Don Diablo sells world’s first concert NFT for $1.25 million

Don Diablo sells world’s first concert NFT for $1.25 millionDon Diablo Press

The world’s first full length concert on the blockchain is here.

Don Diablo breaks new ground with hid latest NFT. A full length audio visual experience, DΞSTINATION HΞXAGONIA is an entire hour of exclusive music and visuals that took over a year for Don and his team to dream up and create. The concept is an ode to his childhood favorites, drawing inspiration from Star Wars, Space Odyssey and the classic sci fi of his childhood. It sounds awesome. The only problem is if you want to watch it you’ll have to ask the anon who paid $1.25 million dollars for the “unique hand-crafted box, which includes a harddrive that contains the only copy of the high-quality file of the film.”

Don will also be placing a large portion of the proceeds into the HEXAGON Foundation, a fund he created to help artists in the NFT space. The foundation will enable artists to apply for support with everything that helps them to create, share and sell their art.

While the price tag is impressive, a whopping 600 ETH, it’s the creativity in the space and its implications for the future of digital content, digital ownership, and digital scarcity in this brave new world that should inspire more artists to follow suit in the future.

Or as Don Diablo puts it: The FUTURΞ.

See a clip of the NFT on Superare

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New Sound Library – Hainbach’s Landfill Totems

[embedded content]

Spitfire Audio has introduced Landfill Totems, a new sound library created in collaboration with Berlin-based composer and producer Hainbach.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“These one-of-a-kind, complex sounds have been expertly created from vintage test equipment collected from nuclear research labs and scrap heaps — given a new lease of life and transformed into instruments by the artist.

Developed further and presented in our award-winning plug-in, discover eerie morse code bleeps, comms signals and flickering bass pulses; deep drones, ominous pads and grainy textural rhythms; industrial drum hits and loops; electromagnetic noise and heavenly humanoid ‘voices’. Create high-contrast atmospheres of suspense, tension and beauty, whether you’re writing techno, ambient music, or a cutting-edge film score.

It’s a library you can really get lost in, and it’s a ton of fun.”

Here’s the official walkthrough demo with ?Homay Schmitz:

[embedded content]

Pricing and Availability

Hainbach’s Landfill Totems is available now for $29 USD.

Spitfire Audio & Hainbach are contributing 12.5% of ongoing library sales to Waste Aid, a UK non-profit charity dedicated to sharing waste management and recycling skills around the world, fighting poverty, plastic pollution and climate change.

EDC Las Vegas will go ahead in May, Insomniac confirms

EDC Las Vegas has announced the festival will go ahead in May this year.

Just hours after KNTV announced that the safety plan for EDC Las Vegas, submitted by Insomniac, had been denied for not adhering to Directive 041 requirements related to capacity or social distancing, Insomniac boss Pasquale Rotella has confirmed on Instagram that his team intend to move forward with this year’s event.

EDC Las Vegas 2020 was meant to take place in May, but due to the coronavirus pandemic was postponed until October, before being officially cancelled in August last year. In November, Insomniac also revealed dates for the 2021 Orlando edition of EDC.

“Electric Daisy Carnival is finally on the horizon,” Rotella said. “There were times during the pandemic when many of us lost hope. We were challenged to learn & listen to our hearts & trust that the storm would eventually pass, making way for a bright & sunny future for those in our community & around the world. 

“With the world being shutdown for over a year, I’m happy to announce we’re on our way to being able to celebrate in person. Book your flights, hotels & shuttles — EDC Las Vegas is on for May 21+22+23!

“We are moving forward as planned & will be working closely with local & state officials to make the show as safe as possible. You can expect the full EDC experience with no details spared, from the festival grounds to the music, stages, art, performers, artists & fireworks! I look forward to seeing all your beautiful faces & feeling your incredible energy, and I couldn’t be more excited.”

Rotella added that more details on this year’s line-up and the events safety protocols would be revealed in the coming weeks, and that tickets for 2021 can also be transferred to 2022.

Check out the post from Rotella below.

New Music From Jean-Michel Jarre – Amazônia

Electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre has released a new album, the 52-minute musical score for Amazônia, a new exhibit by photographer and filmmaker Sebastião Salgado for the Philharmonic Paris.

