D.O.D. reunites with Axtone for a prime piano house single, ‘Sleepless’

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At the tail end of 2020, Axtone had verified that D.O.D. would be making a label homecoming in the new year, and nearly two calendar turns to the day later, his welcomed return has been fully realized. Acting as his sonic preamble to the months ahead, D.O.D. has reconvened under Axwell’s label umbrella with the delivery of “Sleepless.”

D.O.D.’s latest stays one step ahead of the house curve, graciously relocating towards an alternative selfhood relative to the British talent’s preceding 2020 excursions. “Sleepless” drives straight down a picture-perfect lane of piano house to resolve as a number that would have undeniably presented itself as a set staple throughout Miami Music Week this March. It took 23 varied adaptations of the single before ultimately reaching its day of liberation, but D.O.D. shared his overjoyed excitement in returning to Axtone, stating,

“So happy to be releasing another track with the Axtone crew! Putting out something a little different from my past releases with them, shaking things up for 2021. Enjoy!”

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Kiddo Dust and Musa freshen up the pop sphere with ‘Coastin’

Kiddo Dust and Musa freshen up the pop sphere with ‘Coastin’PRODMUSA

Rooted in Connecticut, seventeen year old vocalist Kiddo Dust has captured the attention of the music industry with his wildly infectious voice and a sound mature beyond his years. Following up the recent success of his previous single “Strangers,” the rising star has partnered with acclaimed Brooklyn-based producer Musa to create a fresh pop hit titled “Coastin.” For those unfamiliar with Musa, the producer’s work has landed him coverage by Lyrical Lemonade, Paper, ELEVATOR, and of course, Dancing Astronaut. Now, the result of two emerging icons colliding has delivered something truly special.

“Coastin” simultaneously remains radio-friendly while still offering a fresh take on an otherwise oversaturated genre. Spacey, atmospheric production meshes with the pristine, soothing vocals of Kiddo Dust to illustrate a relatable story of the complications we all face in life and love. A phenomenal example of either a house party anthem or kickback soundtrack, “Coastin” has all the elements of a breakout hit.

Keep an eye on Kiddo Dust and Musa for the rest of 2021 and stream their new track below.

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Escape with Bishu’s prismatic new single, ‘Worst Behavior’ with Dani King

Escape with Bishu’s prismatic new single, ‘Worst Behavior’ with Dani KingBishu

Since debuting on Monstercat in 2017 with single “Bomb,” Bishu has been a versatile frequenter on the esteemed Canadian label, steadily racking up a bountiful portfolio over the years. Having closed out 2020 with a Monstercat entry, the Halifax-hailing producer now follows suit with more Monstercat love as he christens his 2021 discography with “Worst Behavior,” featuring Dani King.

Bishu’s pop-leaning inflections take on a revitalized form in the new track, molding upbeat melodies with a multicolored soundscape that crosses over free-spirited, introspective, and dreamlike terrains. The production balances groovy bass riffs with vocal interludes while incorporating trap beats, all unified by a prismatic aura of glowing, wide-eyed escapism.

Stream Bishu’s “Worst Behavior” featuring Dani King below.

Featured image: Bishu/Facebook

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Good Morning Mix: Virgil Abloh’s multi-artistic Louis Vuitton 5.1 after set

Good Morning Mix: Virgil Abloh’s multi-artistic Louis Vuitton 5.1 after setVirgil Abloh Benji B Honey Dijon Pioneer Dj Gear 01

Virgil Abloh has long demonstrated that his artisan capabilities are limitless, with his DJ set for the Louis Vuitton 5.1 fashion show after-party in Shanghai, China being one of several testimonials on top of his tenure as the Off-White™ founder and Louis Vuitton artistic director.

The set commences with an innate mix of crafty transitions and proper Chicagoan house fillers, which might catch first-time listeners off-guard. The fashion designer is seen performing on his eye-catching collaboration project with Pioneer DJ in which he produced a pair of custom-made translucent CDJs and mixer that has since been on display at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

The DJ and entrepreneur recently released a single titled “Delicate Limbs,” with serpentwithfeet, accompanied with gripping and emotional visuals. Abloh’s Louis Vuitton after-party DJ set can be rewatched below via his very own programming station, Televised Radio Network.

