Gibson Parker enlists father Ray Parker Jr. on guitar for newest output, ‘Mana’

Gibson Parker enlists father Ray Parker Jr. on guitar for newest output, ‘Mana’DA Press Pic

Gibson Parker‘s career continues to gain momentum, and his newest release “Mana” is sure to only build upon previous successes. The groovy new single adds a fresh, dynamic appeal to his catalog thanks to its deeper house undertones, showing a growing maturity within Parker’s production acumen. Now things come full circle in a way, highlighting Parker’s musical upbringing. He is the son of musician and actor Ray Parker Jr., who is actually featured on “Mana” playing guitar.

Parker spoke to Dancing Astronaut about the release and working with his father. He shares,

“When I made the first version of ‘Mana’ I liked it, but didn’t love it. I just knew there was something missing. That’s when I came up with the idea to record my dad playing guitar on it. After a few takes, the track was finally completed. It was a really cool experience to finally bring my dad onto one of my tracks.”

Listen to Gibson Parker’s latest below.

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Ace Aura, Millenial Trash disperse ‘Noddin’ 2′ on robust ‘Noddin” remix pack

Ace Aura, Millenial Trash disperse ‘Noddin’ 2′ on robust ‘Noddin” remix packAce Aura Live

Arguably the melodic bass music scene’s most exciting rising star, Ace Aura has just released a stacked remix package for “Noddin’” alongside Millennial Trash. Ace Aura and Millenial Trash are two of the most promising electronic music talents emanating out of the southern US. Having them combine forces on a single track compounds the excitement, with the original version of “Noddin’” landing placement in multiple Spotify editorials and already amassing more than half a million streams on that platform alone. Now, showcasing the two’s tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, The Noddin’ Remixes No One Asked For has hit streaming platforms featuring unique reworks from the likes of DansDemand, Ipsiom, Asteroid Afterparty, and more.

The Noddin’ Remixes No One Asked For features remixes from 12 upcoming bass music artists as well as the highly anticipated collaboration sequel “Noddin’ 2,” by Ace Aura and Millennial Trash. “Noddin’ 2” is a welcome addition to the two’s dynamic, growing discographies—flawlessly intertwining the heavy chord-influenced sound design and UK dubstep growl mastery the two are known for.

Standout remixes on the compilation include a headbanging-optimized take from DansDemand, alongside equally impressive works from Killin’ Void, Ipsiom, and Kaval. Every remix offers something unique, and each is worth a listen for avid bass music fans.

Featured image: Stetsen Colt Mathias

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The Radar 140: Mixed by juuku

The Radar 140: Mixed by juukuJuuku

After recently joining the dance fold, anonymous producer juuku has made peaceful melodics and emotionally charged sounds alike. He powered through 22 releases in 2020, expanding his reach and garnering support from tastemakers across the spectrum including Diplo & Friends and Spotify’s “Fresh Finds” playlist, among others.

juuku’s next name-making installment comes in the form of his debut EP Warmth, a seven-track project that features transcendent soundscapes, including a collaboration with Manila Killa titled “Just Lost.” Released via the indie imprint Moving Castle, the euphoric, bass-driven EP is unmatched in terms of its ability to lift spirits and drop jaws.

For episode 140 of Dancing Astronaut‘s The Radar, juuku delivers a nearly 46-minute mix featuring various tracks from the aforementioned EP as well as other hidden gems. Kicking off with an ID with Farrah, juuku rolls through some originals before getting into the nitty gritty, including eccentric flips of RL Grime, G Jones, and more.

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Sultan + Shepard recast Gabriel & Dresden’s ‘Falling Forward’

Sultan + Shepard recast Gabriel & Dresden’s ‘Falling Forward’SultanShepard IG

Fresh off the heels of Something, Everything in March, Sultan + Shepard are blessing fans with a remix of Gabriel & Dresden‘s “Falling Forward.” Sultan + Shepard melodically reframe the Gabriel & Dresden original, which includes Sub Teal’s enchanting vocals and features on Gabriel & Dresden’s 2020 album, Remedy. The LP was recently re-imagined in a remix pack with features from the likes of Darude, Iian Bluestone, and Dancing Astronaut Artist to Watch in 2021 Qrion, among others.