Amazônia is an immersive exhibition, focusing on the Brazilian Amazon. It features more than 200 photographs and other media by Salgado.

Jarre created a soundscape to accompany the exhibit that uses a blend of electronic and orchestral instruments, along with natural sounds.

“I wanted to avoid the ethnomusicological approach or creating background music. In the Amazonian forest, there is the dimension of nomadism; moving from one place to another, from darkness to light, from a gentle quietude to a latent threat, moving forward leaving reality behind to sink into the power of rites and dreams,” says Jarre.

“I built this music like a toolbox, made up of different sound objects, like a wandering through organic, natural, ethnic, orchestral and electronic elements, which would only pass by like in a forest that we would cross and leave behind us, temporary vestiges of a time and a space without end.”

Jean-Michel Jarre

For the Amazônia project, Jarre collaborated with the scientific team of the Museum of Ethnography of Geneva (MEG) to restore as closely as possible the sound identity of the forest and the people who inhabit it.

Jarre explains, “To represent the eternal human presence in this great green ocean, I selected incomparable sound material from the precious archives of the Museum of Ethnography in Geneva,” explains Jarre. “I composed ‘Amazonia’ in one go, day and night, in front of these photos scrolling in a loop in front of me, immersing myself in this immensity, familiar and mysterious, serene and disturbing, powerful and vulnerable.”

The Amazônia exhibition opens at the Philharmonie de Paris on May 20 and will then tour several cities around the world from Paris to São Paulo, via Rio de Janeiro, Rome and London. It features over 200 photographs, as well as films including testimonials from indigenous personalities on the need to save their culture and environment.

Jean-Michel Jarre’s Amazônia is available a variety of formats, including CD & vinyl, 5.1. Surround Sound and a special binaural version, which is available as a digital download.

The binaural version is mixed to provide the listener with an immersive sound experience. Whereas stereo sound delivers a directive left-ear/right-ear sound, binaural audio, when listened to on regular headphones, creates a 3D surround sound experience. Amazônia binaural was mixed so that the listener feels right in the heart of the forest.

Here’s a comparison of the stereo & binaural mixes:

[embedded content]

EARMILK’s Top Tracks: New Music Friday Playlist [College Edition]

Get ready for another episode of top new artist releases in our New Music Friday [College Edition] playlist in partnership with Quadio—the college/post-grad creative network and app fostering an incredible community of young creatives from various colleges and cities around the world. Each week, the editorial team at EARMILK carefully reviews fresh new tracks submitted through the Quadio network and picks out a handful of music from students and young independent artists that are defining the sounds of tomorrow.

We kick things off this week with New York-based indie-folk artist Vincent Lima‘s latest single “Meant For This.” The track’s confessional style vocals provide a deep resonating vulnerability delivered over three simple piano chords. Lima’s highly personal songwriting cuts straight to the soul on this one. In 2006, the now notable John Mayer was battling against the constraints of being a one-dimensional acoustic act, so he released Continuum, a bold record that allowed the multi-talented artist to flex his more pop-leaning songwriting capabilities. For 22-year-old Nashville-based artist and producer Ben Kessler, I found his latest offering “Known Like This” to be a reminiscent display of that multi-dimensional production that effortlessly blends soft vocals with a keen eye for groovy guitar lines, but still never holding back on an eruptive pop chorus. Watson Maack delivers a dazzling performance in “Lucinda”, impassioned vocals join alongside a dynamic electric guitar performance that pirouettes between heavy arena-rock, to light Brit Pop guitar plucks, all the while a chest-thumping bass drum keeps you locked in your seat for an incredible journey of pure alt-rock sound at its finest.  

REDWOOD‘s “Work” featuring Brandon Rose is a dynamic Madlib-esque genre-defying blend of fast-paced poetic spoken lyricism delivered over an upbeat melody that fuses classic R&B and hip-hop. Take a dash of Kid Cudi’s effortless vocal delivery and sprinkle that over a funky summery Pharrell cut, and you wouldn’t be too far from Brendan Bennett’s “Dreams Die.” We’re keeping that deep bass pulsating throughout this week’s playlist with Raneem‘s sultry new single “Feel Bad.” Combining a catchy repetitive chorus, Raneem injects a subtle level of brutally honest lyrical attitude into each line as her vocal range effortlessly scales from breathy intimacy to high octave cries. 

