Jayda G previews upcoming DJ-Kicks mixtape with new single, ‘All I Need’

Jayda G previews upcoming DJ-Kicks mixtape with new single, ‘All I Need’Jayda G Lukas Korschan And Elizabeth Herring Dancing Astronaut

Jayda G lights the fuze on her upcoming DJ-Kicks mixtape with the release of “All I Need,” a serenading original work straight from the highly anticipated May 14 release.

“All I Need” offers a light and fresh take to Jayda’s patented modern deep house bounce. The Grammy-nominated producer’s now matured studio finesse is on full display here, as she uses her percussive and melodic undertones as a platform for the tune’s soulful and guiding vocal track. As a pleasant surprise, the release comes paired with a time capsule of a music video, dispersing equally soulful archival footage of the 1990s Canadian rave scene into clips of Jayda getting her swerve on out in nature.

“All I Need,” as well as Jayda G’s forthcoming DJ-Kicks release are both due for release on !K7 Music, with the video for the new single available below. To find a full tracklist or pre-orders for the upcoming mixtape, visit Jayda G’s Bandcamp.

Featured image: Lukas Korschan and Elizabeth Herring

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Porter Robinson announces Secret Sky follow-up to pair with ‘Nurture’ arrival

Porter Robinson announces Secret Sky follow-up to pair with ‘Nurture’ arrivalEiHrEAAAAcId

With the Nurture countdown now striking the 10-day mark, Porter Robinson has cleared all speculation surrounding a potential Secret Sky follow-up after the festival revived itself on social media earlier in the week. To coincide with the highly anticipated arrival of his 14-track sophomore album, Robinson has revealed that his virtual experience will receive its second round on Saturday, April 24.

Secret Sky’s 2021 iteration will follow in its predecessor footsteps as an all-day stream in partnership once more with both Goldenvoice and Brownies & Lemonade. No further details surrounding its exact timeframe or lineup were disclosed in the original announcement, but the 2020 go-around brought in 19 different acts across 14 uninterrupted hours of music. Secret Sky will now look to topple it’s more than $100,000 in donations from the year prior in support of MusiCares Relief Fund and has opened its registration here, where virtual attendees will receive additional information on event details in the coming days.

Featured image: Priscilla Rodriguez

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Acid, further out: check Florian with MeeBlip, 303, and Zen Delay

There’s some magic and alchemy in coaxing evocative music out of stuff with knobs, and Florian Meindl’s Riemann Kollektion keeps showing up how.

Here’s just a beautiful but elegant approach featuring our own MeeBlip geode synthesizer – some added extra flavor beyond just what you get with a stock 303 sound. And there’s what I view as the perfect delay – the Zen Delay produced by Erica Synths in collaboration with Ninja Tune.

[embedded content]

So the full cast of characters – and it’s a lot from a little:

303 – the Din Sync RE-303 reproduction (“replica“) to be exact, which remains a go-to for 303 lovers wanting an authentic sound and hackability, not just disposability.

The Erica Zen Delay, used here as a coloristic and with a short, hand-synced tempo effect

Old Blood Noise Endeavors makes this wonderful Procession Reverb – check that excellent filter mode and the “speed” control

And of course our own MeeBlip geode, available now from our US/international store or direct from Europe

The genius of Florian is really using economical means to create little “moments” musically. It’s simple, but that’s why it’s so effective. I also love the ability to balance the geode with 303. (I’ve also used the Roland Boutique recreation, which has the advantage of internal effects, and done exactly this.)

A trademark MeeBlip effect has been to use gnarly, dissonant detuning, and it finds that right away, too.

Plus he also uses the LFO for rhythmic effects and creating fast modulation of the geode. It’s a good demonstration of how techno is about interconnected timbre and rhythm and not always simple melody.

It’s just one bar of material, but there’s tons of variation and change. That’s absolutely techno, but could easily apply to some experimental approaches, too.

In case you missed it last time, he also did a nice tip in December:

[embedded content]

MeeBlip was backordered due to high demand, but we’re shipping again. In Europe, we have a discounted price, as well. (You no longer have to worry about dealing with imports in Europe; order from meeblip.eu and we ship from Berlin, inside the EU. We also ship from Germany to the UK with proper Brexit-ready import paperwork attached.)

MeeBlip geode (USA/international) with free shipping

MeeBlip geode (Europe) with affordable Europe-wide shipping

And subscribe to Riemann Kollektion on YouTube for more of these great tips (I know I watch them religiously), plus check out some exquisitely made techno sound packs and master classes and whatnot on their site:


Win front row car passes to see Subtronics and more in California [Giveaway]

Win front row car passes to see Subtronics and more in California [Giveaway]SUBTRONICS TraumaShoots

Recently Subtronics set out on the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour, hitting 11 different cities with 19 drive-in and socially distanced pod shows across the country. Now, as the tour rolls into northern California on Friday April 16 and April 17, fans have a chance to win a grand prize of tickets to see the Yuba City stop with a front row car pass and two general admission tickets. Additionally, five other lucky winners will win a single GA pass to either Friday or Saturday night’s show.

