GRiZ announces two-day curated music experience, Space Camp with CloZee, Moore Kismet, Lucii, and more

GRiZ announces two-day curated music experience, Space Camp with CloZee, Moore Kismet, Lucii, and moreGRIZ 1

GRiZ is bringing fans his very own curated live music experience with a newly announced event, Space Camp. The two-night run is coming to Hampton Coliseum in Virginia and will feature two performances from GRiZ himself in addition to a variety of featured acts. Space Camp will take place from December 17 – 18, giving fans an exciting new artist-curated event to look forward to as live events begin to make a return.

CloZee, LSDream, Chee, and Common Creation will cover everything from bass music to experimental psychedelic soul on December 17. Night two, on December 18 will host performances by Liquid Stranger, Lucii, Dancing Astronaut‘s Breakout Artist of 2020 Moore Kismet, and Kumarion. Both nights will be capped with unique live shows from GRiZ featuring all new production, as Space Camp is poised to be one of GRiZ’s most ambitious and largest headlining shows to date.

GRiZ speaks about his inspirations behind Space Camp in an official release, sharing,

“As a kid I always wanted to go to space camp. Hang with other kids and share in that sense of adventure and imagination. So we’re throwing our own. A place to gather, explore and play. A place to be weird, to celebrate life, a place to be yourself, a place to escape earth. We’re ready for takeoff. Welcome to Space Camp.”

For those looking to attend GRiZ’s debut Space Camp, tickets will go on sale here beginning April 23 at 11:00 a.m. ET.

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Martin Garrix, Maejor sign AREA21 to Disney’s Hollywood Records, reschedule album

Martin Garrix, Maejor sign AREA21 to Disney’s Hollywood Records, reschedule albumScreen Shot 2021 04 21 At 4.36.08 PM 1

Martin Garrix and Maejor are formally attaching AREA21 to a major label in tandem with STMPD RCRDS, with the announcement that their alias has now joined Disney Music Group’s Hollywood Records. The news, confirmed in a press release from STMPD RCRDS, comes together with an updated timetable that the duo’s presently unnamed debut album will be moving back from its current May slot to a later date this fall.

Although the album’s flight path may have taken a slight detour, AREA21 have already ensured that the record will be worth the wait with the delivery of “La La La” at the onset of April as the first of 12 tracks set to appear across the LP. In collaboration with Titmouse, an Emmy Award-winning animation outfit that’s produced for both Dua Lipa and Run the Jewels, both Garrix and Maejor linked “La La La” with an originative visual that reimagines the two as aliens setting out on a journey throughout space.

If having Disney by their side is even the slightest bit of an indication towards what AREA21 are scheming up in the coming months, the album’s inclusion on Dancing Astronaut‘s most-anticipated projects of 2021 shouldn’t have an ounce of doubt.

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Beatport becomes first digital music retailer to accept Bitcoin

Beatport becomes first digital music retailer to accept BitcoinBitcoin

Beatport announced that it will officially be accepting Bitcoin (BTC) as a form of payment on the site starting in June, becoming the first major digital music retailer to do so. Leveraging the continually increasing mainstream interest in cryptocurrency, Beatport’s new commitment to Bitcoin signals another major step in the music industry’s relatively recent dance with the emerging blockchain space.

“When it benefits and strengthens the artist community, there is no reason to stop innovating. It’s clear that, even in the midst of a pandemic, the DJ/Producer community is willing to lead the industry towards embracing new technology and innovative mediums for engaging with their fans,” said CEO of Beatport, Robb McDaniels.

Arriving ahead of the June launch will also be the company’s own non-fungible token (NFT), “Music for Future Dance Floors,” which will be coming to the site come Friday, April 23. Working alongside, a cryptocurrency project currently valued at more than $4 billion, the NFT will fuse audio and visual components from a number of artists including Boys Noize, Sasha, Charlotte De Witte, and more, and a portion of the profits will be donated to charity.

“For Beatport, this is just the beginning of our exploration into the metaverse and we are committed to the long-term opportunities this revolutionary technology portends,” McDaniels added.

As Bitcoin continues to conjure up tsunami waves across global industries, it seems that Beatport hopping on the crypto rocket is just the beginning of an explosive new era.

