Voltage Modular Intros ARP 2500-Inspired Virtual Modular Synthesizer

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Cherry Audio, in collaboration with MRB Labs, has introduced the VM2500 Collection – a set of new modules for the Voltage Modular platform, based on the rare ARP 2500 modular synthesizer.

All 18 modules originally produced for the ARP 2500 system have been recreated in software, as well as a couple that were planned, but never produced, including a full-function oscilloscope and a spring reverb. In addition, it includes a new mixer module that’s designed to match the original modules.

The VM2500 collection dispenses with the most iconic feature of the original 2500, its huge patch matrix, replacing it with standard CV jacks. They’ve also added bi-polar CV attenuators to all modulation inputs, for full compatibility with other Voltage Modular modules.

Here’s what Cherry Audio has to say about the VM2500 Collection:

“The tremendous analog sound and unique features of the original modules have been retained in their entirety, with a few small tweaks to improve the practicality of these 50-year-old designs.

The recreation of the 2500 modules was a team effort, combining Cherry Audio’s extensive design experience with award-winning synth designer Mark Barton’s (MRB) DSP coding sorcery.

The result is a virtual time machine of fat, impactful early electronic music history for the ears!”

Pricing and Availability

VM2500 Collection is available now, with an intro price of $49.00 USD (normally $69.00).

Lastlings tap CRi and Paraleven for two imaginative recasts of ‘Out Of Touch’

Lastlings tap CRi and Paraleven for two imaginative recasts of ‘Out Of Touch’Screen Shot 2021 04 15 At 11.29.52 AM

Lastlings have yet to short out on ways to creatively reimagine their debut album, First Contact. After one of Dancing Astronaut‘s deserving Artists to Watch in 2021 stripped back four album standouts for a live acoustic EP, Lastlings have now tapped both CRi and Paraleven for a two-sided delivery of “Out Of Touch” recasts.

Even when they’re not in the driver’s seat, Amy and Josh Dowdle know the exact course of action to elicit the most delectable qualities within First Contact. CRi and Paraleven stamp their own respective brandings of melodic house on the brother-sister duo’s album favorite, adding in a third line of First Contact revisions over the last year-plus, following both “I’ve Got You” and “Take My Hand.”

Featured image: Lastlings/Instagram

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Moore Kismet applies their own vocals to third album single, ‘Autonomy’ featuring Torr

Moore Kismet applies their own vocals to third album single, ‘Autonomy’ featuring TorrScreen Shot 2021 04 16 At 11.46.47 AM

Dancing Astronaut‘s Breakout Artist of 2020 has released “one of the most visceral and experimental songs” that they’ve ever written, a character that is indubitably owed in part to Moore Kismet’s choice to use their own vocals on an original production for the very first time. “Autonomy,” the third single from Kismet’s upcoming debut LP, features Torr, who also lends vocals to the “Vendetta For Cupid” follow-up. However surprisingly, their partnership is the product of their chance union in a Discord server, where they were allotted one hour to collaboratively create a collaborative beat. What came of the hour-long beat challenge turned into the enthralling single released on April 16.

Kismet’s inclusion on Dancing Astronaut‘s most-anticipated albums of the year is slated for release in June (Pride Month). “Autonomy” follows “Vendetta For Cupid” and “Rumor,” as well as two other LP tracklistings, “Flight of the Superiority Complex” and “Shadow Soldier,” both of which were released earlier this year. Listen to “Autonomy” below.

Featured image: DNZ Media

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Posthumous DMX track with Swizz Beats and French Montana released: Listen

The song appeared in Season 2 of the Epix series Godfather of Harlem

DJ Mag Staff

Friday, April 16, 2021 – 10:23

A posthumous DMX track featuring Swizz Beats and French Montana has been released.

The track, titled ‘Been to War’, was released today, and is taken from the soundtrack of American network Epix’s drama series, Godfather of Harlem.

‘Been To War’ comes one week after the legendary New York rapper, born Earl Simmons, was hospitalised on 2nd April after suffering from an alleged drug overdose and subsequent heart attack. It was later confirmed by family that he had passed away in hospital, aged 50.

