MXL Pack For Ableton Live Features 40+ Max For Live Devices

midi2themax has introduced MXL PACK, a collection of 40+ MIDI Max For Live devices for Ableton Live 10 and 11.


  • quantize melodies and chords to 400 scales – change the scale dynamically by sending notes from Live clips/tracks
  • chromatic, diatonic and rotating harmonizers, with different velocity, delay and target track for each transposed note
  • create the ‘ideal’ MIDI controller with dynamic split areas, multiple note layers, smart sustain, one-finger chords, harmonizers, velocity curves and fading, note repetitions and delays, chord strumming, glissandos
  • randomize melodies and chords – you decide how “impredictable” they sound
  • use note pitch, velocity, ADSR envelopes to control Live parameters – control 8 params with a single command, combine params using math operations
  • use 16 midi buses to combine MXL devices and control them from other tracks
  • 100-page manual, with thorough descriptions and tons of tips (download)

Pricing and Availability

MXL Pack is available now with an intro price of €29.

Manila Killa, Jai Wolf, Malaa, Slow Magic, and more land on Petit Biscuit’s ‘Parachute’ remix LP

Manila Killa, Jai Wolf, Malaa, Slow Magic, and more land on Petit Biscuit’s ‘Parachute’ remix LPPetit Biscuit CJonathan Bertin 02

Petit Biscuit has shared a 12-track remix package for his genre-bending sophomore album Parachute, released in October 2020. The remix LP comes complete with previous submissions from MalaaJai Wolf, and Big Gigantic including eight additional revisions from Khamsin, Duskus, Manila Killa, Koos, Japanese Wallpaper, Manu Dia, Tony Romera, Slow Magic, and Jerro. Speaking on the Parachute remixes the Petit Biscuit stated,

“The entire ‘Parachute’ album remixed by artists and friends that I love. Every remix is different from one another, to show how rich the electronic music scene is. I want to thank everyone for having brought your touch to make this album!”

The remix LP highlights genres such as indie-alternative, nu-disco, progressive, tropical house, bass house, synth-wave, and downtempo. Each rework reflects on the 21-year old’s eclectic approach of acoustic and atmospheric elements forged with the signature styles of each respective remixer. Petit Biscuit recently offered some perspective on his very own “Pick Your Battles” remix contest in a special Q&A with Dancing Astronaut. Stream the Parachute remixes below.

Featured image: Jonathan Bertin

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HI-LO, Reinier Zonneveld come together for first joint release, ‘Saw of Olympus’

HI-LO, Reinier Zonneveld come together for first joint release, ‘Saw of Olympus’Oliver Heldens

Oliver Heldens and Reinier Zonneveld have frequented the studio together as of late, and the first output from their sessions is finally here. “Saw of Olympus” is a product of Helden’s underground alias HI-LO, which is fitting from the first note of the moody, dark setlist weapon.

Many will recognize Zonneveld as the head of label Filth On Acid, and the two producers started working together after Heldens shared some of the HI-LO projects he was working on with Zonneveld. The pair eventually linked in the studio, and found themselves to be a complementary creative match. Multiple forthcoming releases are expected to come out of their studio sessions together with “Saw of Olympus” expected to be the tip of the iceberg.

Heldens speaks about the inspiration for the track’s name, sharing,

“We called it ‘Saw of Olympus’ because the track has a very distinctive saw synth, a real ‘Saw of the Gods’ continuing the Greek god theme of my latest HI-LO releases ‘Athena,’ ‘Kronos,’ ‘Zeus,’ and ‘Poseidon.’”

“Saw of Olympus” is out now via Filth On Acid.

Featured image: Rukes

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Sofi Tukker dispatch a philanthropic remix of Rema’s ‘Woman’

Sofi Tukker dispatch a philanthropic remix of Rema’s ‘Woman’Sofi Tukker We Rave You

Sofi Tukker have partnered with (RED) and Mavin Records to help mitigate COVID-19’s impact on essential HIV/AIDS programs in sub-Saharan Africa. Iconic afrobeats producer Don Jazzy teamed up with Aluna to curate a star-studded 14-track LP, Dance (RED) Save Lives III. Featuring remixes from Sofi Tukker, TOKiMONSTA, Vitamin String Quartet, and fashion mogul Virgil Abloh, the project’s proceeds will support the Global Fund COVID-19 Response. Sofi Tukker stated,

“We are really honored to be part of the ‘Dance (RED) Saves Lives Vol. III’ compilation. We got to learn about a lot of incredible artists through this process. This is one of our favorite remixes that we’ve done in a long time and we’ve been playing it in our livestreams a lot.”

The compilation celebrates (RED)’s 15th anniversary, but it ultimately aims to safeguard critical progress made in the AIDS fight. Sofi Tukker along with the LP’s other featured artists have verbalized immense gratitude for their ability to underpin the altruistic cause.

Sofi Tukker’s “Woman” remix is an afrobeats-inspired house anthem, led by an infectious bassline under Rema’s catchy vocal sample. Support the campaign by purchasing exclusive merchandise, or by streaming Sofi Tukker and the rest of the LP below.

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New iPad App, BeatCutter, An Experimental Platform For Slicing & Recombining Sound

[embedded content]

Developer Igor Vasiliev has introduced BeatCutter, an experimental multi-channel app for slicing and recombining sound based on rhythm.

Vasiliev says that the app “is best for those who would like to experiment with long sound files or live instruments, creating chaotic constructions and patterns from sliced rhythm-driven samples.”

Here’s how it works:

At the core of the app is a matrix of 64 (8×8) cells in each of which a sample can be recorded. The sample matrix is controlled by 5 types of buses – Inputs, Triggers, Controls, Sequencer and Outputs.

The audio signal for recording takes from 8 input buses, each of which can playback a file or be assigned to one of 4 channels of an external sound card or audio unit.

Cell recording start and stop is controlled by 8 trigger buses. Each trigger can be assigned to a signal from any input bus or external channel. The trigger is activated when the signal exceeds the threshold. Each trigger has a band pass filter which selects frequency range in which the trigger will activating. The length of the record in the cell is defined either by a fixed value in beats or by activating and deactivating the trigger.

The sequencer controls the playback of the cells. The sequencer can sync with the main BPM clock or change the step when activating its own trigger. The played sample is fed to one of the 8 output buses on which the cell is located.

The output bus also process the signal with one of the audio effects, filter and echo modules. Next, for each of the 8 output signals, can set the output level, stereo panning, EQ and level to send to the main reverb. The output buses and main reverb are mixed for the external stereo output.

Each cell has a set of parameters that define the playback speed of the sample, a bit mask of playback addressing that implements a kind of glitch effects and other parameters. For each group of 8 cells, these parameters are set by one of the 8 control buses.

Pricing and Availability

BeatCutter is available now for $14.99.

Free Book Offers A Deep Introduction To Synthesis

AudioKit developer Matthew Fecher let us know that they have released an e-book that offers a complete introduction to synthesis with the free, open-source AudioKit Synth One software synth.

The book is written by Francis Preve, a sound design rockstar known for his work for everybody from Ableton to Roland to Sequential.

Synth One: The Ultimate Guide is a comprehensive introduction to the basics of synthesizers and analog synthesis. The book covers everything from how filters and oscillators work to the details of the harmonic series and microtonal music. And, if you don’t already have AudioKit Synth One, it’s a free and open-source software synth for iOS.

AudioKit Synth One has been updated, too, to include a set of patches (“Synth Tutorial” bank) specifically designed for the lessons in this book.

Whether you’re getting started in electronic production or just want to learn more about how synthesizers work, this book is a great resource and you can’t beat the price!

Download Links: