What Would Jexus Do? (Arturia MatrixBrute Edition)

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If you’ve ever looked an Arturia MatrixBrute synthesizer and wondered “What Would Jexus Do?”, this video has got you covered.

Sound designer Jexus / WC Olo Garb gives the MatrixBrute a workout, demonstrating a wide range of custom sounds.

“I’m a fan of everything gnarly, dirty, organic, wonky & unstable (because I want music to sound that way too). And the Matrixbrute timbre is all of that,” notes Jexus. “It’s almost acoustic – it reminds me of the way the soviet Polivoks behaved. It’s the most alive timbre I’ve heard in a decade, and for me that one characteristic places the Matrixbrute among the best modern synths.”

Sounds and timings:

0:00 dawless & clueless
0:45 gentlepeople
1:07 this is duo-split
1:36 they mess with my brain
2:04 stand still or give organs
2:28 suburban urbanite
2:43 arpeggiator walkthrough
3:07 save (by buying more)
3:22 sometimes i wish i was a monk
3:43 a famous song recreated
3:59 a famous song deconstructed
4:12 dirty! loathsome! oily! scrotum!
4:23 the last famous song recreation
4:40 i’m afraid of the endtimes
5:03 he didn’t want to wear a mask
5:28 click like if u like this content
5:49 joseph conrad
6:11 gorelink
6:59 long & fruitless hunt for arapaima
7:35 count me out
7:55 which side of the zoo are we on
8:15 the amazing self-ratcheting bass
8:27 hijaz kar
8:49 miriwoong comb woorlang
9:17 they’re here
9:53 deepstate
10:20 most iconic aerophone riff
10:37 sound design
11:06 weird side of things
11:37 bonus track

Pricing and Availability

The Jexus MatrixBrute sound library is available now for € 24,00.