Check it out below.

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In July last year, DMX went head to head with Snoop Dogg in Swizz Beats and Timbaland’s Verzuz rap battle series.

Watch a new documentary about Baltimore club music on Netflix

You can now watch a documentary about Baltimore club music on Netflix.

Dark City: Beneath the Beat is a musical documentary about the Baltimore club music and dance culture scene directed by TT The Artist, who found her sound in the city, and captures the “irrepressible bounce and infectious beats of a Baltimore club seen that demands to be seen and heard”.

The musical documentary features a Baltimore club music soundtrack, showcasing the Maryland city’s native artists, DJs, dancers, producers and creatives, and reinforces the immense power of a community in a city with a significantly high crime rate.

The film, which premiered at last year’s SXSW Festival, is available to watch now, and features music from the likes of TT The Artist, Colada, Mighty Mark and UNIIQU3.

Check out the soundtrack below, and watch the film via Netflix here.

Jason Ross warms up Ophelia Records EP with world-class Nevve pairing, ‘Wild Ones’

Jason Ross warms up Ophelia Records EP with world-class Nevve pairing, ‘Wild Ones’EgzSdpiUwAAHRDg

Jason Ross has a compelling case to concurrently hold the first, second, and third spots of Ophelia Records‘ list of paramount originals over the past half-year. After shutting the label’s 2020 doors alongside Dancing Astronaut‘s Supernovas inductee RUNN and then turning in one of Dancing Astronaut‘s most-anticipated IDs—”One More Day” with Blanke and Chandler Leighton—Ross achieves trifecta status in the wake of his The Atlas” series wrap-up, partnering with singer-songwriter collective Nevve to re-enter the Seven Lions-directed base with “Wild Ones.”

“Wild Ones” is the sophomore branch of Ross’ May-slotted EP on Ophelia Records, following in the footsteps of his Blanke and Chandler Leighton link-up, issued in March, and if the EP’s initial two pieces are even the slightest bit of an indication, Ross has an unanswerable masterpiece looming. Tying together his patented sleight of melodic dubstep and the eternally top-shelf vocals of the Nevve constituent—classified singer-songwriter group for those uninformed—”Wild Ones” calls for a standing ovation after a three-and-a-half-minute duet between two of dance music’s most gifted. Although a definitive date and name have yet to be publicly assigned to the EP, the countdown to sometime in May cannot come soon enough following both the single and Crystal Skiesconfirmation of an appearance on its eventual tracklist.

Featured image: Insomniac Events

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HALIENE and Jauz join for environmentally focused pre-Earth Day effort, ‘Oceans & Galaxies’

HALIENE and Jauz join for environmentally focused pre-Earth Day effort, ‘Oceans & Galaxies’HALIENE

For five years—and counting—the electronic space has served as HALIENE‘s playground. In her aural flits from trance to melodic dubstep, a pen seemingly ever in hand, she’s scripted anthems to which crowds will infallibly responds for years to come, and—consciously or unconsciously—as she’s put lyrics to paper, she’s also arisen as an author of dance music history. HALIENE’s inextricability from the electronic craft, and vice versa, is already well exemplified in a decorated catalog that’s rife with collaborations to which the dance community at large would confer “classic” status. But, fortunately for us, it is further demonstrated in her fourth co-project of the calendar year, “Oceans & Galaxies” alongside none other than Jauz.

Impressing her soprano topline on Jauz’s piano-woven production, HALIENE gives voice to a single with a philanthropic and environmental focus. Though “Oceans & Galaxies” predates Earth Day, to be observed on April 22, the one-off is just the first piece in the partners’ plans to honor the holiday. On Earth Day, “Oceans & Galaxies” enthusiasts can tune in to Monstercat‘s Twitch channel to be treated to an acoustic rendition of the single, flanked by educational interviews on strategies for sustainability, a live art stream, and artist guests.

“Ocean & Galaxies’” environmental aim will also be bolstered by the release of limited-edition merch. A portion of the proceeds will be directed to Beneath The Waves, an ocean conservation foundation that the single’s distributor, Monstercat, will support via fundraising opportunities not only during the April 22 event, but also throughout the month of April.

