Chicane drops new album, ‘Everything We Had To Leave Behind’: Listen

Chicane has released a new album.

The British trance originator, real name Nicholas Bracegirdle, has released his long-anticipated eighth studio album: ‘Everything We Had To Leave Behind’.

Written and recorded both before and during the pandemic, the LP is an album of “peaceful reflection, hope, reverence and isolation”, and features 14 tracks spanning “from the beach to the dance floor”.

“‘Everything We Had to Leave Behind’ didn’t have a title when I started making it,” Chicane said in a press release. “We didn’t have a pandemic, just. It was obvious but somewhat unreal as the substance of everyone’s life changed. Live shows went. That was very immediate and a shock to the system. Human interaction was reduced. I couldn’t not be affected by that, like everyone.

“I started working with Joseph Aquilina, with him singing in Maltese, a language I had no knowledge of but somehow seemed comforting. It was sound and uplifting, so uplifting became the direction for me once the title came. There had to be a positive against all the negative.”

He added that recording ‘Everything We Had To Leave Behind’ was “a reset, a catharsis, for me, both musically and in my outlook on the future.”

You can listen to the LP below. 

Free Firmware Update Gives Novation Circuit Tracks Triple The Sample Time

Novation has released a free firmware update for their recently-released Circuit Tracks that triples the groove box’s sample time.

With the firmware update v1.1.5, Circuit Tracks owners now have more than 3 minutes of sample time, instead of 60 seconds. This gives you three times the space for samples, making it practical to use longer samples, opening up new use cases for the device.

For existing Circuit Tracks owners, you’ll be able to update your device to the new sample time capabilities through Components.

Digital Underground MC Shock G dies, aged 57

Digital Underground MC Shock G has died. 

Brooklyn-born musician, rapper and co-founder of hip-hop group Digital Underground, Shock G, real name Gregory Jacobs, has died aged 57. His father told TMZ that the rapper was found dead in a Florida hotel room on Thursday (22nd). No cause of death has been established at this time. 

Born in 1963, Jacobs, also known as Humpty Hump, achieved chart success with Digital Underground on single ‘The Humpty Dance’, and worked alongside Death Row Records icon 2Pac on his breakthrough single “I Get Around”, and co-produced his ebut album ‘2Pacalypse Now’. 

Jacobs’ solo and final LP, ‘Fear of a Mixed Planet’, was reissued as a bonus edition in 2008. 

You can reads some of the tributes left to Shock G below.

Porter Robinson releases long-awaited new album, ‘Nurture’: Listen

It’s the artist’s first album under his given name in seven years

Eoin Murray

Friday, April 23, 2021 – 16:10

Porter Robinson’s new album, ‘Nurture’, is out now. 

The US artist’s first album in seven years under his own name was first announced last August, and a string of singles have followed over the past nine months including ‘Mirror’‘Look At The Sky’ and ‘Musician’. You can listen to the full album below. 

Earlier this week, Robinson announced the full line-up for this weekend’s Secret Sky virtual festival, a celebration of the album’s release. Taking place on Saturday 24th April, this year’s Secret Sky festival marks the second edition of the event. Among the artists locked for the event are LuckyMe’s Baaeur, Boys Noize, and Canadian DJ/producer Rezz, who will perform alongside the likes of James Ivy, Laxcity, Yvette Young, and Robinson himself. 

New Music From The Chemical Brothers – ‘The Darkness That You Fear’

[embedded content]

The Chemical Brothers (Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons) have released the music video for their latest single, The Darkness That You Fear.

The Darkness That You Fear is a hopeful piece of music,” says Rowlands,. “When we found the combination of the different voices worked set to the flow of the music it made us feel optimistic, like it was something we wanted to share.”

No new album has been announced at this time.

