The Chemical Brothers share new dub mix for themed radio series

The Chemical Brothers have shared a brand new mix.

Earlier this year, Sonos announced a new series of personal radio stations, curated by a number of huge artists including Björk, FKA twigs and D’Angelo. Legendary electronic duo The Chemical Brothers were also announced for the Sonos Radio roster, presenting a new mix each week via their station: Radio Chemical.

Their first episode features a dub themed mix, taking “a deep dig” into The Bros’ record collections, with tracks from Creation Rebel, Sir Horatio, and King Tubby.

“The “in dub mix ” channels our love of dub music – where the foundation is drum and bass and the lead instrument is the mixing desk, where a delay feeding back on itself can be as exciting as a heartfelt lyric,” the duo said. “A lot of this music pushes the boundaries of what can be done with a multi track and an application of echo, eq and phase. It’s a constant inspiration to us of what is possible in the studio and the myriad of ways you can find to interpret a song.”

You can check out the mix below.

Last year, David Guetta remixed Chemical Brothers’ classic track ‘Hey Boy, Hey Girl’ under his Jack Back alias.

Good Morning Mix: Blanke delivers a masterclass in drum ‘n’ bass from Australia

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The one-year anniversary of the “official” onset of the COVID-19 pandemic arrives in mid March, and the feeling behind witnessing in-person concerts is still all too surreal. Just over a month ago, Blanke was fortunate enough to take a real-life stage in his homeland of Australia and introduce his new fine-tuned drum ‘n’ bass live concept, ÆON:MODE. The producer was more than charitable enough to not only record the night in Brisbane, but also upload the complete one-hour video.

With Australia currently past the 50-day mark of zero community transmission and having held COVID-19 under control since the better half of 2020, live entertainment, as well as everyday life, around the continent has returned to some semblance of normalcy. Blanke took the golden opportunity to rinse nearly an hour of unbroken drum ‘n’ bass, powering through his newest offering “Mystery” and a rework of Knife Party‘s “Bonfire” as well as countless other unreleased tracks and edits.

Watch Blanke’s complete ÆON:MODE stream below.

Featured image: Curdin Photo

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Trance fans amongst happiest music listeners, new study finds

Trance fans are among the happiest music listeners, a new study has found.

As part of an independently conducted survey, OnBuy online marketplace analysed more than two million Reddit comments from the subreddits of 27 different music genres, observing how many times happy or excitable emotions were expressed when speaking about respective genres.

Among the top 10 happy genres were jazz, grunge and trance, with the latter racking up a total of 7,157 positive worded comments out of 14,198 – equating to 50 positive mentions per 100 comments. 

Moving into the top 20, techno, EDM and house also appeared, with EDM’s total positive comments totalling over 18,000, and techno receiving 37 positive responses per 100. House ranked lowest, with 2,602 positive comments found in subreddits.

The survey also noted the music fans that use the least positive language online, with drill, grime and drum & bass appearing in the top five, and punk fans using the most profanities on the site.

You can see the full details of the study here.

Uplifting melodies, massive breakdowns, a thousand arms raised aloft waiting for the drop — these tropes have ensured trance has remained popular for nearly 30 years. For a recent DJ Mag feature, Harold Heath investigated an AI experiment to discover the science behind why fans just can’t get enough.

In February, a study from a Turkish cosmetic transplant company found that techno is the least relaxing genre of music.