Kayzo, Sullivan King, Papa Roach deliver heavy headbanging ammunition on ‘DOMINATION’

Kayzo, Sullivan King, Papa Roach deliver heavy headbanging ammunition on ‘DOMINATION’Kayzo

Break out the neck brace. When two of bass music’s top dogs collaborate with rock legends Papa Roach, it certainly calls for some justified headbanging. Kayzo and Sullivan King are well versed in the sonics made for running through brick walls and “DOMINATION” falls right in line. And there’s a reason the song’s title is in caps—just hit play to find out why.

Originally debuting at Lost Lands in 2019 as an instrumental cut, Papa Roach, of course of “Last Resort” fame, then entered the frame and kicked the song up a level with vocals and guitar modifications to amplify what was already proving to be a marquee collaboration between two of the genre’s most in-demand forces. “DOMINATION” demands one’s undivided attention—it calls for a full crank of the volume knob, so beware, this one isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s an all out blitz of ear-splitting guitar riffs into neck breaking drops that serve only to make listeners salivate for the moment riding rails at festival stages is once again safe to do.

Perhaps Sullivan King put it best,

“DOMINATION” is Kayzo’s first original release with Papa Roach, with the duo having notably worked together on Kayzo’s “Last Resort (The Rework)” that currently sits atop his most popular tracks on songs on Spotify. Sullivan King continues a stellar 2021 run, continuing to follow up on his recent To The Grave EP on Excision’s Subsidia Records. Papa Roach, founded in 1993, continue to find ways to release quality music that stays true to their form, this latest song adding to a long line of quality releases.

Listen to “DOMINATION” below.

Featured image: Rukes

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Boombox Cartel and Moody Good dive into experimental bass territory on, ‘Shadow’

Boombox Cartel and Moody Good dive into experimental bass territory on, ‘Shadow’Boombo Cartel Credit Hypebeast

Boombox Cartel and Moody Good have unleashed a new collaboration, “Shadow,” featuring Calvania. Fit with dark synths and Calvania’s flowing voice dripping through the track, the collaborative new endeavor pops and hisses with heavy experiemental low end appeal.

“Shadow” finds Boombox Cartel and Moody Good blending their unique styles, the bass slinking through Calvania’s vocals as the builds up to spurring drops. Featuring Boombox Cartel’s trap expertise and Moody Good’s heavy handed unconventionalism, “Shadow” allows Calvina’s vocals to float over a barraging beat that keeps listeners on their toes from front to back.

Boombox Cartel released a long-awaited collaboration with KRANE last September, the pair creating the track “All Again.” Meanwhile, Moody Good’s 2019 collaboration with SLANDER, “Heart Break,” received ten massive remixes in September, as well. Listen to the pair’s new collaboration below.

Featured image: HYPEBEAST

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Tomorrowland to honor third anniversary of Avicii’s passing with day-long tribute

Tomorrowland to honor third anniversary of Avicii’s passing with day-long tribute7700562154 C7826b5acf O

April 20, 2021 signals a full three years since the heart-stopping news of Avicii‘s untimely passing. This year, Tomorrowland is using the date to commemorate the anniversary with a dedicated day-long tribute to the late Swedish icon.

Tomorrowland will reflect on Avicii’s immortal stamp on dance music on One World Radio, powering through more than 60 of his most famed releases and showcasing a select bank of live videos from his iconic performances in Boom, Belgium that span from 2011 to 2015. Kygo, Aloe Blacc, Dimitri Vegas, Nicky Romero, and Laidback Luke will all be making guest showings as well to share heartfelt memories from each of their personal relationships with Tim Bergling over the years, with the latter two also curating an honorary show that will include 60 uninterrupted minutes of Avicii’s finest.

Tune in to One World Radio on April 20 to celebrate the life of Avicii through some of his career’s most memorable highlights.

Featured image: Rutger Geerling

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Habstrakt recruits KARRA for new single ‘Ice Cold’

Habstrakt recruits KARRA for new single ‘Ice Cold’Habstrakt Credit Habstrakt Twitter

Habstrakt has invited KARRA to join him for a chilling, deep new track titled “Ice Cold.” The bass-house track features groovy tones and vibrating synthlines, reeling in listeners with KARRA’s smooth vocals. KARRA whispers, “Get it, get it” over a thumping bassline, with the energetic track filling speakers. Slowly building up to the first break, the song emphatically jostles and crashes before spitting out the drop.