Dancing Astronaut celebrates HALIENE as our April Supernova. Stream her latest output below, and stay tuned for her Supernovas feature and accompanying Instagram takeover, to debut later this month.

Featured image: Exchange Los Angeles

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Teenage Engineering OP-1 Gets Price Cut For 10th Anniversary

Teenage Engineering OP-1 SynthesizerTeenage Engineering is celebrating the 10th anniversary of their OP-1 synthesizer, and has cut the price of the portable synth studio to $1,121, inspired by the device’s 2011-2021 life.

Here’s what TE co-founder Jesper Kouthoofd has to say about it:

“it all started with two prototypes. a clock radio and a synth. well, we decided to go with the synth and i guess we were right.

it was only david, me and jens back then, but we were soon joined by johan and david number two.’

i remember how we built the first prototype – an empty shell with a screen mounted on the inside. we squeezed into my honda element and drove all the way down to musik messe in frankfurt. and if i remember things right, emil was also with us at this time, but we really didn’t have a proper company yet so i guess he just joined the trip for fun.

the trade booth was just a black fabric backdrop and a table where we had placed the OP–1, under a thick piece of plexiglass. a computer under the table processed the graphics on the little oled screen.

it looked very real and the illusion even fooled ourselves as we estimated the launch just a couple of months away. (guess it was my fault, i am always a ’super-optimist’). well, it took us another two and a half years to complete it and here we are now, ten years after unit no. 01 was shipped.

the dream was to create a machine that lasted at least 20 years. we are halfway there… so big thanks and hugs to all of you. let’s celebrate ’halfway there’!”

The OP-1 inspired interest and controversy from the start, because of the way it combined a user-friendly, almost toy-like user interface with minimal design and powerful capabilities.

But 10 years later, the OP-1 is won Georgia Tech’s Margaret Guthman Award for instrument design, is part of the permanent collection of the San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art, and is still being sold.

10 years is a pretty good run for any synthesizer or other piece of consumer tech. Or as Kouthoofd notes: “Halfway there!”

Details on the OP-1 are available at the TE site.

New iPad Synth, ID700, Inspired By Rare Buchla 700

Developer Jonathan Schatz has introduced ID700, a new software synthesizer that’s inspired by Don Buchla‘s rare Buchla 700 synthesizer.

The instrument offers 12 voice polyphony, fourteen complex envelopes per voice, two waveshapers per voice, MPE support, microtuning support and more.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

“In 1987, Don Buchla released the Buchla 700 synthesizer. It was the next logical step from Don’s previous digital synths (the Buchla 400, Touché, Buchla 500) but was also influenced by the synth trends of the 1980’s, specifically FM synthesis and the all-in-one workstation concept.

As usual, Don was ahead of the curve and the 700 never took off. Very few were sold and even fewer functioning units exist today. I always loved the sound of Don’s digital oscillators, and combined with the scarcity of the instrument it seemed like a fun project to recreate it in software and reintroduce its concepts to the world.”


  • AUv3 and IAA support on iOS
  • Twelve voices of four operator FM with twelve unique algorithms
  • Fourteen complex envelopes per voice
  • Two hundred professionally designed presets
  • Two waveshapers per voice
  • Over forty factory wave shapes plus an editor for user created shapes
  • Scala scale file support with over four thousand included tunings from the Scala scale archive
  • MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) capability for MPE controllers like the Roli Seabord, Linnstrument, and Sensel Morph

Here’s a video overview by The Sound Test Room:

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Pricing and Availability

ID700 is available now in the App Store for $7.99 USD.

Secrets Of The Yamaha CS-80 Synthesizer

[embedded content]

In this video, Bell Tone Synth Works founder Alison Stout takes an in-depth look at the technology behind the preset, memory, and panel sound selection works in legendary Yamaha CS-80 synthesizer.

Bell Tone Synth Works (BTSW) is n electronic musical instrument repair workshop in Philadelphia, PA, specializing in restoration and repair of vintage synthesizers and organs.

You can find the diagrams and schematics discussed in the video at the BTSW site.