Inside The Sound Of The Queen’s Gambit

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In this video, composer Carlos Rafael Rivera takes a look at the sound design of his soundtrack for the hit Netflix series, The Queen’s Gambit.

Rivera gives a breakdown of the sonic palette he used for creating the soundtrack, discussing how he selected virtual instruments to use in the score, and how he paired them or tweaked them for creative effect.

Must-listen: Brando Valli stocks the Snse queue with ‘We Need Love’

Must-listen: Brando Valli stocks the Snse queue with ‘We Need Love’Screen Shot 2021 02 12 At 5.20.54 PM

Given The Four Seasons’ doo-wop sensibilities and rock inclinations, listeners likely would not have expected Frankie Valli’s son Brando Valli to foray into dance music—much less drum ‘n’ bass—but Dancing Astronaut is sure of one thing: we’re damn glad he did. After forging a name-making campaign that culminated in five singles—the first of which (“Orisha,” July 2020) christened Valli as Snse as the remaining four gave shape to his emerging sound—Valli is further carving Snse’s niche in the electronic space with “We Need Love.”

The spry outing, made in step with Elijah Blake, is a burst of energy bottled in a three-minute and 25-second runtime. The ear-hooking new number has a freshness to it; it doesn’t sound like anything that listeners might find on a streaming platform’s “new music Friday” playlist—and that’s just part of “We Need Love’s” novelty. Take it from us: “We Need Love” is an effervescent microcosm of why you want to be watching what’s next to come out of the Snse camp.

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Synthesist Steve Roach Launches Free 24×7 Ambient ‘Immersion Zone’

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Synthesist and ambient/space music artist Steve Roach let us know that he’s launched a 24×7 Immersion Zone on Youtube (embedded above), which features his soundscapes paired with slowly evolving visuals.

The streaming channel builds on Roach’s Immersion series of albums and his Immersion iOS Apps, created with developer Eric Freeman, which generatively create unique versions of Roach’s music.

Here’s what they have to say about the new project:

“The Immersion Zone is a 24/7 streaming sanctuary of deep sonic submersions and infinitely evolving visual apparitions. This experience draws from Steve’s acclaimed long-form zones and from the four Immersion Station apps which offered an evolving mix of deep, dark and warm Immersion environments.

This groundbreaking collaboration between Steve and software artist Eric Freeman has now transformed into this new living breathing self-propagating realm. The Immersion Zone will stream 24/7/365 ongoing and continue to evolve with extended sonic and visual zones unique to this site. Nourish your own inner realms as the space we are offering is created to inspire a deeper peace, re-connection to the core and support meditations upon the edge forever…”

Hear the first single from A Tribe Called Quest’s Phife Dawg’s posthumous album, ‘Nutshell Pt. 2’

ATCQ announced the album in November last year

DJ Mag Staff

Friday, February 12, 2021 – 11:48

The first single from A Tribe Called Quest’s Phife Dawg’s posthumous album, ‘Nutshell Pt. 2’, is out now.

Last year, legendary hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest revealed that an LP from founding member, Phife Dawg, would be released in 2021: “early next year you will all get to hear a new Phife album”. 

Now, an updated version of Phife Dawg’s posthumous track ‘Nutshell’, released in 2016, has been shared as the LP’s first official single, and it features New York-born rapper Busta Rhymes alongside Def Jam’s Redman.

Phife Dawg co-founded A Trible Called Quest with Q-Tip, co-producer Ali Shaheed Muhammad and rapper Jarobi White, who left the group in 1991. He died in March 2016 at the age of 45 after suffering complications from diabetes. 

Check out ‘Nutshell Pt. 2’ below.

In 2019, New York rapper Consequence shared a new track featuring Phife Dawg in honour of what would have been the US rapper’s 49th birthday.

Dua Lipa returns with deluxe ‘Future Nostalgia (The Moonlight Edition)’

Dua Lipa returns with deluxe ‘Future Nostalgia (The Moonlight Edition)’Dua Lipa

Catching a glimpse back at the massive success of her 2020 album, Future Nostalgia, as well as the phenomenally produced mixed edition, Club Future Nostalgia, courtesy of the Blessed Madonna, pop empress Dua Lipa is back once again, this time with extending the record’s shelf life with Future Nostalgia (The Moonlight Edition).

Teasing fans since the release of the initial album last March, Lipa has been hanging onto unreleased tracks from Future Nostalgia for almost a full year. In addition to the 11 finely crafted tracks fans have been incessantly jamming to for the last 11 months, the new deluxe cut of the album features eight additional new songs. The Moonlight Edition provides Dua Lipa devotees with singles including “If It Ain’t Me” and “That Kind of Woman,” to the most recent debut, “We’re Good.” The album also features her latest collaborations with Miley Cyrus, JID, Da Baby and more. Stream below.