Along with Subtronics, the tour promises performances by bass selectors Dirty Monkey, Calcium, Level Up, and more. Fans can enter to win free tickets below, and all entrants will receive a 10% discount code just for entering.


Win front row car passes to see Subtronics and more in California [Giveaway]BnrQ13cg

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Hernán Cattaneo’s Connected live show is available on Netflix now: Watch

Hernán Cattaneo’s Connected live show is now available to watch on Netflix. 

In 2018, the Argentinian progressive house DJ and producer played four live performances at the legendary Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires, playing electronic hits alongside a 50-piece orchestra, directed by Gerardo Gardelin. Titled Connected, the concerts were performed alongside electronic artists Oliverio Sofia, Baunder and Zuker and four guest singers: Richard Coleman, Leandro Fresco, Oriana Favaro, and Josefina Silveyra. 

Tracks performed throughout the live show included The Orb’s ‘Little Fluffy Clouds’, Massive Attack’s ‘Unfinished Sympathy’, Frankie Knuckles’ ‘Whistle Song’, The Chemical Brothers’ ‘Golden Path’ and more. 

Now, a documentary about the shows, alongside exclusive footage of the performances, has been released. Directed by Milton Kremer, Connected is now available to be watched on Netflix. 

Watch Connected here

Check out DJ Mag’s round-up of the best dance music films of the past decade here, and a round-up of some good music docs to watch on Netflix here

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Premiere: Innellea creates techno intangibles with lead single from upcoming EP, ‘It’s Us’

Premiere: Innellea creates techno intangibles with lead single from upcoming EP, ‘It’s Us’Innellea Dancing Astronaut

With early releases on standout labels like Afterlife and Innervisions, as well as a recent Cercle set under his belt, Germany’s Innellea has accomplished in a few years what many strive for in a career. As an artist, Innellea takes clear inspiration from the modern techno scene, however, where many acts use that inspiration to do little beyond emulating what’s trending, the Munich-based producer lets his creative drive run free. As a result, Innellea’s sound explores many untouched nooks of the genre, providing listeners with distinctly moody and often cinematic soundscapes to wander.

Innellea follows his coveted Cercle performance with the forthcoming release of his three track EP, It’s Us. The release’s title track is a finely tempered breakbeat melting pot of drama and melody. It’s stripped down, but only in the sense that there’s no excess fat on the bone. Innellea gives each individual element in the mix space to breathe, allowing his attention to detail as a producer to shine along the way. “It’s Us” is led by sprawling synths that crescendo as they linger, swelling until they break into the tune’s warm and unctuous release. Innellea comments on the release, explaining,

“Sometimes we need to see things in a wider angle and take a step back to see the bigger picture. In that sense it’s just you and me; It’s Us being part of something intangible.”

Innellea’s new EP, It’s Us is out everywhere Friday, April 16. Listen to the track’s lead single below and pre-order the entire release here.

Featured image: Peter Plantar

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DJ White Shadow reveals he and Lady Gaga are in talks to create an ‘ARTPOP’ follow up

DJ White Shadow reveals he and Lady Gaga are in talks to create an ‘ARTPOP’ follow upLady Gaga 2020 Vmas Credit People Mag

As Lady Gaga’s 2013 album, ARTPOP, enjoys a new resurgence from fans and climbs the iTunes charts once more, the record’s main producer, DJ White Shadow has revealed that he and Gaga are in talks of creating a sequel to the beloved LP.

Fans have been streaming the album this week in celebration of its release, even creating a petition for another record. The album was initially supposed to have an ACT II, which had never been released. DJ White Shadow took to Instagram to share that fans’ cries have now been heard, writing,

“I talked to LG last night and she shared my incredible joy. We made a plan to get together after Italy and discuss your wishes. No promises made, but kindness and love are strong as steel. Now is not the time to let up. Go harder. Forget the past. Think about the future. Apply positive pressure to the universe and let’s make a diamond. I am so in love with you all.” 

ARTPOP signified a difficult time in both Lady Gaga and DJ White Shadow’s lives, with Gaga revealing that, “making this album was like heart surgery, I was desperate, in pain, and poured my heart into the electronic music that slammed harder than any drug I could find.” White Shadow also shared his struggles, saying he had “never been so broken as a human being the day when that record was turned in. At times I felt finished with life. That is not an exaggeration.”

Gaga’s most recent album, Chromatica, was released last year, the record marking her sixth number one LP. Her most recent effort had featured collaborations with Axwell, Skrillex, Tchami, Boyz Noize, Madeon, BloodPop, and more.