Habstrakt remixed Nitepunk’s single “Flow” last January, while Bleu Chair offered a remix of Habstrakt’s single “Gotta Be” last month. The French producer had been set to make an appearance at Insomniac East’s inaugural Abduction festival in Orlando, FL, however, the event had been forced to be canceled on the day of due to weather conditions. Luckily there’s time to rinse this one repeatedly before it makes its delayed live debut.

Featured image: Matt Cary

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Hydeout: The Prelude locks Alison Wonderland, Above & Beyond, TOKiMONSTA, Afrojack, more for virtual events this month

Hydeout: The Prelude has revealed the second phase of its immersive digital musical experience. 

Hydeout: The Prelude is a new digital concept revealed by Singapore’s Hydeout festival in January, presenting 40 episodes (performances) from across a variety of genres. The online events span three different worlds, HydeCity, HydeIsland and HydeEscape, with over 20 stages including Aqua Sphere, HydeAlley, Pandemonium, Sanctum, The Arch, and The Mirage, plus other secret on-location stages in HydeEscape. 

Now, the festival has announced it will begin Phase Two on April 11th with some of its most impressive shows to date, with the likes of Australian DJ/producer Alison Wonderland, trance icons Above & Beyond and LA-based artist TOKiMONSTA all confirmed for performances within Hydeout’s digital universe. 

Elsewhere, Armin van Buuren, Fedde Le Grand, Martin Garrix and Charli XCX are also confirmed for live shows throughout April and May, with performance episodes from both phases available on-demand with a Hydeout pass. 

Alongside the performances, viewers, aka The HydeTribe, will be able to fully customize their party avatars and test their skills in three different games. Hyde.Hoops offers the chance to shoot some virtual hoops, Hyde.Attack will get hearts racing in an energetic game of dodgeball and Hyde.Chef is set to get mouths watering as users will serve guests traditional Singaporean dishes in a fast-paced memory game. Competing against other users from all corners of the globe, subscribers can win Hydecoins, giving them the opportunity to purchase additional episodes and avatar skins. 

The full Hydeout experience is available with a Season Pass for USD $49.90. With multiple new episodes to enjoy every week, users will have unlimited playback views for 5 days upon first play. Fans can also access the platform when they register for a free Pay As You Go Pass on hydeoutworld.com. Season passes are also available on Hydeout’s Official Ticketing Partners sites at Klook and Festicket

Check out the full list of scheduled shows below.

AI turns 2D photos into 3D models – and renders KITT from Knight Rider

If you hadn’t already noticed that machine learning is hugely helpful for assisting 3D tasks, here’s a Pontiac Trans Am and an NVIDIA Omniverse plug-in to drive the point home.

[embedded content]

Machine learning has been a big pillar of NVIDIA’s GTC event this week. And it makes some sense – the “artificial intelligence” moniker may have captured the imagination, but a big part of what is currently driving AI trends is really graphics processing architectures. Those innovations in silicon have helped to resurrect an approach that might have been confined to history; that is, neural nets.

The double-edged sword is that marketers and the public alike may seize onto the idea that this represents AI as general intelligence – something capable of emulating humans. But to NVIDIA’s credit this week, the company – and its massive research portfolio – has remained grounded in stuff that’s realistic and usable, from virus-fighting chemistry to 3D design.

And there’s been a lot of stuff – I find myself just digging through papers and GitHub repositories, and a lot of it is fantastically wonderful for artists and creatives. In a dark world, it’s nice to see that AI can be as much about expression as “automation.” NV’s ongoing mission to make us want to buy RTX cards is on track, for sure, although a lot of this stuff (shhh) doesn’t actually require an RTX architecture and you might be using a server anyway.

The research is really something. Machine learning tasks do still tend to fit particular niches rather than being as generally useful as a GPU is, let alone a CPU. But they are justifying the silicon.

I think NV did a decent job picking KITT as it’s something people can follow. It’s an idea that has been bouncing around for a bit – trying GANs (generative adversarial networks) to spit out 3D objects and textures and not just 2D graphics. But there’s updated research from October, code you can try out right now, and a coming Omniverse plug-in.

