Leeds’ Sable Radio launches mentorship programme for young Black people entering broadcasting

Leeds’ Sable Radio has launched their first mentorship and training programme, ReSound, for young Black people looking to enter the world of broadcasting.

Designed to be a full introduction to radio broadcasting, sound engineering and live event production, the ReSound bursary also comes with a £1,000 grant for each participant to develop a unique project. 

Each of the four selected participants in the project will be paid £100 a day for 15 days work in the Sable studio, where they will help on existing Sable projects. Participants will also be able to explore varying areas that interest them, including social media management, journalism and editorial, and photography.

Participants will also receive four one-on-one sessions with a range of industry mentors, take part in a number of workshops and masterclasses, and work with Sable to produce their own live event.

“We’re quite a young organisation and something we all noticed ourselves over the past few years was the lack of paid creative opportunities and routes into creative careers in Leeds, particularly for young Black people in a city where music and arts are so white dominated,” Sable co-founder Baile Ali told DJ Mag. “So ReSound was dreamt up to address those imbalances and think about how we can actually give young Black people the opportunities and support in a sustainable way.”

“All of the participants will work with us at the station, so we’re really just looking for people with a passion for music, and beyond that we want to cater around each participant’s particular interests,” Ali added. “Maybe one of the participants is particularly interested in editorials so we’d try and match their mentorship around that, or maybe it’s sound engineering or programming that they want to focus on, so the programme is flexible to that.”

The project is funded by Youth Music, and is supported by DJ Mag. Alongside general support and amplification, DJ Mag will be working in partnership with Sable Radio to create a Radio & Podcast workshop for the chosen grantees.

Applications are now open to Black people aged 18-24 in Leeds. “We want to prioritise applications from women and non-binary people as we recognise that these groups are really under-represented in Leeds’ music industry, especially in technical/creative roles,” Sable says.

Learn more about the ReSound project here.

Submit an application by Monday 5th April at 5pm here. Alternatively, applicants can record a five minute video or voice note answering the questions in the application form and send it to Sable at sableradio@gmail.com (Dropbox, Wetransfer + Google Drive are recommended).

The Sable Radio crew have been interviewed for two recent DJ Mag features. Read all about how independent radio has thrived during the pandemic here, and about how to get your very own radio show here

Premiere: Jack Trades enlists sahara’s vocals for deeply personal new single, ‘Change Your Mind’

Premiere: Jack Trades enlists sahara’s vocals for deeply personal new single, ‘Change Your Mind’Jack Trades Press Image

Producer Jack Trades has enlisted the enchanting vocals of sahara on his latest single, “Change Your Mind.” The two Canadian forces unite on a track that strikes a deeply personal chord for both artists, exploring feelings of love, loss, commitment, and consistency on their new joint effort.

Trades is coming off of last year’s sweeping hit, “Kill Me Slowly” alongside Heather Janssen, racking in multiple millions of streams as he continues to build out an enticingly melodic house catalog. Lesser known vocalist sahara more recently emerged on the scene, but with her exceptionally distinguished vocal work on “Change Your Mind,” expect to hear sahara’s voice on an abundance of releases going forward. Speaking on “Change Your Mind,” Jack Trades shares,

“There is something special about a sad song that is absolutely personal and authentic, “Change Your Mind” is just that song. We often end up staying in relationships that have no future, even though we know the final outcome. But at the end of the day, we are only human and it’s okay to go through those emotions.”

Certainly house music from core to perimeter, the track is more of a mood-setter than a setlist ignitor, and while “Change Your Mind” is equipped with a faint dancefloor appeal, the collaborative single is probably more apt for a solitary listen with a good pair of headphones. Hear “Change Your Mind” below.

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Yotto journeys to an ice-cold forest in Finland for a breathtaking stream [Watch]

Yotto journeys to an ice-cold forest in Finland for a breathtaking stream [Watch]Screen Shot 2021 03 11 At 1.30.05 PM

A year into the COVID-19 pandemic and artists are still constantly managing to reinvent the DJ streaming space. Traveling to the deepest depths of Lapland, Finalnd, Yotto brought nothing beyond a small team, a generator, CDJs, drones, and filming equipment as he captured a jaw-dropping performance in a freezing -5°F environment across three consecutive days.