A sparkling synth key melody shines through Wiill‘s “Mood Swings”  in this seamless blend of R&B and Pop. This latest single is a hazy, sun-soaked gospel that’s perfect for any summertime playlist. Magnuk’s Bloom EP is a stunning showcase of modern electronica, R&B, and Indie-Pop that hits almost every level of danceability. Each track drips with an untouchable rhythm accompanied by snappy beats, charming vocals, and bright synth work. Tracks like “Waiting on The Moon” create an unimaginable intersection between the atmospheric electronic sounds of artists like San Holo with the vocal down-tempo vulnerability of Moses Sumney. 

Whatcha know about that Pacific Northwest lo-fi? Apparently, not enough, as Portland producer and artist Yoggi sets the mood just right in his latest track “Sa,mmy.” The hypnotizing guitar melody over the delicious static feedback makes me want to kick back, turn on the record player, spark a fun one, and just watch the clouds through my window drift away with my troubles. 

That’s it for today’s roundup but please make sure to check out the Spotify link for even more incredible new music released by other talented artists this week. Check out my editor’s pick from this week’s playlist below: 

Editor’s top pick of the week:

Rightfield – “Racing

Would it be possible to blend together the explosive alt-pop of The 1975 and Panic at the Disco, and still have room to turn the rock level up seven more notches? The high-octane guitar shredding in Rightfield’s latest single “Racing” is somehow polished and unrefined at the same time. Providing a few strategic moments for downtempo pauses, it’s an ambitious alt-rock performance that provides deep atmospheric backing guitars, sultry vocals that cry out for you to instantly fall in love with, and relentless drumming that provides a listening experience that demands the volume be turned up all the way and have you unbashfully rocking out to in your room.  

Are you a college student or young independent artist looking to be featured in our New Music Friday playlist? Join the Quadio college network HERE or follow them online via: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Gorgon City go deep with remix of Bebe Rexha’s ‘Sacrafice’

Gorgon City go deep with remix of Bebe Rexha’s ‘Sacrafice’Gorgon City

Gorgon City have shared their club-ready remix of Bebe Rexha‘s euphoric single “Sacrifice” taken from her forthcoming sophomore album. The UK duo add their own stylistic electronic flairs to the album’s sole dance track, with the new remix landing hot off the heels of “Foolproof” alongside Hayden James released back in March.

The two North London producers fuse together 90s’ breakbeats, UK garage, and modern pop-dance elements for an irresistible blend of sentimental house grooves and catchy melodies. Gorgon City’s remix of Rexha’s addictive anthem comes packaged along with Niiko x Swae‘s rework as well the original mix of the March released single.

Listen to Gorgon City’s remix of “Sacrifice” by Bebe Rexha below.

Featured image: The BPM Festival

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GRiZ and Elohim team up for new single ‘Bring Me Back’

GRiZ and Elohim team up for new single ‘Bring Me Back’GRiZ

GRiZ and Elohim have shared a bouncy new single, “Bring Me Back.” The track successfully highlights GRiZ’s characteristic production acumen matched with Elohim’s soft vocals.

“Bring Me Back” begins with striking piano chords, and Elohim’s voice whispering through fluttering synths. “I need you to bring me back,” she sings, the instrumentals winding up to the cut’s energetic drop. An official statement accompanying the release said,

“GRiZ and Elohim’s lasting friendship and love of each other’s creative mission inspired ‘Bring Me Back.’ Their long standing desire to collaborate and the continuous exchange of ideas culminated into a piece of work that showcases both of their talents flawlessly.”

“Bring Me Back” marks Elohim’s first release of 2021, following last year’s singles “Good Day Bad Day” and “I’m Lost.” Meanwhile, GRiZ has kept busy over the last several months, sharing “Vibe Check” and the Ganja White Night collaboration, “Ease Your Mind.”