Honey Dijon shares underground house anthem ‘Downtown’

Honey Dijon shares underground house anthem ‘Downtown’Honey Dijon

Honey Dijon continues her Black Girl Magic rollout with her newest party starter “Downtown.” An ode to the underground house scene, “Downtown” employs classic house elements to set the groove while featured vocalists Anette Bowen and Nikki-O bring the track to life with their captivating top melody. Dijon’s latest arrives with two unique remixes from venerated house lynchpin Louie Vega, a “Frisco Disco Dance” mix and a “Raw Dub” mix.

“Downtown” arrives with an animated video directed by Ciaran McCusker that highlights the hypnotic and enthralling aspects of a night out. McCusker also directed the videos for album singles “La Femme Fantastique” and “Not About You.” Black Girl Magic will be Honey Dijon’s first studio album since 2017’s The Best Of Both Worlds.

Featured image: Boiler Room

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The Weeknd and Ariana Grande reunite for ‘Save Your Tears’ remix

The Weeknd and Ariana Grande reunite for ‘Save Your Tears’ remixThe Weeknd Ariana Grande Credit Billboard

The Weeknd and Ariana Grande prove to continue to be a complementary pair, reuniting for their third collaboration, this time updating After Hours cut “Save Your Tears.” The two have previously collaborated on “Love Me Harder” in 2014, and more recently in 2020 on Grande’s Positions with “off the table.” Now the two superstars notch yet another collaboration, this time around adding an animated feature to accompany the new take on “Save Your Tears.”

The Weekend has maintained his barreling forward momentum into 2021, sharing his beloved debut mixtape House of Balloons on streamers for the project’s 10th anniversary, and netting a historic benchmark with 2020’s “Blinding Lights” spending a full year in Billboard Hot 100’s top 10. What’s more—the Canadian crooner has a Showtime feature documenting his Super Bowl LV performance due out later this year and a global tour in support of After Hours planned in 2022.

Featured image: Billboard

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Modular World 24-Hour Streaming Modular Marathon Coming May 8-9, 2021

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Organizers let us know that Modular World – a 24-hour modular marathon, is coming May 8-9, 2021.

Modular World is dedicated to” building the first global modular synth community, and bringing musicians to one global stage.”

The event will feature performances from 130 artists from 24 countries:

5tok3 (US)
A.M. Filipkowski (US)
a773 (Denmark)
Alex Barnett (US)
Alias Zone (US)
Allert Alders (Netherlands)
Alphastare (US)
Amphiprion (Germany)
Analog Monoxide (Norway)
Angelia (France)
Aqeel Aadam (US)
Arthur Hnatek (Switzerland)
Attowatt (Germany)
Ava Koohbor (US)
Bachelard (Canada)
Balance.Spring (US)
Baséput (Indonesia)
BBoyTech (US)
Bertolt Meyer (Germany)
Blakmoth (US)
Calytrix (US)
Chantal deFelice (US)
Cinematic Laboratory (Netherlands)
Circle Temple (US)
Collin Russell (US)
Dahlia Fae (US)
Dangerous Robot (US)
Death Whistle (Spain)
DJ CherishTheLuv (US)
Dream Chambers (US)
Drum & Lace (US)
Dub Station Zero (US)
Dysonant (US)
earth_626 (US)
Eden Grey (US) (US)
Elin Piel (Sweden)
Etchasketch (Wales)
Forestine (Canada)
Frae Frae: Daughter of Drexciya (US)
Franck Martin (US)
Genshi (US)
Gerald Fjord (US)
Golf With Ghosts (US)
H. Anton Riehl (US)
Ice Locus (Canada)
ioflow (US)
j.mccoy (US)
JacqNoise (Germany)
Jens Paldam (Denmark)
Johannes Karkia (Finland)
John McKenna (US)
Johno Wells (US)
Jungle of Wires (Netherlands)
Kako Guzman (US)
Kerblamski (US)
KIN (S. Korea)
Kitty Xiao (Australia)
Kittyspit (US)
Koyl (France)
Kyle Munroe (US)
Lisa Belladonna (US)
Little Ambient Machine (Netherlands)
Loya (France)
Lyburnum ?(US)
Malarki (US)
Marci.DH (US)
Marie Ann Hedonia (US)
Marika Tjelios (US)
Mark Mosher (US)
Megan Leber (Netherlands)
Michelle Osis (Canada)
Mike Dobler (US)
Mike Lee Birds (Netherlands)
Modekt (US)
Monoscene (US)
Morphacoustic (US)
Moxy Martinez (US)
Mylar Melodies (UK)
Nasty Nachos (US)
Navicore (US)
Night on Mars (UK)
Nundale (US)
Omri Cohen (Germany)
OSC-1-Nation (US)
Pablo Perez (US)
Patrick Donze (Singapore)
Paul Tas (Netherlands)
P.O.B. (US)
Postulous (US)
Probbie (UK)
Pulpit (Turkey)
r.domain (Australia)
Ramón Amezcua (Mexico)
r beny (US)
Renku Corp (US)
Rick Batyr (US)
Saddle Up the Robots (US)
Sarah Belle Reid (US)
Sendepause (Netherlands)
Sequenox (US)
Silent Strike (Romania)
Sine Mountain (US)
Snakes of Russia (US)
Sonja (Canada)
Space Racer (US)
Stujay (US)
TÆT (Russia)
TakCharkh (Iran)
Tangled Waves (Canada)
Thamel (Belgium)
The Aefonic (US)
The B-Roll (US)
the soul science (Japan)
The Surging Mass (US)
Thynk (US)
Tim Held (US)
Todd Barton (US)
Tom Hall (US)
Trovarsi (US)
Tulpa Dusha (Netherlands)
Tunegirl (Germany)
VoltageCTRLR (US)
WabiSabi (US)
Walker Farrell (US)
Woke-Ass Messiah (US)
Wounds (US)
xandr.vasiliev (Russia)