Making for one of the singlest most inventive DJ booths to date, Yotto and his team set up shop by actually carving out an area in the middle of the snow to stand in. Briefly troubled with a handful of “technical difficulties and lost drones,” the Odd One Out leader kept his hands warm as he soundtracked a desolate Finnish forest with more than an hour of astounding melodic numbers, including two unreleased collaborations with both Cristoph as well as Stephen Jolt, an incoming remix of Faithless‘ “I Need Somebody,” and an assortment of IDs from himself, Anden, and gardenstate.

Watch Yotto’s aptly branded “A Very Cold DJ Set” below.

Featured image: Yotto/Instagram

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San Holo takes to the mic on emotive ‘bb u ok?’ single, ‘IT HURTS!’

San Holo takes to the mic on emotive ‘bb u ok?’ single, ‘IT HURTS!’San Holo

Words by Cameron DeFaria

San Holo has shared the third single in anticipation of his sophomore studio album, bb u ok?, due May 21. Released in tandem with an official lyric video, “IT HURTS!”—per San Holo—evokes a sentiment that “feeling pain is better than feeling nothing at all”—an anti-numbing message that could not be more relevant as people navigate their way out of a year of  isolation. 

“IT HURTS!” could be stripped down to just an acoustic guitar and the bitbird spearhead’s soft yet anthemic topline. His singer-songwriter approach works in alignment with the upcoming 20-track LP’s  overarching theme of consolation. The title track “bb u ok?” and Bipolar Sunshine’s inspirational lyrics on “find your way” conveyed the record’s reassuring message even before the release of “IT HURTS!.” Worth mentioning is that, despite its minimalist approach, “IT HURTS!” reads in all caps, striking a contrast with its predecessors, the titles of which were represented in all lowercase letters. San Holo announced the record in February of 2020, coining it “a new chapter” in his career.

Stream “IT HURTS!” below.

Featured image: Emily Shuey

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Hudson Mohawke announces vinyl reissue of cult demo release, ‘Hudson’s Heeters Vol. 1’

It’s the first time the tracks will be available on wax

Amy Fielding

Thursday, March 11, 2021 – 17:08

Hudson Mohawke has announced a vinyl reissue of his 2006 cult demo release.

Previously shared via Myspace and internet forums in back in 2006, Glaswegian DJ and producer HudMo’s ‘Hudson’s Heeters Vol. 1’ will be released on vinyl via Warp Records.
With the tracks existing exclusively as 128kbps MP3s for almost two decades, the vinyl release, which lands on the 9th April, follows three dips into HudMo’s archive material last year in the form of ‘B.B.H.E’, ‘Poom Gems’ and ‘Airborn Lard’
You can pre-order ‘Hudson’s Heeters Vol. 1′ via Warp Records’ bandcamp here, and check out the tracklist below.


A1 Intro
A2 You Got Money
A3 Star Of A Story
A4 Free Mo
A5 Apple Cores
A6 Oversized Pencil Break
A7 No One Could Ever
B1 Polkadot Blues
B2 The Harvest
B3 Are You Feeling Hot
B4 Moogli
B5 Waldo’s Gift
B6 Bottle Caps
B7 Overnight

(Press Shot: Jesse Lirola)

Last year, Hudson Mohawke was DJ Mag UK’s August cover star. The shy Glasgow-born, LA-dwelling producer and DJ has made boundary-breaking music and worked with superstars, but he scarcely does interviews, leaving his music to do the talking for him. But the pandemic lockdown led to a shift in his consciousness — and the thrilling new archive album series for Warp Records. Read the cover feature here.

Kill The Noise unveils new mixtape series ‘Book of The Dead’

Kill The Noise unveils new mixtape series ‘Book of The Dead’KILL THE NOISE Nicole Irene Dyck

Kill The Noise is introducing a brand new mixtape to follow his impressive prior roster of mix series “KILLUMINATI,” “KILLUMINATION,” and “NOISE BUSTERS.” After the release of the four-minute multi-genre masterpiece “Battlestations” with Wolfgang Gartner in 2020, a full-length mixtape is a welcome surprise for fans.

Chapter 1 of the “Book of The Dead Mixtape” series is overflowing with electronic music talent from industry staples and up-and-comers alike. The hour-long sonic experience features new releases from MUST DIE!, Ace Aura, Wooli, Subtronics, Leotrix, and many, many more. Fans of the heavier side of electronic music should not let this piece slip under their radar.

