Sultan + Shepard issue final ‘Something, Everything’ single, ‘White Lies’

Sultan + Shepard issue final ‘Something, Everything’ single, ‘White Lies’Sultan Shepard

With their highly anticipated Something, Everything LP just days away, Sultan + Shepard share one final taste of what’s shaping out to be a sensational record. Newest single “White Lies” features the robust melodic house elements expected from a This Never Happened release, but at only 83 BPM the single offers a much slower groove to settle into. On social media, Sultan + Shepard shared the inspirations behind the song:

It’s a song about the stories we tell ourselves in order to make ourselves feel better. It’s also a song about being honest with yourself and using that honesty as a way to let go and move forward.

“White Lies” features vocal work from The Cut, whose nearly falsetto singing blends well with the measured instrumental. Sultan + Shepard’s first two Something, Everything singles “Solid Gold Love” and “Assassin” are two uplifting singles firmly rooted in progressive house. Meanwhile, third single “nCNTRL” and now “White Lies” both trend towards mellow and downtempo directions. With no more indication for the remaining tracks on the forthcoming album, fans will be curious to see if the slower tracks represent a bulk of the record or if they are outliers among an upbeat house experience. Something, Everything will be released on This Never Happened March 12, 2021.

Featured image: Sultan + Shepard / Facebook

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