Featured image: Brian Arch/Getty Images

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New university course in Electronic Music & Business launched in UK

A new university course in Electronic Music & Business has been launched in the UK.

WaterBear – The College of Music in Brighton has launched a brand new course in Electronic Music & Business, fully accredited and approved by Falmouth University, and covering a vast range of modules built on three fundamental elements: music, career, and projects.

The course will be delivered onsite and online, and has been curated by the some of the UK’s key players, including Brighton Music Conference founder, Billy Mauseth, DJ and producer Just Her, James Fitchett AKA Prok | Fitch, and veteran producer Tim Belcher.

The modules include music production, performance, music business, one-to-one mentoring and access to professional studios, and work experience, which will include work at leading radio stations, record labels, festivals, and live events.

Students will study across a citywide campus in the heart of Brighton, with facilities including two Apple Mac suites, recording & mix studios, rehearsal rooms, and of course WaterBear’s very own seafront venue.

To arrange a personal one-to-one consultation for the course, you can email enquiries@waterbear.org.uk. For those who choose to study the course fully online, a £750 studio grant and a Slate ‘all access bundle’ is provided so electronic music producers can learn and work on their own equipment.

In January, Education & Bass announced that they would be offering free DJ and music production courses for 7-16 year olds.

Read our 2020 feature from Emma Davies AKA E.M.M.A., who, in the the first of our new series exploring the basics of music production, dissects common misconceptions around what a mixdown really is and how to approach it.

New App, Glover, Lets You Play Anything Like A Theremin

[embedded content]

MiMU, the company behind the MiMU Gloves gestural MIDI controller, has introduced Glover, a new environment for connecting motion-tracking devices to your music software.

Glover lets you map physical gestural to MIDI (or OSC), letting you create your own gestural language for music making. The software supports a wide range of motion tracking devices, including iPhone, Leap Motion, micro:bit and the MiMU Gloves.

With Glover, you can essentially play anything – your soft synths, your hardware or your DAW – like a theremin. But machine learning means that you can use gesture recognition to go even further.

Glover is essentially the heart of the MiMu Gloves – letting you control how your physical gestures – captured via sensors – are translated into musical information. It lets you take motion tracking devices and customize how they control music software, such as Ableton Live, Mainstage or Logic Pro.

Gesture recognition algorithms analyze the data coming in from your sensor, and then let you map it to MIDI or OSC. For example, you might make a ‘fist’ to start recording a loop ,or move your hand upwards to add reverb to your voice.

Glover was originally designed as the mapping environment for the MiMU Gloves, but it has been expanded to support a wider range of devices.


  • Dedicated software for composing and performing music using movement, connecting to third party music software
  • Supports movement based controllers including iPhone, Leap Motion, micro:bit, and more.
  • Connect your movements and gestures to MIDI / OSC
  • Gesture recognition via machine learning.
  • Design your own expressive language for music by creating unique mappings.
  • Integrates with MiMU’s free smartphone app Gliss
  • Includes license for Arturia Analog Lab Intro

Pricing and Availability

Glover is available now for $159. A demo version is also available.

Synthetic Sound Labs Thundrum MU Drum Module Hands-On Demo

[embedded content]

This video, via alternatingbitmusic, takes an in-depth look at the Synthetic Sound Labs Thundrum, a 5U analog drum synth module.

The ThunDrum 1140 is a two oscillator FM percussive membrane / metal based drum voice, in a single width MU module (Dotcom-compatible Moog Unit).

As the video demonstrates, ThunDrum is designed to let you create a wide range of classic analog drum synth sounds – along with more experimental sounds.

Details on the Thundrum are available at the SSL site.

Swedish House Mafia are back in the studio, apparently

The trio’s manager and art director shared cryptic studio footage on social media this week 

DJ Mag Staff

Wednesday, February 10, 2021 – 13:36

Swedish House Mafia appear to be back in the studio, according to some cryptic social media posts from their team.

Instagram videos from the EDM trio’s manager Max Holmstrand and art director Alexander Wessely – both of which you can see below – have been circulating in the past 24 hours, appearing to hint that some sort of project is in the works. Fans have been speculating about various elements of the videos, including the appearance of the trio’s speaking voices,  what sounds like new music, and what appears to be the mysterious filming of some artistic visuals. 