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The Chemical Brothers announce new single ‘The Darkness You Fear’; out Friday

It’s the first single from the legendary UK duo since 2019

Declan McGlynn

Wednesday, April 21, 2021 – 11:12

Technics unveils new SL-1200MK7 turntable; costs £799

The new version introduces a silver model to the MK7 range

Declan McGlynn

Wednesday, April 21, 2021 – 11:34

Technics has introduced a new direct drive turntable to their SL range – the 1200MK7. The new model is identical in feature set to the 1210MK7 introduced back in January 2019, but this new model features a silver faceplate as opposed to the 1210s matte black finish. 

Both 1210MK7 and 1200MK7 models feature the same functionality including a new coreless direct-drive motor that should eliminate any cogging issues, adjustable torque and brake speed and a new microcomputer inside for increased motor control accuracy with things like scratching. There’s also a reverse playback option. 

The new, silver SL-1200MK7 will be available from May 2021 for £799. When the SL-1210MK7 was announced, DJ Mag made a documentary about the new Technics range and why it’s still relevant for modern DJs. You can watch the video below. 

[embedded content]

Houhdini delivers an unassuming banger with “Rockout”

Visceral and noisy, the Carolina rap scene has grown exponentially in the past 2-3 years.  Coming out of Columbia, South Carolina, Houhdini is steadily establishing himself as the next rapper from that scene to make his name. His new collaboration “Rockout” with popular producer Neekobaby (Dababy, Playboi Carti) functions as an extremely raw but bouncy cut that will give any subwoofer a workout.  

With squealing synths and faux-cell phones ringing, the track has a raucous and energetic atmosphere that deserves play at your next post-covid house party. Houhdini’s aggressive and extremely high-energy delivery puts him distinctly among his Carolina peers coupled with frenzied and noisy production. Already boasting co-signs from some of the biggest names in the underground, the future looks bright for the rapper as he focuses on increasing his versatile delivery and honing his energetic flow.  

Currently based in Atlanta, Houhdini’s brand of aggressive southern rap is sure to gain traction with fans of hard underground trap that doesn’t pull any punches. Simplistic but still incredibly gritty and fast-paced, Houhdini will be sure to deliver bass-heavy anthems to score wild nights out for years to come.  

Connect with Houhdini: Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

A new documentary about Baltimore’s bustling club scene is now on Netflix

A new documentary about Baltimore’s bustling club scene is now on NetflixDark City Beneath The Beat From Disappointment Press Photo

A documentary focusing on Baltimore’s club music and scene, titled Dark City: Beneath the Beat, is now available to stream on Netflix. The film was directed by TT The Artist, and includes music from artists such as Colada, Mighty Mark, and UNIIQU3. Issa Rae produced the documentary, which focuses on the “irrepressible bounce and infections beats of a Baltimore club scene that demands to be seen and heard.” 

Dark City: Beneath The Beat had first premiered at 2020’s SXSW Festival. The film provides a lens into how the artists of Baltimore utilize their thriving club scene to pull away from the social and economic turmoil found in much of the community’s collective day-to-day; the scene providing a closely knit circle to those who are a part of it.

A soundtrack for the film has also been released, and features contributions from TT The Artist, Mighty Mark, Kariz Marcel, Michael J.R., and many more. 

H/T: DJ Mag

Featured Image: Dark City: Beneath the Beat

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Ghastly conjures eerie new melodies on festival-ready anthem, ‘The OG’

Ghastly conjures eerie new melodies on festival-ready anthem, ‘The OG’Ghastly Decadence Az 2018 Rukes

“The OG” marks Ghastly‘s first release of the calendar year, as well as his first official release with Kannibalen Records. As the festival circuit begins to restart, the LA-based DJ offers a hardstyle gem as the flagship single on his forthcoming EP. The Prodigy Artists signee is scheduled to perform at Ubbi Dubbi in Dallas on the weekend of April 24, the first major dance festival to take place in the US in 2021.

Farmhand-turned-electronic-heavyweight, Ghastly’s mission to define dance music by his own standards is sharply upheld by “The OG.” The hardstyle bass record, which precedes an impending four-track EP due later this year, opens with a beautifully dark melodic soundscape that gradually morphs into a high-octane festival hit. The track’s eerie vocal samples soon become immersed in an intensifying build up, racing toward a frenzied, yet intricate bass drop.

Prepare for Ghastly’s triumphant return to festival stages—and his upcoming EP—with “The OG” below.