Featured image: Nicole Irene Dyck

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REMNANT.exe uncovers his ‘Halloween IX’ ID ‘Singularity’ on Sable Valley

REMNANT.exe uncovers his ‘Halloween IX’ ID ‘Singularity’ on Sable Valley54faf1618556d37d1def2d5f8f3309be5ef3bf747261ea79e83243f1ae4eb339

Newly recruited Sable Valley member REMNANT.exe has unleashed his thrilling cinematic hybrid “Singularity” via the label, shortly after it surfaced in RL Grime’s Halloween IX mix in October 2020.

“Singularity” bears the next-level production and sounds of trap and bass of the Sable Valley institute. The New Mexico producer channels his inner decks devil as enigmatic bass elements clash with suspenseful melodic buildups and haunting breakdowns. The perplexing single ceaselessly discharges drone-like atomospheres as trance anthemic synths arrange in a cryptographic manner, decoding what could be the formidable soundtrack of a technology-controlled future.

Stream “Singularity” below.

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Premiere: Carl Cox translates the spirit of Ibiza to ‘Sand, Moon & Stars’

Premiere: Carl Cox translates the spirit of Ibiza to ‘Sand, Moon & Stars’Screen Shot 2021 03 11 At 11.25.28 AM

In need of a title track for its forthcoming, five-part football documentary series, Club Ibiza: The Sessions, sports subscription service DAZN set its sights on the king of Ibiza—Carl Cox—for “Sand, Moon & Stars.” Cox needs no introduction as a trusted arbiter of Balearic sound, as the series-defining, synth arpeggio-punctuated single affirms. A fixture of the White Island electronic circuit, Cox translates the spirit of Ibiza into a five-minute-approximating number with a breezy disposition.

“Sand, Moon & Stars” materializes as the house and techno authority’s sophomore single of 2021, trailing the Jon Rundell and BreakCode co-delivery, “What Lies Beneath, Pt. 2.” And, in a blissful development for Cox’s following, “Sand, Moon & Stars” signals more of the British producer’s touch to come, with a self-remix already commissioned.

Though the Club Ibiza: The Sessions title track formally releases via BMG on March 12, listeners can stream Cox’s next original in full one day early, only on Dancing Astronaut. “Sand, Moon & Stars” can be pre-ordered here.

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Inventor of the cassette tape, Lou Ottens, dies aged 94

Lou Ottens, the inventor of the cassette tape, has died. 

The Dutch engineer and inventor, who also played a key role in the development of the CD, died in his home in North Brabant on Saturday. He was 94. 

Ottens started working for Philips in 1952, and by 1960 was made head of the company’s product development department. Within a year, he had developed the world’s first portable tape recorder, the EL 3585. 

Fed up with the impracticality of reel-to-reel tape systems, Ottens and his team soon developed the cassette tape, which would go on to revolutionise the way people listen to music in the 20th century.  “I got annoyed with the clunky, user-unfriendly reel to reel system, it’s that simple”, Ottens said later. 

In 1963, he presented the first cassette tape at the Berlin Radio Show electronics fair, and trademarked the ‘Compact Cassette’ title the following year. After making a deal with Sony, Ottens cassette design became the industry standard. 

It is estimated that over 100 billion cassettes have been sold around the world in the decades since. 

Ottens went on to play a key role in the development of the CD in 1979. Over 200 billion CDs are estimated to have sold since they entered circulation in 1982. 

Cassettes have been enjoying a healthy revival in recent years, becoming a preferred method of release for many independent artists. Cassette sales doubled in 2020, the British Phonographic Industry revealed at the start of this year.  You can revisit our 2018 feature about the cassette revival here

Ottens however, was unimpressed by the revival of tapes and vinyl in recent years. Speaking to Dutch paper NRC Handelsblad some years ago, he said:  “Nothing can match the sound of the CD. It is absolutely noise and rumble-free. That never worked with tape… I have made a lot of record players and I know that the distortion with vinyl is much higher. I think people mainly hear what they want to hear.”

Pushing Daizies release “Dreams” and “Want It To End” on Dim Mak

Pushing Daizies release “Dreams” and “Want It To End” on Dim MakPress Pic Pushing Daizies 1

Last month, unidentified duo Pushing Daizies made their official public debut with the future bass inspired track “Want It To End” on Dim Mak Records. A groovy and emotive vocal anthem that shows off their unique sound, “Want It To End” blends both producers previous styles into an amalgamation of sounds that is both forward thinking and familiar. Shortly after they followed up with “Dreams,” bringing vocalist Kelsey Rey on board to deliver a slow and sultry performance over the duo’s strange brew of future bass, big room, and lo fi beats.

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