After three EPs with Lane 8‘s This Never Happened imprint and their latest LP, Sultan + Shepard have successfully honed their new sound in such a way that fans know what to expect, yet are consistently pleasantly surprised.

Stream Sultan + Shepard’s remix of “Falling Forward” below.

Featured image: Tobias Wang

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Class action settlement entitles Fyre Festival attendees to $7,200

Class action settlement entitles Fyre Festival attendees to $7,200Fyre Fest

The Fyre Festival saga that began in 2017 has is nearing its conclusion, with a $2 million class action settlement entitling all attendees to a payment of $7,200 each. Though lawyers have reportedly secured the settlement, it will not be made official until a vote can be held on May 13.

Lawyer Mark Geragos spoke about the Fyre Festival experience, stating,

“The festival’s lack of adequate food, water, shelter, and medical care created a dangerous and panicked situation among attendees suddenly finding themselves stranded on a remote island without basic provisions.”

As the lawsuit reaches its close, McFarland is still serving his sentence in prison, where he was recently moved to solitary confinement as a result of recording a prison podcast. Partner Ja Rule, who has been cleared in the Fyre Festival lawsuit, recently auctioned off a Fyre-themed NFT for $122,000.

Featured image: Netflix

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Moore Kismet and torr connect to find “Autonomy”

16-year-old Moore Kismet (Omar Davis) is quickly becoming one of the most-watched artists in electronic music. “Autonomy” marks the third installment to Moore’s debut album which is due out in the coming months. A collaboration with NYC-based hyper pop artist torr, the track explores the end of a relationship and the backlash and feelings that come along with it.

Moore has been having quite the year so far. Riding the success of a massive 2020, Moore inked their first record deal with Thrive Music; A huge achievement for any artist, let alone a 16-year-old. Moore gave fans a taste of the project with singles “Rumor” and “Vendetta For Cupid” releasing over the past two months. Not only an incredibly talented musician on multiple fronts but Moore also identifies as non-binary and is an extremely proud member and supporter of the LGBT+ community; using their voice loudly, nurturing a supportive and overwhelming positive community with their supporters. Moore carries infectious positive energy in everything that they do whether that’s music or standing up as an ally for LGBT+ rights.

The latest track “Autonomy” is the perfect break-up anthem, exploring the emotional toll unfaithfulness can have on a relationship. Finding solace and the need for being alone after going through such an impactful event. The track differs slightly from their previous work, having a more poppy feel that torr delivers. While it shows their versatility and range, the song definitely also carries the traditional Moore Kismet sound we have grown to love when the chorus kicks in with heavy pulsating subs. For the first time ever on a track, Moore lays down a rap verse. Even on a song with such vulnerable subject matter, Moore spits their verse with elevated confidence that makes it feel like Moore is well aware of their worth and what their ex-partner is going to be missing out on.

Omar shared the following on the new track – “The story behind autonomy is a story of the emotional aftermath of infidelity, and how it could rupture a relationship. We wanted to show a person’s personal turmoil affects the way that they perceive love. If you need a breakup anthem of any kind, this song is for you.”

Be on the lookout for the debut full-length album due out in the coming months and make sure to follow Moore on socials below to add some radiant positivity (and great music) to your newsfeeds.

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Impressive DIY E-mu Modular Synthesizer Replica

[embedded content]

French boutique maker Mos-Lab shared this video documenting their fantastic DIY synth project – a replica of the rare E-mu modular synthesizer.

Before E-mu created gear like the Emulator, the Drumulator, the Emax and the Proteus, they created a modular synthesizer to compete with the likes of Moog and ARP. Introduced in the early 70s, only a few hundred E-mu modular systems were made.

The video shows some of the behind-the-scenes work that went into making this impressive project, ranging from woodworking to panelwork to the electronics.

midiphy MatriX Mechanical Grid Graphical Sequencer (Sneak Preview)

[embedded content]

This video, via Hawkeye, captures a sneak preview of the upcoming midiphy MatriX Mechanical Grid Graphical Sequencer, in conjunction with the midiphy SEQ v4+.

The MatriX extends both midiphy’s SEQ v4+ (legacy 16×16+X BLM Mode) step sequencer, as well as the LoopA sequencer (with an upcoming firmware extension). Using the MatriX, polyphonic sequences can be entered graphically, including force-to-scale “auto-correction”.

Details are still to come at the midiphy site.