The event will feature three consecutive live streams. See the Modular World Youtube page for event details.

via Johan Englund/Johno Wells

‘Rolling Stone’ and ‘Billboard’ publisher purchases 50% stake in SXSW

‘Rolling Stone’ and ‘Billboard’ publisher purchases 50% stake in SXSWSSW 2018

Rolling Stone, Billboard, and Variety‘s publisher, Penske Media Corporation has purchased a 50% stake in Austin, Texas-based music, technology, and film festival South by Southwest, better known as SXSW. While the founders have owned a majority stake in the festival since 1987, the recent sale makes Penske the largest stakeholder. The original founders will continue to maintain control over festival management and operations.

COVID-19 resulted in the vast majority of music festivals and events getting cancelled or rescheduled. SXSW suffered as well, with 2020’s edition cancelled entirely, and 2021’s dates taking place entirely online. Event planners are working towards and in person rendition next year.

SXSW CEO Roland Swenson released a statement regarding the recent sale, noting,

“It’s been an incredibly tough period for small businesses, SXSW included. When Jay Penske came to us with interest in becoming a partner, it was a true lifeline for us. While SXSW’s core business will retain its focus on the March event in Austin, this strategic investment also brings the exploration of new capabilities in providing quality programming to our diverse community of highly engaged creative professionals.”

For more information on all things regarding SXSW, visit the event;s website here.

H/T: Pitchfork

Featured image: SXSW 2018

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The Chemical Brothers present summery new single, ‘The Darkness That You Fear’

The Chemical Brothers present summery new single, ‘The Darkness That You Fear’Chemical Brothers Correct Size

The Chemical Brothers have returned with their first single since the duo’s standout 2019 LP, No Geography. Titled “The Darkness That You Fear,” the new single has summer slammer written all over it, as it presents a softer, more soulful side to the iconic duo’s traditionally jagged electronic productions.

Aptly described by The Chemical Brothers’ Tom Rowlands as a, “hopeful piece of music,” the new single finds an unexpected and uplifting synergy among its amalgamation of vocal tracks. Samples don’t only ebb and flow throughout one another, but together weave a light and airy bop that’s simply more refreshing than the sum of its parts.

“The Darkness That You Fear” is out now on Virgin EMI Records. Watch the official video below.

Featured image: Hamish Brown

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