Polyend Medusa Updated With New 6-Voice FM Synth Engine….And Discontinued

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Polyend has announced the discontinuation of the Medusa Hybrid Synth, but has also released a major firmware update for it that adds a 6-voice FM synth engine.

The company says that “Medusa has played a very special role in Polyend growth and maturing, and its maintenance and technical support will be continued.”

Here’s what’s new in Medusa v4.0 firmware:

  • Added a 6-voice 3-operator digital FM synth engine,
  • Reworked pitch bend and glide,
  • Better “Channel per Voice” mode,
  • Added MIDI Program Change,
  • LFO Synchronization with MIDI Clock,
  • Additional bug fixes.

Audio Demos:

[embedded content]

The update is available now via the Polyend site.