Kaskade completes Rocket League-commissioned ‘Reset’ EP with ‘Miles To Go’ featuring Ella Vos

Kaskade completes Rocket League-commissioned ‘Reset’ EP with ‘Miles To Go’ featuring Ella VosKaskade

Kaskade has released the final single from Reset, his first EP of the year and first-ever EP to be released via Monstercat. Reset‘s finale, “Miles To Go,” features Ella Vos and showcases Kaskade’s emotive side with nostalgic house notes that fuse with Vos’s dreamy vocals. The serene soundscape instills a sense of calm, proving the perfect final touch to the four-track EP.

Reset has been produced in collaboration with Rocket League for the game’s music-themed second season. Of note, Kaskade is the first artist that Rocket League aligned with for an entire season. Kaskade discussed the partnership in an official release, stating,

“Working with Rocket League as the first artist to conceptualize and create music for an entire season of their game was such an honor, and I also knew I couldn’t mess it up…gamers take their music and sonic landscapes very seriously. So while I felt a little pressure, it was mostly just an amazing time to pull together songs that could really go along with the various moods that we go through while immersed in a game like Rocket League. They’re finally all getting a release together on the Reset EP which will include my final song, ‘Miles to Go’ with Ella Vos, so the entire experience can be found in one place.”

The single arrives via Monstercat Silk, the label’s third brand, forged after Monstercat’s recent acquisition of Silk Music, a leading progressive and deep house label. Over the past three years, Monstercat has provided the soundtrack to Rocket League with more than 100 songs.

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um..’s distinctive flair is on full display on ‘Spooky’

um..’s distinctive flair is on full display on ‘Spooky’Um..

Over the past few years, Ben Bruce and Dylan Gold—known collectively as um..—have been motivated by the following belief: their approach to electronic production is novel—antithetical even—to the established sounds in the dance space. “We don’t want to follow an abused and over saturated path devoid of any creativity or evolution. We have found a direction that is new, fun and creatively unique,” they’ve stated. After formally making their acquaintance with the industry in 2015 through their Pay Attention EP, Bruce and Gold, whose paths crossed at Icon Collective, have been on a compelling quest to exemplify just what they’ve claimed.

“Spooky,” which doubles as their latest single and their sophomore one-off of the calendar year, further strengthens this initiative, bringing bass-fluent boldness to its distributor, dotdot. The rumbling Halloween referent would readily nestle in one of RL Grime‘s Halloween” mix tracklists, but presently adds a touch of crepuscular quirkiness to streaming platforms. Overall, “Spooky” serves as an enticing first taste of um.. style for those unfamiliar with Bruce and Gold’s roving co-initiative, The single invites listeners who’ve not further explored um..’s catalog to get right down to it. And, with Deadbeats and Wakaan among the labels to welcome um..’s efforts, the duo doesn’t come without a substantial co-sign—though this is apparent with just one stream below.

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Sultan + Shepard issue final ‘Something, Everything’ single, ‘White Lies’

Sultan + Shepard issue final ‘Something, Everything’ single, ‘White Lies’Sultan Shepard

With their highly anticipated Something, Everything LP just days away, Sultan + Shepard share one final taste of what’s shaping out to be a sensational record. Newest single “White Lies” features the robust melodic house elements expected from a This Never Happened release, but at only 83 BPM the single offers a much slower groove to settle into. On social media, Sultan + Shepard shared the inspirations behind the song:

It’s a song about the stories we tell ourselves in order to make ourselves feel better. It’s also a song about being honest with yourself and using that honesty as a way to let go and move forward.

“White Lies” features vocal work from The Cut, whose nearly falsetto singing blends well with the measured instrumental. Sultan + Shepard’s first two Something, Everything singles “Solid Gold Love” and “Assassin” are two uplifting singles firmly rooted in progressive house. Meanwhile, third single “nCNTRL” and now “White Lies” both trend towards mellow and downtempo directions. With no more indication for the remaining tracks on the forthcoming album, fans will be curious to see if the slower tracks represent a bulk of the record or if they are outliers among an upbeat house experience. Something, Everything will be released on This Never Happened March 12, 2021.

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What Would Jexus Do? (Arturia MatrixBrute Edition)

[embedded content]

If you’ve ever looked an Arturia MatrixBrute synthesizer and wondered “What Would Jexus Do?”, this video has got you covered.

Sound designer Jexus / WC Olo Garb gives the MatrixBrute a workout, demonstrating a wide range of custom sounds.

“I’m a fan of everything gnarly, dirty, organic, wonky & unstable (because I want music to sound that way too). And the Matrixbrute timbre is all of that,” notes Jexus. “It’s almost acoustic – it reminds me of the way the soviet Polivoks behaved. It’s the most alive timbre I’ve heard in a decade, and for me that one characteristic places the Matrixbrute among the best modern synths.”

Sounds and timings:

0:00 dawless & clueless
0:45 gentlepeople
1:07 this is duo-split
1:36 they mess with my brain
2:04 stand still or give organs
2:28 suburban urbanite
2:43 arpeggiator walkthrough
3:07 save (by buying more)
3:22 sometimes i wish i was a monk
3:43 a famous song recreated
3:59 a famous song deconstructed
4:12 dirty! loathsome! oily! scrotum!
4:23 the last famous song recreation
4:40 i’m afraid of the endtimes
5:03 he didn’t want to wear a mask
5:28 click like if u like this content
5:49 joseph conrad
6:11 gorelink
6:59 long & fruitless hunt for arapaima
7:35 count me out
7:55 which side of the zoo are we on
8:15 the amazing self-ratcheting bass
8:27 hijaz kar
8:49 miriwoong comb woorlang
9:17 they’re here
9:53 deepstate
10:20 most iconic aerophone riff
10:37 sound design
11:06 weird side of things
11:37 bonus track

Pricing and Availability

The Jexus MatrixBrute sound library is available now for € 24,00.