an “ongoing dispute” with the label relating to “incorrect splits on late royalty statements”, while also sharing screenshots of email exchanges in which they challenged Vandepapeliere on the lack of women and POC artists on the label. In his responses, Vandepapeliere said “I don’t sign color mate” and stated of a recently signed Black artist: “I hope that I have now found a full pure breed black artist that I can spend my life with in full focus”. Vandepapeliere later issued an apology for his remarks

Vandepapeliere’s comments faced criticism from within the dance music community, including from a number of artists signed to R&S. His use of the phrase “pure breed black artist”, and his claim that the label doesn’t “sign color”, have been labelled as racist, and dismissive of wider concerns surrounding racism within the industry. Artists including Paul Woolford, Forest Drive West and Lone subsequently ended their relationships with the label. 

After being confronted by Chaudhuri via text message following this incident, Vandepapeliere reportedly told him he had “crossed the line” and that “R&S goes my way”. The following day, September 29th, Vandepapeliere allegedly dismissed Chaudhuri with immediate effect and no prior warning. “I cannot work longer without a strong team standing for the company,” he wrote.

Speaking to RA, Chaudhuri said: “I was devastated to lose my job…It was particularly galling to be fired for doing the right thing and trying to get him to do the right thing. I was also on the brink of bringing newfound success and credibility to the label on the back of the diversified artists I was in the process of signing.”

A date is yet to be set for the tribunal hearing. 

Response to RA on behalf of Vandepapeliere and R&S Records Limited:

We have not had an opportunity to prepare our case yet, as the claim has not even been served on us, but given the negative and premature publicity, we feel we have no option but to respond.

Mr. Chaudhuri has been reported to the police which we believe will fall under extortion and blackmail under the Theft Act 1968. On the 29th September, he emailed Mr Renaat Vandepapeliere saying that he would “destroy” him publicly unless he was paid £10,000 for potential future work that never happened.

Mr. Chaudhuri was a freelancer who became disgruntled and was fired due to reasons that would fall under gross misconduct if he had been an employee.

Mr. Chaudhuri has submitted a tribunal case which in its own right proves nothing. We believe Mr Chaudhuri has done this in order to attack Mr Renaat Vandepapeliere in an attempt to sway him away from other legal proceedings and cause the malicious damage that he threatened unless Mr Renaat Vandepapeliere gave into his monetary demands.

Mr Renaat Vandepapeliere is certainly not racist and everyone at R&S Records embraces equality. We are currently taking our own advice on separately pursuing a defamation claim in respect of these spurious, untruthful and damaging allegations. There is simply no truth in anything he says or the allegations that Mr Chaudhuri has made. We have no intention of litigating this in the press and have every confidence that justice will prevail.

Gryffin and Two Feet present an early Valentine’s Day gift: ‘I Want Love’

Gryffin and Two Feet present an early Valentine’s Day gift: ‘I Want Love’65910892 490531138366896 4153419398704817939 N 1

Gryffin‘s sole intention in the erasure of touring has been to set aside an unbounded count of high-class records that plainly warrant the right to be experienced in person, hopefully before the clock strikes 2022. While the deluxe Gravity repackaging still heavily resides in everyone’s daily circuit, Gryffin is now making his company formally known in 2021, aside from the “Safe With Meacoustic, going from “Need Your Love” to “I Want Love” with the help of Two Feet for a one-way ticket into the new year.

The collaborative effort’s sudden disclosure had already skyrocketed any and all expectations, and Gryffin’s brief teaser had only guaranteed that he and Two Feet were qualified sonic equivalents. Arriving just ahead of Valentine’s Day, the aptly named “I Want Love” cleverly lines up Gryffin’s summer-like house craft with Two Feet’s composed, charming tone for a more than tempting holiday giveaway that has the longevity to parlay its way into the rounds well into the warm weather and beyond.

Featured image: Julianna Bernstein

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New York to host 325 free pop-up performances to ‘revitalise spirit and emotional well-being’

New York State is set to host over 300 free pop-up arts and music performances in a bid to “accelerate the revival of the arts” and “revitalise the spirit and emotional well-being of New Yorkers”.