Computer, one KITT, please

Here’s the basic idea:

Start with some 2D images to train on – photos from different angles. You’ll need those different angles in training; it can’t train and extrapolate on just single-viewpoints.

The dataset they used was actually not huge – 6000 cars, 1000 horses, 1000 birds. The cars and birds work really well, in fact; I think the horses just needed a more diverse training set. (They apparently had too many pictures from certain side angles and not the top – plus I think tails are tricky.)

It didn’t take long to train, either – four V100 GPUs over 120 hours. (And you’ll do better on a higher-end chip.)

With that training in place, here’s the fun part – the inverse model, so a 3D geometry and texture, can be spit out in 65 milliseconds. From just one image.

I mean, that’s huge. Maybe you need something other than cars, but this is a training task that could be easily handled by a small graphics team with some spare server hours. And once it’s trained, you can spit out tons of the models you need at will.

This doesn’t have to put experienced 3D modelers out of work, either – or even replace depth cameras. It is a clear winner for quick mock-ups, storyboards, and other prototypes in advance of the more expensive design work. And it also suggests predictive tools that might assist you inside a 3D modeling task. That is, while it was a clever idea to share the KITT video, it’s not really that video that you should judge the tech on directly. If you want to model KITT, you’ll probably still do it by hand. But as a complement to other tools – and as a cute new Omniverse feature – this is great.

It’s worth checking out the design teams here as each one of the researchers has done other great work. (GAN and machine learning followers will recognize some of those author names immediately, like Yuxuan Zhang‘s efficient image labeling or, more in the general press, Sanja Fidler of University of Toronto and her team’s pop song generator and work on neuroaesthetics in fashion.)

Image GANs meet Differentiable Rendering for Inverse Graphics and Interpretable 3D Neural Rendering

Yuxuan Zhang, Wenzheng Chen, Huan Ling, Jun Gao, Yinan Zhang, Antonio Torralba, Sanja Fidler

Where to find the code?

Well, you should definitely start with the infamous StyleGAN, which has been faking faces and style and other things using GANs –


But the critical stuff comes from just adding new datasets to this 2019 project, “Learning to Predict 3D Objects with an Interpolation-based Differentiable Renderer”:


I keep talking about Omniverse because NVIDIA keeps talking about Omniverse but – they’re onto something here, because they’re doing effectively real-time renders in this system provided as just an Omniverse plug-in. Sold and sold. It’s clever stuff.

NV tells CDM they’ll have that plug-in for us some time this summer. We’ll be watching.

And since I keep talking about the potential of Omniverse for individual artists and small creative teams, we’ll look at that, too.

Anyway, if you’re saying “but don’t I really not need that Omniverse plug-in since I can just go to GitHub and start messing around?” Yes, you’re right. I do like the idea of machine learning applied to 3D workflows generally, though, and we might even see them as ways of helping manage assets – like Clippy, if Clippy understood 3D assets.

But yeah, as far as a weird music video made of nothing but distorted AI-generated horses, it should be possible. Work on the horse tracks now, and then we can have spewing horse particle systems made out of AI horses as a summer project. You’re welcome.

Where to get more AI goodness:

GTC talks: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/gtc/

Research: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/research/

Oh yeah, and among other things, Audio2Face app is here on Omniverse in open beta, as well. You will need an RTX GPU for that, even though you can do without it with the Git repositories there.

Audio2Face is very fun.

[embedded content]

It’s not exactly relevant to this story, but I’m in Germany, there’s a car, and it’s Hasselhoff, so if you need some added inspiration for your 3D / motion / VJ work today, take it away.

[embedded content]

Modeselektor share expansive 27-track mixtape, ‘Extended’

Modeselektor share expansive 27-track mixtape, ‘Extended’Modeselektor Credit Sonar Barcelona 2018

Veteran electronic duo Modeselektor have dropped off a brand new mixtape spanning a whopping 27 tracks that together encapsulate the group’s mind frame throughout 2020’s lockdowns. Extended is an expansive blend of newer works and recently unearthed older demos that come together over 65 minutes—sprawling from careening techno breaks to wobbly experimental cuts, replete with off-kilter clinks, oscillating low end, and spacey, atmospheric percussion.

