deadmau5 Launches OSC/PAR, A New Performance Tool For Digital Artists & Musicians

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deadmau5 has introduced OSC/PAR, an AU/VST3 plugin for macOS and Windows that broadcasts your real-time musical events from your favorite DAW into any OSC-capable client over the network.

The plugin sends out your transport information, MIDI notes played, automation events and even your song list as they happen during live playback. Those events are converted to OSC messages that can sent over WiFi or local network connection and used in other apps or hardware devices.

“OSC/PAR was originally developed as an essential need for a stage to FOH networking solution,” shares deadmau5. “I’m actually pretty stoked to be sharing this with everyone as a handy little tool for all your DAW to OSC needs.”

OSC/PAR works with OSC/PILOT, a bi-directional control surface application. As the overlap between audio and visual application space continues to grow, there is a need for a simple way to control these applications in a desktop application.

Pricing and Availability

The OSC/PAR plugin is available now for $19.99.