Featured image: Ian Gavan/Getty Images

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Rebecca Black shares souped-up remix of ‘Friday’ with 3OH!3, Dorian Electra, Big Freedia in celebration of 10 year anniversary

Rebecca Black shares souped-up remix of ‘Friday’ with 3OH!3, Dorian Electra, Big Freedia in celebration of 10 year anniversaryRebecca Black 6 ByJadeDeRose 1 1

Going viral online was still a relatively new phenomenon when then 13-year-old Rebecca Black released her unforgettable debut, “Friday” back in 2011. The absurdly infectious amateur pop one-off launched Black into white-hot ephemeral fame at the time, racking up millions of plays and establishing the foundation of Black’s YouTube and recording career. Now, as a fully anointed child of the Internet with a Gold plaque to show for it, Black is a highly successful YouTuber and a fledging songwriter, and she’s celebrating her breakout single’s 10 year anniversary in style.

Super-charging “Friday” with a puckering hyperpop remix that pays endearing homage to its original counterpart, 100 Gecs‘ Dylan Brady, Dorian Electra, bounce deity Big Freedia, and 3OH!3 all pile on with Black for a rework perfectly fit for 2021. The souped new version of “Friday” comes with an equally enhanced new video to boot, juxtaposing the original video’s cheeky visuals against a sleeker, futuristic backdrop that’s just as electrified as the remix it accompanies.

Take a walk down memory lane with the new “Friday” remix below—or, put the pedal to the floor and speed down memory lane doing 120.

Featured image: Jade DeRose

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Dutch government shares plans to allow festivals to run this summer

Dutch government shares plans to allow festivals to run this summerAwakenings Festival

After the announcement of an event cancellation fund by the Dutch government in late January, festivals are gearing up to make their return this summer. With a commencement date of July 1, the €300 million guarantee fund will insure events cancelled due to COVID-19, allowing organizers to plan for the second half of 2021 without financial risk.

Similar to those announced in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, the government reserve will cover musical festivals, business fairs, and sports competitions that attract over 3000 attendees. Netherlands festivals have already followed suit to prepare for programming later this year. Some such as Awakenings and DGTL—both of which are now slated to take place September 11-12—have pivoted to reschedule their customary event dates to the fall in order to receive insurance from the fund.

Drum ‘n’ bass festival Liquicity has also communicated the good news to its ticketholders and prospective attendees, reflected in a risk-free ticket policy. The fund has driven an optimistic outlook for the impending festival season, as echoed by Liquicity organizers who state,

“Festivals in The Netherlands are currently selling out in record pace due to this new government announcement.”

Via: Mixmag

Featured image: Awakenings

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Stream mau5trap’s ‘We Are Friends, Vol. 10’ with Wolfgang Gartner, ATTLAS, deadmau5, Grabbitz

Stream mau5trap’s ‘We Are Friends, Vol. 10’ with Wolfgang Gartner, ATTLAS, deadmau5, Grabbitz135001568 424907518923035 1949888365028123453 N

Nine years after the first compilation debuted, mau5trap shares the 10th installation of its storied series We Are Friends. The WAF series usually features fresh talent, but volume 10 shifts towards the history of mau5trap by putting the label’s veterans at the forefront. The vast experience and diverse skillset of the enlisted artists makes for a sprawling and exciting listen covering a wide array of genres.

The compilation opens on a couple of progressive cuts courtesy of deadmau5 and ATTLAS, and later moves on to Wolfgang Gartner and No Mana‘s electro house alongside Rinzen and Pig&Dan‘s melodic house. WAFX even tests the waters of tech house and dubstep thanks to MOGUAI and Mr. Bill‘s inventive singles, respectively. We Are Friends, Vol. 10 also arrives with a mini mix put together by No Mana, running through all 18 tracks in just 20 minutes.

Featured image: Leah Sems

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object blue returns to TT label with new audio-visual EP, ‘Grotto’

object blue will return to TT label with a new audio-visual EP, ‘Grotto’.

Following her debut EP on the label (fka Tobago Tracks), ‘Do you plan to end a siege?’, back in 2018, London-based DJ and producer presents a brand new audio-visual fairytale in the form of ‘Grotto’.

Brimming with story-telling synths, warped melodies and blue’s signature, gritty percussion, the EP will be released alongside a unique virtual live show directed by object blue and her wife and creative partner, Natalia Podgórska.

Speaking about ‘Grotto’, blue said: Grotto is a stage. It’s not a soundtrack to an existing play, but whilst creating it I was thinking about the space we move in, the characters we play, the dialogues that happen. Grotto is a bit like if King Lear had been a millennial soap opera with a happy ending; it’s me sublimating my difficult relationship with the home.

“I could only envision ‘Procession of Healers’ because I survived this weird drama and I can look at it from a distance, as I am happy now. I come to this theme time and time again, but especially now because we’ve all been quarantined in our homes, and we’ve experienced the erosion of spacial boundary in our lives.”

‘Grotto’ will be premiered via the TT twitch channel on the 5th march. In the meantime, you can check out the EP’s trailer, which is soundtracked by single ‘Opened Close’, below.

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In 2019, object blue remixed Murlo as part of the latter’s recently-announced ‘Dolos: Flashbacks’ series.

Secrets Of Weirdcore & The Visuals Of Aphex Twin

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This video, via It’s Nice That, captures a presentation by designer Weirdcore that offers a rare look into his visual art for Aphex Twin.

Using live generated elements – combined with trippy and intense pop culture imagery, manipulated in real time – Weirdcore creates visuals that pair perfectly with the music of Aphex Twin.

Here’s a short example of his work:

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