What’s more, Extended also features two new joint tracks, featuring the Berlin-native producers linking with Paul St. Hilaire on “Movement” following 2015’s “Trees” collaboration, and Jackson & His Computer Band for one of the mixtape’s standout efforts, “Hood.” Extended comes by way of Modeselektor’s own Monkeytown Records, and physical copies will also be available for purchase here on April 23. Stream below.

Featured image: Sónar, 2018

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Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Underground Resistance, more feature on 52-track Tresor anniversary compilation

Tresor will release a 52-track anniversary compilation later this year.

After announcing that Tresor’s 30th anniversary this year would be celebrated with with a string of rare music reissues, a special box set and a book, the Berlin club and label has shared details of ‘Tresor 30’ – a 52-track, 12 x 12″ limited edition boxset incoming on the 31st October.

The boxset will celebrate 30 years of the institution with a series of exclusive commissions and reissues, with Detroit techno royality in the form of Drexciya, Jeff Mills, Robert Hood and Underground Resistance all tapped to contribute to the series, alongside Joey Beltram, Helena Hauff and DJ Stingray.

Elsewhere, the likes of AFRODEUTSCHE, LSDXOXO, Six Figure Gang’s Yazzus and TYGAPAW have been enlisted for the compilation, as well as KMRU, Russell E.L. Butler, Surgeon and rRoxymore.

Speaking about the compilation, Tresor said: “The ‘Tresor 30’ compilation represents a major landmark in this continuing history of electronic music. This unique collection of music profiles some of the artists that gave the previous three decades of Tresor its sound and foundation, but it also casts its gaze forward. Writing new postcards from the future, this collection brings new artists who maintain a connection to that original mission to the fore, charting ways in which this ethos can continue to build bridges and break walls in the next 30 years.”

‘TRESOR 30’ has been curated by Carin Abdulá — the head agent at OUTER Agency — and is available for pre-order here ahead of its October release.

Erica Synths Intros Three New Filter Modules For Eurorack Systems

Erica Synths has announced three new filter modules in its ‘Black Series’ line for Eurorack modular synthesizers:

  • The Erica Synths Black Low Pass VCF is designed for ‘analog purists who take sound design seriously’. It is a highly stable, 24dB/oct resonant low pass VCF, with voltage control over cutoff and resonance. Bonus features include a post-filter overdrive circuit, with user adjustable drive amount and the Black Filter Coupler connector.
  • The Black High Pass VCF is also designed for ‘analog purists who take sound design seriously’. It is a highly stable, 24dB/oct resonant high pass VCF with voltage control over cutoff and resonance. Bonus features include a built in post-filter overdrive circuit, with user adjustable drive amount and the Black Filter Coupler connector.
  • The Black Filter Coupler is a satellite module to the Black High Pass VCF and the Black Low Pass VCF. It adds Bandpass and Band Reject filter functionality, both with adjustable center frequency and bandwidth, while both VCFs still can operate on their own.

All modules have manual and CV control over all parameters.

Pricing and Availability

The Black Low Pass VCF, Black High Pass VCF and Black Filter Coupler are available now, priced at $189 USD, $189 USD and $109 USD respectively.

Imanbek, Sean Paul, and Sofía Reyes get together for ‘Dancing On Dangerous’

Imanbek, Sean Paul, and Sofía Reyes get together for ‘Dancing On Dangerous’Imanbek Press Photo

Fresh off his four-track EP with Rita Ora, Imanbek is teaming up with another set of heavy-hitting artists for his next collaborative effort, “Dancing On Dangerous” featuring Sean Paul and Sofía Reyes.

The latest single to emerge from the Imanbek vault, “Dancing On Dangerous” is notably one of the Dancing Astronaut-declared Artist to Watch in 2021’s more pop-leaning releases, with simplistic production that allows Reyes and Paul to be the main foci of the song. The one-off’s catchy melody demonstrates Imanbek’s ability to produce pop music that is just as compelling as the house originals and remixes that shot him into the cultural mainstream, netting him notoriety along the way.

The 20-year-old producer originally hails from Kazakhstan, and is the first artist from the country to ever win a Grammy. After his triumph in the “Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical” category for his remix of SAINt JHN’s “Roses” at the 63rd annual Grammy Awards ceremony, the producer caught the eye of ICM Partners and Primary Talent International, who recently onboarded him.

“Dancing On Dangerous” is out now via Effective Records and can be streamed below.

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