NY PopsUp has been greenlit by New York governor Andrew Cuomo, and is set to kick off on 20th February, running until 6th September. The event series is described as being “the state’s first large-scale model for how to bring live performance back safely after this prolonged COVID-related shutdown”.

Events will take place across the state of New York , and will begin on a very small scale, gradually increasing in size as it becomes safer to do so. Many events as part of the series will not be announced in advance in order to prevent large crowds from gathering. Events will take place in spaces such as parks, subway platforms, museums, skate parks, street corners and storefronts.

Among the musical acts set to perform as part of NY PopsUp are A Tribe Called Quest’s Q-Tip, Patti Smith and Dev Hynes, aka Blood Orange.

“Cities have taken a real blow during COVID, and the economy will not come back fast enough on its own – we must bring it back,” Governor Cuomo said in a statement. “Creative synergies are vital for cities to survive, and our arts and cultural industries have been shut down all across the country, taking a terrible toll on workers and the economy.

“We want to be aggressive with reopening the State and getting our economy back on track, and NY PopsUp will be an important bridge to the broader reopening of our world-class performance venues and institutions.”

Keep up to date with updates on NY PopsUp via its website, and learn more about the project here

Monstercat acquires Silk Music, forms new brand Monstercat Silk

Monstercat acquires Silk Music, forms new brand Monstercat SilkMonstercat Credit Panvelvet E1612974925738

Monstercat has announced the strategic acquisition of LA-based label Silk Music. The newly acquired label has been rebranded as Monstercat Silk and joins Instinct and Uncaged as the organization’s third brand. Silk Music’s focus on progressive, house, trance, breakbeat, and chillout tracks helps to bolster and diversify Monstercat’s portfolio, as CEO Mark Darlington describes:

“Meeting the Silk team in late 2019 proved to be one of the most inspiring interactions of the year. Their passion for beautiful electronic music reminded me of why I first fell in love with the genre. Originally, an acquisition wasn’t on the table but as we continued to work together, it became evident that they would play a critical role in the evolution of Monstercat. I committed early on to supporting all forms of electronic music and the addition of Silk brings us one step closer to achieving that dream. It fits perfectly alongside the likes of Uncaged and Instinct.”

Monstercat Silk will be directed by Jacob Henry, former label director of Silk Music. To celebrate the news, the newly minted label has enlisted Shingo Nakamura for its inaugural release. Nakamura’s “Glow” is a warm progressive house offering and is the titular track from his forthcoming album due in June 2021. New tracks from Kaskade, Vintage & Morelli, A.M.R., Arielle Maren, and PROFF will be released on Monstercat Silk within the next month.

Featured image: Panvelvet

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Deep testing: new Dreadbox Typhon firmware, new powers for this monosynth

Analog synth + Sinevibes digital effects – the Dreadbox Typhon is one of the most compelling synths of the moment. So we turn to one of its bug testers to let us know how to get the most out of this week’s big new update.

Adam Jay is a paid firmware bug tester for Dreadbox, but that means he’s had deep advance access to this new firmware. They add new stuff, he has the job of breaking it – and now it works, so let’s hear what the Typhon can do. -Ed.

Desktop synth, cosmic powers

The developers at Dreadbox have been keeping very busy with consistent firmware updates to their Typhon desktop analog mono synth. This little beast made quite a splash in 2020 thanks to its huge sound, portability, and high-quality Sinevibes effects.  With so much added to it in the past month and a half, we felt it was time to update our original write up, as the Typhon is now a much more capable instrument than before.

Late December’s v3.0 firmware update increased the total modulation targets from thirteen to forty (more on those later), and added a new tempo range of 6BPM to 500BPM for the built-in sequencer, and made that tempo as well as sequencer clock division modulation destinations.  Other necessary things like a screensaver and a preset manager application (Mac+Win) were also added to the package.  These new features gave the Typhon the kind of quirky clocking tricks we’ve come to expect in Eurorack modules, but rarely find in desktop synthesizers.