Featured Image: People Magazine

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NTS Radio marks 10 years with 10 special guest curators: Matt Groening of ‘The Simpsons,’ My Bloody Valentine, and more

NTS Radio marks 10 years with 10 special guest curators: Matt Groening of ‘The Simpsons,’ My Bloody Valentine, and moreMy Bloody Valentine CreditKevin Sheilds

NTS Radio is celebrating its 10 year anniversary by inviting an eclectic group of 10 guest curators to program an episode. From April 19 to April 23, curators such as creator of The Simpsons Matt Groening, My Bloody Valentine, Patia’s Fantasy World, Arca, Detroit’s Theo Parrish, and more will showcase their musical preferences on the airwaves.

Throughout the course of the anniversary celebrations, NTS will be raising money for the Global FoodBanking Network. For more details on fundraising, the curators, and the full schedule, visit NTS Radio’s website here.

Featured image: Kevin Sheilds

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Tommy Lefroy return with their pensive sophomore single, “The Cause”

The duo of London’s Tessa Mouzourakis and Los Angeles’ Wynter Bethel, better known as Tommy Lefroy, return to stoke the fires started by their truly standout debut, with the equally as captivating single, “The Cause.”

With a flair for romanticising the past, their knack for vivid and at times relatably confessional songwriting becomes abundantly clear as their sophomore effort entrances you into a walk down borrowed memory lane.

This rose-tinted lens is apparent from the word go, as the enchanting vocal spins a vivid yarn that casts a kitschy cinematic, almost living atmosphere. As the instrumentation unfolds, “The Cause” maintains its focus on the vocal, with the guitars rapturously pushing and pulling it in different directions with their fluctuating shades.

Running the length between richly told folk and contemplative indie with a twist of distortion, their thus far downtempo aesthetic is the perfect vehicle for the world-weary vocal, weary in both its tender delivery and exasperated lyricism. An easy comparison to draw here would be to Phoebe Bridgers, who is undoubtedly a strong influence, yet their nuanced intricacies make their approach of inspiration, not imitation approach abundantly clear despite their sonic similarities.

“We wrote ‘The Cause’ about falling for someone who’s too caught up in their own world to make room for you in it,” shares the duo in an email statement. “It was a moment of realization — the people we put on pedestals are always going to make us feel small.”

Connect with Tommy Lefroy: Facebook | Instagram | | Twitter | Spotify

Jayda G announces !K7 DJ-Kicks mix, shares new single: Listen

Jayda G will mix the next instalment of !K7’s DJ-Kicks series. 

Following recent contributions to the longstanding mix series from the likes of Laurel Halo, Avalon Emerson, Kamaal Williams, Mr. Scruff and Special Request, Jayda G will release her DJ-Kicks on 14th May.

The Canadian DJ and producer has shared a new, exclusive single of her own, ‘All I Need’, to mark the announcement of the release. You can check it out, along with some accompanying nostalgic festival footage, below. 

The 21-track mix release will feature several exclusive tracks from artists including DJ Boring, Jennifer Loveless, HAAi, Fred Again… and Omar S. Other tracks in the mix come from names such as Aged In Harmony, Evan Pyramid, Universal Togetherness Band, DJ Koze, Gerry Read and more. You can see the full tracklist below. 

Speaking about her contribution to the series, Jayda G says: “DJ-Kicks has been a personal goal of mine for a really long time. I’ve been a fan for decades now. I remember there was one mix by Chromeo and it had some French disco on it that always stood out in my mind.”

Encompassing tracks that have been important to her throughout her life, and which capture her high-energy disco and house sound,  alongside new music from artists she admires, Jayda G’s DJ-Kicks is a personal, landmark release. “This mix is full of nostalgia; music is nostalgia for me. It’s happy and sad at the same time,” she says. 

“A friend and I were looking at old pictures from when we used to throw underground parties in Vancouver and you have that feeling of like, ‘Wow, it’s changed. And there’s a sadness to that, but an awesomeness to it as well. At least we get to look back at these times and feel like yes, we lived.”

‘All I Need’ is Jayda G’s first new music since last year’s Grammy nominated EP, ‘Both Of Us / Are You Down’. Speaking about the track’s video, which has been directed by David Ehrenreich, she says: “David was able to secure this amazing footage of a rave in British Columbia Canada. While this type of older footage is common in the UK and Europe, the rave scene was not prominent in Canadian music culture at the time. 

“With the visuals placing me at this 90’s rave set in the BC wilderness, the watcher doesn’t know the difference between what is happening now and what was then, truly emulating the words and sentiments of the song in ‘how i feel know, how i feel then, nothing, nothing, nothing has changed’.”

Pre-order Jayda G’s DJ-Kicks here, and check out ‘All I Need’ below.  

[embedded content]Tr