Featured image: Rukes

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Reason and Rack Extensions are finally getting high-def UIs; here’s how it works

Squint no more. Reason will finally deliver a version that looks right on high-density displays (Mac Retina and Windows high-DPI).

Yes, yes, we’ve been promised this for a long time. And on some displays – like my bog-standard 1080 screen – Reason still looks perfectly fine. But you lose detail on higher-definition displays, to the point of Reason being harder on the eyes.

Here’s what you need to know: the high-resolution graphics assets will arrive in Reason 12, but you can sign up to test the HD features right now, at:

Just sign in with your Reason account, choose the beta, and then wait – it’s invite-only. (I just did it but haven’t got a build yet.)

I’m sure that will trigger some grumbles for folks who have been waiting for a while about needing to pay for this when it ships, but I don’t yet have details on how Reason 12 upgrades will work for pay-to-own licenses. (Subscription users won’t have to worry.) Based on recent conversation with Reason Studios, the indication is that you’ll continue to have your normal upgrade path, however.

They also made this teaser, though they undercut their punchline since the banner and title tell you what will happen. (Oh yeah – spoiler alert?)

[embedded content]

I get that they went with that video, whereas I would have used this animation to show what happens with me using Reason (hey, I see my eye doc tomorrow, true story):

[embedded content]

It looks pretty, too – here’s a screenshot (click to embiggen) – just be ready for some serious skeuomorphism, down to scuff marks on the hardware:

But this being CDM, I suspect you want more detail.

There’s a lot more resolution – imagine that the old rack’s 1U height of a virtual 19″ was multiplied by five.

Rack Extensions will all support this right away, because RE was already part of the spec. And that spec reveals the particulars of the new asset format:

Requirement. The width of all panel images must be 3770 pixels. The Player panels are more narrow, but the images should still be 3770 pixels wide. The left and right margins are automatically cropped. The visible width of a Player device is 3590 pixels (front) or 3180 pixels (back).

Requirement. The height of the device must be an integer multiple of a rack unit (345 pixels). The height must not exceed 9U. The front panel and back panel must have the same height.

Requirement. The height of the folded front panel and the folded back panel must both be 150 pixels. (The width is the same as the non-folded panels.)

That requirement actually goes back to the start of the RE format, meaning even your old REs will be ready to update.

Oh yeah, that even includes long-lost developers who are out of the business – which is great, because Air Raid’s stuff are some of my favorite. It’s weird, I feel like I have some “collectors’” Rack Extensions in my account. So at least one very good thing about Reason is the future-proofing of the entire Rack, which is a lot more than I can say of my VST folder.

Anyway, better late than never, I always say. And maybe this will bring some lapsed Reason users back to the fold. Let us know what you think. (Uh, I probably don’t have to say that; you’ll do it anyway, won’t you?)

EDC Las Vegas postponed until October, Insomniac confirms

EDC Las Vegas has been officially postponed until October 2021, Insomniac events CEO Pasquale Rotella has confirmed. 

Despite Rotella’s statement earlier in that month that the festival would be “moving forward as planned” in May, it was announced yesterday that EDC Las Vegas would now take place from 22nd – 24th October. 

In a statement shared yesterday (20th April), Rotella said that newly implemented coronavirus measures in Clark County, where Las Vegas is located, created too much risk for EDC to be able to take place in May.

Rotella said: “As we expected and were assured prior to announcing the festival for May, Nevada state officials announced they would lift social distancing requirements as of May 1, creating a path for EDC to happen with strict safety guidelines in place.

“However, today, Clark County (home of EDC & the Las Vegas Motor Speedway) passed a reopening plan that requires 60% of their residents to be vaccinated before restrictions over large scale gatherings such as EDC can be lifted. Unfortunately, the rate at which people get vaccinated before EDC is out of our control. It might happen in time, it might not. Either way, we can’t take that risk.”

Read Rotella’s full statement below. 

Despite EDC’s initial coronavirus safety plan being rejected by Clark County for not adhering to Directive 041 requirements related to capacity and social distancing, Insomniac reassured fans this month that the festival would take place from 21st – 23rd May, with the full line-up originally scheduled to be announced this week. That announcement has now also been delayed. 

Those who bought tickets for EDC Las Vegas will have their spot automatically transferred to the October festival, but refunds will also be fully available via this link

Rotella has also announced that he will be hosting a Reddit AMA soon to ask any questions fans may have for him surrounding the festival’s postponement.