Targeting computer, on

Let’s talk about those newly added modulation targets and the new “custom targets” feature. There are three main modulators on the Typhon. They can be an LFO, a sample-and-hold, an envelope generator, or a modulation sequencer. Users can mix and match these for each patch, as they see fit. You want three modulation sequencers and no LFOs? Have at it! 

Previously, the targets in the modulators, whilst numerous and all simultaneously available, were still limited when you consider all the other parameters that exist inside the synth. The fixed destinations were limited to things like individual CV control of each of the two oscillators, waveform modulation, filter cutoff, filter FM, and effects mix amounts for each of the three Sinevibes effects processors. All told, there were ten slots, which were a wealth of useful stuff, but only the tip of the Typhon iceberg. 

Custom targets

The v3.0 firmware turned the 3×10 mod matrix into a 3×13 mod matrix by adding three new slots per modulator. You can choose what those targets are, for each M1-M3 modulator and per patch. These are the new “custom targets”.

New destinations include all of the other effect parameters, highpass filter cutoff, sequencer divisions, sequencer tempo, lowpass filter resonance, and modulator levels of neighbor modulators. Yes, you can use one modulator to modulate the modulator before it (but not itself, or the next modulator after it)

It’s important to note that this 3×13 mod matrix is isolated to the M1-M3 mod section of the synth, and does not include all of the new modulation targets available in the Velocity, Aftertouch, Keytrack, and Mod Wheel menus. Each of those mod sources now has access to at least 39 destinations simultaneously. When you add it all up, you can now have some 189 simultaneous modulations running. It’s an incredibly flexible and deep capability for a desktop mono synth.

This week: preview presets and take control with MIDI

Not to be outdone by anyone but themselves, Dreadbox upped the ante this week with the v3.1.1 firmware update which adds a preset preview feature, MIDI output from the sequencer, and new MIDI CC’s for modulator types and effects types.

Using another sequencer, you can now change between that LFO or mod sequencer on modulator #3, per step.  Or maybe you want one bar to use the Ping Pong Delay in FX3 while the next bar switches it to the luscious Cloud Reverb, and then back again.  v3.1.1 makes this possible.

Here it is in action: MIDI control of MOD and FX types!

[embedded content]

Playtime is now

For most of 2020, the Typhon was a fun little hook factory. You could make huge basses and searing leads with it, all with built-in high-quality effects. The interface invited constant knob and slider twiddling, and still does.

But in 2021, the Typhon is a deep modulation playground, where modulators can control the entire synth, each other, and sequencer tempo which can now be used to clock other gear.  I use a small USB battery pack to power mine, affixed with Velcro, to the side of the unit.  With a pair of headphones, I can take it all around the house and really dig in.

Thanks to these latest firmware updates, the digging is deeper than ever.



You can find Adam Jay many places, but Discogs is a good place to start.

Daft Punk fan compiles 500-album list of music related to duo

A Daft Punk devotee has compiled a 500-album list of music for fans to dig into.

Reddit user GlitzyHavoc has created a sprawling and varied list, divided into 10 separate playlists, each comprising albums that Daft Punk fans will enjoy based on their sound and style. 

Six of the ten playlists are based around the genres and styles that informed each Daft Punk album, including their Tron: Legacy soundtrack. For example, the ‘Homework’ playlist comprises French house, techno and deep house releases, while the ‘Discovery’ playlist features more synth-pop, funk, disco and vaporwave. 

Other playlists include ‘Starboy’, which is ostensibly based around music similar to Daft Punk’s collaborative work with The Weeknd. The ‘Daft Club’ playlist is split into two sections: “Select artists that the robots influenced / Albums that have little to no similarity to Daft Punk but fans might enjoy them nonetheless.”

The tenth playlist, ‘Teachers’, features music that directly influenced Daft Punk themselves, including house and techno cuts from the likes of Jeff Mills, Green Velvet, Boo Williams and synth pioneer Wendy Carlos’ original Tron soundtrack. 