It may seem vague, but fans have become accustomed to the trio’s cryptic teasers when it comes to announcements. Back in 2018, Swedish House Mafia led a campaign of mysterious public messaging and signage as they prepared for their surprise reunion at Ultra Music Festival, and have since used similar tactics and countdowns on their website to announce live shows,  such as their long-awaited hometown show at Stockholm’s Tele2 Arena.

Whether or not these new videos will lead to much is anyone’s guess. While they’ve been promising that new music is imminent for years,  going so far as to share an in-the-studio photo with legendary producer Mike Dean in 2019, there’s been no official SHM music released in almost a decade. Maybe that’s about to change.  

New SHM ID? from r/SwedishHouseMafia

This is the same studio from yesterday… Max Holmstrad posted this to his story. from r/SwedishHouseMafia

[embedded content]

Porter Robinson shares self-reflective message with new ‘Look at the Sky’ visual

Porter Robinson shares self-reflective message with new ‘Look at the Sky’ visualEMgbM gAEHMA

With every one of Nurture‘s visual components, Porter Robinson continues to eclipse his own imagination in bringing his 14-track sophomore album, now scheduled for April 23, into reality. Exactly two weeks after “Look at the Sky” became the album’s fourth single, Porter Robinson is now attaching an introspective video in an effort to expose all of the emotion bottled inside the Secret Sky closing number.

Following his self-directed “Mirror” masterwork, the new video for “Look at the Sky” secures the backing of Samuel Burgess-Johnson as Robinson places himself in an all-but-desolate setting, surrounded by a harrowing group of ghost producer-looking figures to send the message that his work wouldn’t be what it is without others. He shared a detailed explanation into the exact meaning behind the video, stating,

“Sometimes when making music or art, we can think of ourselves as working alone. But that isn’t ever really the case — if I think about it, if I was raised in total isolation without exposure to culture, I would never have come up with any of the concepts of harmony, rhythm. None of us alone could have come up with the idea of twelve notes in a scale, the idea of chords, the idea of melody, the concept of a ‘chorus’ or ‘verse’ or ‘drum’ — much less would I be able to conceptualize and build an instrument or computer and all of its components. Everything we create is a collaboration with millions of strangers. And by creating and sharing our ideas, we’re afforded the gift of being able to contribute to this legacy. I think of the story of human creativity as this beautiful tapestry that each of us is given the very very brief opportunity to sew our own patch onto. The “Look at the Sky” video is about the beauty I find in this cycle. whereas the meaning of the song is more directly about the value of hope and resilience in the face of despair. But with the video, I wanted to extend the idea of ‘being alive next year’ from being literal into being a metaphor about the things we can contribute to this world that will outlast us.”

Watch the “Look at the Sky” video in its entirety below, and look for Robinson’s Nurture LP to land in full via Mom + Pop Music this spring.

Featured image: Jasmine Safaeian

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Kygo set to perform atop Sunnmøre Alps in Norway

Kygo set to perform atop Sunnmøre Alps in NorwayKygo 2 Credit Johannes Lovund

Kygo is teaming up with Moment House for a virtual live set—this time atop of the Sunnmøre Alps in Norway. Adding Kygo to a list of marquee names which include Justin Bieber, Flux Pavilion, Halsey, and more, Moment House’s livestream events have yet to disappoint, and this enamoring virtual experience will more than likely follow suit.

Still reeling from the success of his 2020 album, Golden Hour—one of Dancing Astronaut’s Albums of The Year—Kygo assures dance music fans that 2021 will start off with a bang as well. Bringing special guests to the snowy Norweigan summit, in addition to Moment House’s impeccable production design, Kygo’s upcoming virtual outing will not be a set to miss.

Presale tickets for the event are available now, while general ticket sales begin on Friday, February 12 at 10:00 a.m. local time and can be purchased here. The show will be airing March 4 and 5, depending on time zone. Check below to find out when to tune in.

Kygo set to perform atop Sunnmøre Alps in NorwayKygo Momenthouse 1

North & South America: March 4th, 06:00 PM PT / 09:00 PM ET
Asia, Australia & New Zealand: March 5th, 06:00 PM JST / 08:00 PM AEDT
Europe, UK & Africa: March 5th, 06:00 PM GMT

Featured image: Johannes Lovund

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