Expressive E Osmose Synthesizer Gets New Performance Feature, Updated Production Timeline

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Expressive E shared an update on the status of their upcoming Osmose synthesizer, which is designed to be one of the most expressive keyboards ever created.

The company says that the expect the Osmose to move into mass production in June 2021, and they have also revealed a new feature, demonstrated in the video above, Pressure-Weighted Portamento.

The Osmose pairs one of the most powerful synth engines available – the EaganMatrix sound engine, found in the Haken Continuum – with a new type of piano-style expressive keyboard. As the following video demonstrates, you can play a key by striking it, like any other keyboard, but you can also use a wide range of other gestures, and the Osmose will respond expressively to them:

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Pressure-Weighted Portamento

Pressure-Weighted Portamento is patented performance technology that lets you create a variable portamento between two notes, so that the pitch of your note can dynamically glide between two notes as the pressure of your fingers changes.

This means that you are not limited to a fixed pitch range that affects all the notes that you play, like with a standard pitch-bend wheel, but that you can create a variety of portamento effects, including: pitch slides; slow, expressive glissando; and a wide range of vibrato effects.

Osmose Production Road Map

Expressive E has also shared an updated production road map for the Osmose:

  • January – review of the first industrial Osmose series for quality control (completed)
  • February to April – preparation for manufacturing and managing the sourcing of electronic components (in process)
  • April to June – final industrial Osmose series quality checks, operator training
  • Mid-June – the Osmose moves to mass production and first shipments start

The company notes that the global electronic components industry has been disrupted by the pandemic, which means that there are still some uncertainties about their timeline.

Pricing and Availability

The Expressive E Osmose is currently in development and is expected to be available later this year for $1, 799.