GlitzyHavoc has made the playlists available on both Spotify and YouTube, and has also made a handy text version

Daft Punk fans will find a lot to love in this list, and will have a lot of fun sifting through the different genres and influences it touches on. Dig in here

As if that wasn’t enough, a performance from the legendary French electronic duo from over a decade ago was recently uploaded to YouTube. Check that out here

Novation releases new all-in-one groovebox Circuit Tracks

The new unit is designed to be used without a computer

Declan McGlynn

Wednesday, February 10, 2021 – 11:47

Novation has announced a new all-in-one groovebox called Circuit Tracks. The new hardware features six tracks, including four drum tracks and two poly synth tracks, it’s designed to quickly get your ideas down, with built-in FX and a rechargeable battery. There are 32 velocity-sensitive pads for programming synths and drums, and synth parts are powered by the Nova engine, while there are ten knobs up top for tweaking and shaping synth sounds and FX.

There are also two new MIDI tracks that weren’t on the original Circuit, using the MIDI DIN ports round back. Drum sounds are provided by samples using the built-in microSD card slot, which can also store projects, patches and presets from Novation’s Component software. Round back there’s stereo quarter-inch outs and inputs, as well as MIDI DIN and analogue sync out. The battery option means you can quickly pick up the Tracks and start making music without worrying about power cables.

The unit powers and communicates with computers over USB-C. Best of all, it’s only £359 and is available now.

All-in-one units are growing in popularity, with Native Instruments’ Maschine+ and Roland’s VERSELAB both recently announced. 

[embedded content]

Solomun advances sophomore album with ÄTNA-equipped single, ‘Tuk Tuk’

Solomun advances sophomore album with ÄTNA-equipped single, ‘Tuk Tuk’Solomun

In preparation for his upcoming sophomore album Nobody is Not Loved, Solomun deploys his new high energy single, “Tuk Tuk.” Featuring rising art-pop duo ÄTNA, the futuristic tune crash lands as the first album single to see fruition in 2021.

Floating in with airy vocals and an inviting beat, Solomun’s latest offering quickly transitions into a darker, house identity intertwined with velvety vocals and a reverberating bassline that embody a sense of true badassery. Accompanying the new release is the “Tuk Tuk” music video which features one half of ÄTNA, Inéz, fighting her way to eventually becoming a mafia ring leader. Solomun hinges his upcoming album upon the “Tuk Tuk” music video—the intended message being that music will always prevail.

The house veteran has been hard at work over the past year creating his own imprint, NINL, which has housed his latest singles as well as collaborations with the likes of Jamie Foxx, Planningtorock, Zoot Woman, and more. Nobody is Not Loved is set to release May 21, 2021, and fans will hopefully be seeing much more from Solomun until then.

Stream “Tuk Tuk” below.

Featured image: Pacha Ibiza

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Apple Music’s Isgubhu shines curatorial light on African electronic music

Apple Music’s Isgubhu shines curatorial light on African electronic music180603 Hi Black Coffee 002 AR 0 0 E1612935863227

Apple Music has debuted a new platform designed to emphasize key members of Africa’s rapidly expanding electronic dance music community. Isgubhu, derived from a Zulu word for “beat,” will spotlight and curate playlists of African electronic music sub-genres ranging from the funky techno-inspired Gqom to the house music variant Kwaito.

The platform’s launch came with the debut Isgubhu Voices playlist, hosting South African DJ and producer Black Coffee on its first-ever cover. Having recently released his sophomore album Subconsciously, Black Coffee stated of the feature,

“It’s a true honour to be titled as the very first Isgubhu hero artist by my friends at Apple Music. To me, home is everything… the absolute core of my being. Bringing the sounds of South Africa to the world is a life-long mission I’ll never stop chasing after.”

The launch of Isgubhu lands as part of a broader Apple Music initiative to increase their presence in the African music streaming market and give musicians from Africa a global spotlight. Isgubhu is now available in 37 African countries including Nigeria, Madagascar, and Tanzania.

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