Featured image: Alden Bonecutter

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Awfultune celebrates spring and new beginnings with a yellow “sunflower”

Layla Eden goes by stage name “awfultune”, but don’t let her name mislead you. Eden has established herself as a bedroom pop and indie-rock artist, collecting over 2 million monthly Spotify listeners. And it’s not that hard to understand why when she likes to write about topics of self-love.  Who wouldn’t want to rediscover their self-worth while listening to Eden’s pacifying vocals?

“sunflower” sounds like the sunshine after a day of rain, the last of the raindrops pattering off windowsills and the sunbeams twinkling out from behind clouds. The track falls more into her bedroom pop roots with the minimalistic lo-fi beats and soft, repetitive percussion. However, it’s really Eden’s somber, whirring vocals that bring the shine. She does not shy away from honesty as she explains, “‘sunflower’ is about healing from unreciprocated love and putting all that love you wasted on them back into yourself.”

“sunflower” comes off of awfultune’s upcoming project revolving around a color story, in which each song/color will look at a different scene from Layla’s coming-of-age story with herself and her place within the LGBTQ+ community. Many will probably relate to her story a lot, hopefully adding her music to the soundtracks of their own life story.

Eden elaborated a little more, stating “It began when I started to notice the bright colors from various aspects of my everyday life. […] In addition to the emotions that surround the lyrics and the color/mood that corresponds, the collection of these new songs really explores the journey I’ve had myself as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.”

Connect with awfultune: Website | Instagram | Spotify

Happa releases new EP, ‘Explorations In Music For Dancing Vol.2’: Listen

Happa has released the second instalment of his ‘Explorations In Music For Dancing’ EP series.

The London producer’s recently launched project “intends to break down, analyse and genetically modify dance music’s framework”, with each release focussing on a different genre. ‘Vol. 2’, which you can check out below, comprises three frenzied jungle mutations, and finds Happa ripping up and reassembling classic rave sonics into dizzying, futuristic shapes. 

The release of ‘Explorations In Music For Dancing Vol.2’ follows September 2021’s ‘Vol.1’, which saw him alchemising elements of house, filter disco, dubstep, UKG and footwork into something genuinely striking

The EP, which has been released via Happa’s own PT/5 Records, comes paired with some spectral artwork from Caitlin McLoughlin, including an accompanying ‘Print Your Own Poster’ and a PDF featuring a collection of influences for the EP’s music and visual style.

‘Explorations In Music For Dancing Vol.2’ is also described as an attempt “to communicate with the lost spirits of dancers who’s dancefloors were stolen away from them, hoping to reconnect with them soon… “

Check it out below. 

Oogie reflects on life in new single “try” [Video]

Emerging South London raised emcee Oogie shares the video for his debut single “Try.” Armed with a mellow and melodic style, Oogie delivers his lines in a somewhat lazy, offbeat manner but the pained emotions can be felt in every line. He is intentional with his approach and shows the listener his scars from his childhood while introducing us to several other characters that influenced him. It is safe to say he is threading his own lane with his unique voice that sometimes sounds like he is talking under his breath and his penchant for infusing melodic runs when emphasizing certain parts.

[embedded content]

The single comes with an expressive visual courtesy of director Henry Croston who takes us deep into Oogie’s distinct demeanor and style. From the bright summer aesthetics, dreamy cut scenes, and running motif of Oogie laying on his back, the visual is a direct reflection of the rapper’s mental state and identity as a loner. We can see he is surrounded by people but yet he is alone in this world where nothing is promised.

Oogie is currently getting ready to release his debut project somehow it makes sense (SIMS) later in the month. The 13 track project sees him working with his longtime collaborator Tolu, singer BINA, Birmingham-based Franklin Armstrong, and the Brighton-based artist Sly Fieri
5. 6 FOOT TALL feat. Gutter Kid
7. train station feat. Jenny
8. cheap thrills feat. Jenny
10. lupita feat. BINA
11. wok feat. Franklin Armstrong
12. outside feat. Sly Fiere
13. crystals

Listen to “try” on all DSPs here.

Connect with Oogie: Spotify | Instagram